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Colt Cabana on Feud He Pitched and Scripted for Brodie Lee, Joining the Dark Order

July 14, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
AEW Double or Nothing Colt Cabana

Fightful recently interviewed AEW wrestler Colt Cabana, who discussed his joining the Dark Order, and a feud he wanted to work with the late Brodie Lee (Jon Huber), that he actually scripted out before Brodie Lee’s tragic passing last year. Below are some highlights.

Colt Cabana on a feud he pitched for Brodie Lee: “Obviously, there’s a lot of sad things. I don’t know how much necessarily I like to talk about this stuff, but I went to Brodie with a pitch. It was after he had wrestled Moxley for the championship. It was like they built him up and then there was nothing for him to do and it’s kind of like a cool-down period. Because you knew Brodie would be in the upper echelon. But, that’s always a hard spot for, like, King Kong Bundy after WrestleMania 2, right? We built him up, but he’s gotta go down for a little bit before he goes up.”

On writing up a manuscript for the whole feud: “So, I wanted to be that in between guy for him. Give him a big win to then re-boost him into the picture because I knew there would be a little bit of a while to stall. I came to him and I said, ‘Would you mind me pitching this?’ He was like, ‘No, I love it.’ I wrote up a big manuscript of each week by week by week. Slowly, but surely it was starting. Then it started moving left and right because Cody and the TNT title started entering the picture. So, it started changing a little bit, but the end was always to get to this big match with me and Brodie. Obviously it never happened.”

On joining the Dark Order: “Sometimes I see stuff online being like, ‘Why is Colt being in the Dark Order?’ It’s the most real-life **** that there is. I was stuck in this matrix of will I or won’t I? Brodie has left us. It couldn’t get more real as to why I’m in the Dark Order. So, that’s kind of what we were doing. I can’t speak enough of how sad that we lost Brodie.”

On how joining the Dark Order sums up his career: “I think being in the Dark Order sums up my career as a wrestler. I can’t wait until the crowds come back because that’s how I’ve been. I may not be the biggest and the strongest. I may not look like I’m one of the ‘top wrestling stars in the world,’ but I’m able to connect with the fans. It’s something I’ve always been able to do and when in an arena, I’m able to get a reaction. Just the little bit of the little crowds in Jacksonville, I think and I’m hoping it’ll open a lot of eyes when the Dark Order comes out to these live crowds. I’m very excited for what happens after that.”