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Cook’s AEW Dynamite Review 11.25.20

November 25, 2020 | Posted by Steve Cook
AEW Dynamite Lance Archer
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Cook’s AEW Dynamite Review 11.25.20  

Hey kids! Steve Cook here sitting in for Big Tony tonight, and we’ve got a pretty big edition of AEW Dynamite coming up. We’re still one week away from Winter’s arrival, but I feel like Winter will come tonight for Hikaru Shida! The Great One, #99 Anna Jay has her very first AEW Women’s Championship shot tonight, and she isn’t the same rookie Shida once bullied. We’ve also got Johnny Hungiee facing off with the Hangman, and the first in-ring encounter between Chris Jericho & Christopher Daniels, albeit in tag team action. Much more too. It’s gonna be a hoot!

– Light the fuse! Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur &; a cast of thousands are with us.

“Hangman” Adam Page (lost his phone for six weeks, was too cheap to buy a new one) vs. John “4” Silver (w/The Dark Order): Johnny talks about how the Dark Order likes Adam, but Johnny gonna get a win because he’s hungiee. Indeed. The Dark Order leaves because they are gentlemen. Silver offers the fist bump, Page isn’t down. Wristlock by Page, headlock by Silver, back and forth, Silver leapfrogs into a body slam! Twisting arm drag and dropkick by Silver, who flexes! Silver tries to compare arms with Page, who punches Silver down. Big chops in the corner by Page, Silver responds. Baaaaaaack body drop by Page. Silver with the greco-roman assslap! Page tries to respond, but Silver rebounds on the apron, crossbody off the top gets two. Silver returns to those chops, Page responds, Silver with kicks to a kneeling Page. Page responds with the chop, Back elbow by Silver gets two. Exchange of forearms, snap German suplex by Silver gets two. Silver gets taken down off the apron by a flying forearm, Page & Silver miss dives, Page hits his, back in the ring, sliding lariat to Silver gets two! Page going for a powerbomb, Silver fights out, big kick in the corner, Page catches the cross-body, hits the fallaway slam and a running shooting star press gets two. Page outside, removes the elbow pad, goes for the Buckshot, Silver responds with a standing rana for two! The Meat Man fighting back! Silver with a brainbustaaaa and a 2.85! Kicks to the chest of the Hangman, Page is asking for some more! Page fights back, Silver with a big elbow strike, kicks by Silver, clothesline by Page, Page hits the Liger bomb and gets two! Here we go…Buckshot lariat turns Silver inside out and gets three!

Winner: “Hangman” Adam Page

– Dark Order appears! Uno explains that they’re not here to jump him. He knows that Page has regrets of his own. No matter how many times he tried to escape, the Elite would not let him go. If that’s not a cult, what is? Uno and his friends are here for him. The Hangman knows where to find them! Interesting.

– Kenny Omega in a suit has some words with Alex Marvez. Kenny’s had a lot of time to reflect, and has come to the conclision that the more things come, the more they stay the same. A year ago, he was nursing injuries suffered from an injury with Jon. A year later, people are calling Jon the best in the world. After the Eliminator Tournament, people are talking about Kenny. Kenny wants the AEW Championship. He wants to be the best again. He asks Jon to leave the garbage wrestling at home, beat him in the middle of the ring. Beat him based on your ability! Jon’s a good guy. Kenny congratulates Jon on the new arrival. He thinks his dad would beat the shit out of Jon’s dad. Welp.

– Now, some unique video from Darby Allin, who has spraypainted Taz’s motto on a car, which he sets on fire.

Powerhouse Hobbs (w/Taz) vs. Lee Johnson: No more Will, it’s Powerhouse now. A man that looks like that can call himself whatever he wants. He tosses Johnson out of the ring, and I get the feeling this won’t be lasting too long. Big clothesline on the floor as other random Nightmare Family members yell at Hobbs. Tosses the man into the barricade. Fronr powerslam and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

– Taz joins Hobbs in the ring with Brian Cage’s FTW belt. He tells Hobbs to go to the back and celebrate with Brian Cage & Ricky Starks. Taz is sick & tired of the FTW title & Team Taz being disrespected. He’s not leaving until someone from management recognizes the FTW Championship. Taz’s microphone gets cut, so he orders Justin Roberts to present his microphone. He’ll grab a headset when that microphone gets cut, and sure enough that happens. Tony Khan is telling Keith Mitchell to do these things. Now we get Cody with a headset! Cody’s coming out with total respect, but Taz is wasting time. They can settle it next week in a tag team match. Taz isn’t happy with that. He demands respect for the FTW Championship. He’s tired of this shit! Cody’s digesting all of this, and says he’ll run it up the flagpole. Cody brings up the fact that Taz’s son is training with him instead of Taz. Taz tells him that was stupid, acts like he’s walking out, and locks on the Tazmission! Taz’s son appears, and he walks out with Taz. And as far as I can tell, he got his looks from his mother.

– Alex Marvez asks Eddie Kingston about tonight’s main event. Eddie isn’t mad at Penta. He’s just disappointed. Fenix is a showboat that likes to flip around. Pac has been gone for 8 months. Things have changed. Jon Moxley appears & Marvez scoots out of there. King says it wasn’t him, he’s got his own stuff to handle. Jon seems to accept this.

Top Flight (Daruis & Dante Martin) vs. TH2 (Jack Evans & Angelico: Angelico gets the early advantage on Darius, showcasing some of that Aveo style, but Darius counters out of it. Some very pretty wrestling here. Tag to Dante, Evans gets knocked off the apron while Top Flight doubleteams Angelico. Angelico back on the offensive, big knee to the guy. Evans tags in and asserts himself as we go to picture in a picture. TH2 dominates, and after teasing that tag for a minute, Darius finally gets it! Cleans house on Evans & Angelico. Front dropkick off the top gets 2.7. JR’s talking point tonight is covers, which is also a pet peeve of mine. Awkward sequence leads to a double powerbomb on Evans for 2, broken up by Angelico. Evans kicked onto Angelico on the outside, Tope suicida followed by a Fosbury flop! Big splash off the top gets 2 on Evans. Tsg made to Angelico, which doesn’t stop Evans from taking both guys out with kicks. Assisted standing 450 by Evans! Angelico’s running crucifix bomb reversed out of with a Code Red for two! Darius eats it on the floor, Angelico locks in the Navarro deathlock! Dante must tap out.

Winners: TH2

– TH2 keeps the punishment going until the Young Bucks make the save. I mean, making the champs mad at you isn’t the worst strategy for moving up the card.

– Vickie Guerrero discusses nepotism and how it relates to Brandi Rhodes.

– FTR’s not feeling too good about losing the tag team championship. They still think they’re the best though, and they must have those titles back. When did they start doing the three-finger Horseman hand gesture?

SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) vs. Chris Jericho & Jake Hager (w/ the Inner Circle): SCU in the red, Jericho & Hager in the black, as the graphic tells is. Jericho & Daniels start off, they’ve been looking forward to this. Jericho gets the advantage with the shoulderblock, Daniels answers with a kick. Jericho getting punched around by SCU. Kaz tags in, some doubleteaming for fun. Hager working Kazarian over in the corner. Jericho tags in and does some of that as well. Hager back in, and we get some classic cheating behind referee Aubrey’s back. Kazarian’s going to be even more cranky after this match. THE DYNAMITE DIAMOND RING IS ON THE LINE NEXT WEEK! Daniels tags in, gets a brief advantage on Hager before getting tripped up. Hager tosses Daniels outside and the Inner Circle stomps him down as we go to picture within a picture! Jericho with the COME ON BABY cover, the best cover in wrestling that’s never won a damn match. Jericho maintaing the advantage with a Davey Boy-style stalling vertical suplex. Daniels’ shirt has been torn, and we return to full picture with Hager working Daniels over. Daniels works an entire sequence with his torn shirt wrapped around his knees. Impressive! Tag to Kazarian, he’s going crazy, hitting all his signature moves. Ortiz nearly goes into the ring, and now Kazarian’s going after the Inner Circle, not sure that was smart. Daniels with a modified calf branding to Jericho and a tope suicida to Hager! Cross body to Jericho gets 2! Jericho makes the tag to Hager, brief advantage, diving Flatliner by Daniels, then the Best…Moonsault…Ever gets 2 thanks to Jericho! A scrum ensues, MJF hits Daniels with that Dynamite Diamond Ring! Jericho with the Judas Effect, and Hager gets the pin!

Winners: Chris Jericho & Jake Hager

– MJF gets a little too close to Daniels & Kazarian after the match, which leads to Kaz taking a shot at MJF, a brief beatdown, and Scorpio Sky clears house with a steel chair! Guess the Inner Circle didn’t like 7 vs. 3 as much as 7 vs. 2.

– Now, the debut of the Miro & Kip Video Game Extravaganza, which doesn’t last long since Best Friends & Orange Cassidy appear. Kip gets double powerbombed off a portapotty, Miro yells at the cameraman, and things break down.

– Tony Schiavone and his pink pants are back in the ring to try and conduct this contract signing again. Where is the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame based out of? Jon Moxley attacks Kenny Omega in the entranceway! A smart move. I can’t blame the man. Mox steps on the man’s hand, and delivers a DEATH RIDER onto Pretty Platinum. There’s a difference between that and the Paradigm Shift. Moxley isn’t happy. The only way you become AEW Champion is you dig down deep into your guts and find the Kenny Omega everybody thinks you are. Moxley loves this shit! Win, lose or draw, winter is coming for Kenny. It’s not a game. When you come at the king, you best not miss. Jon Moxley is wonderful people. He shakes Tony’s hand and we celebrate!

– MJF is not happy with Frankie “The Coward” Kazarian. Chris Jericho talks about how they beat SCU fair & square. He declares that next week, he will take Kazarian on one on one! Kazarian has had a great career, but next week it’s all over.

– Video package showcasing Anna Jay, Hikaru Shida, and the TayJay relationship.

AEW Women’s Championship Match: Anna Jay (w/Tay Conti) vs. Champion Hikaru Shida: The Dark Order appears. John Silver, 5 & 10 standing on the ramp for this one to lend some moral support. Anna shoving Shida. Shida escapes the rear naked choke. Jay misses in the corner, Shida with the backbreaker & dropkick. Jay counters the running knee and sends Shida into the barricade. Anna’s feeling it! We’re going to picture in a picture. Anna maintaing the advantage. Rolling kick in the corner by Anna gets a nearfall. We go to full commercial for a minute, when we return, Anna avoids a superplex attempt, kicks her, hits a twisting neckbreaker! Tay offers a chair, has second thoughts, referee gets distracted, Silver offers Shida’s kendo stick, Jay hits Shida in the knee! Only two! Queenslayer choke, Shida gets out, but Jay gets another nearfall! Shida with a nearfall with the forearm strike! Running knee strike ends it in favor of Shida! Fortunately, she used her good knee.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

– Abadon appears! Shida has beaten her before, but still has the fear of God in her. Well then.

– The Icon Matt Hardy is with us now. If he can survive 2020, we certainly can. Did he turn heel because we hated his dumb match? Apparently so!

– Ricky Starks lets us know that Cody crossed the line. They love it here in AEW, they get treated well, but Cody Rhodes is a problem. Cage asks us Who Betta, and it’s tough to say.

The Butcher & The Blade (w/The Bunny) vs. PAC & Rey Fenix (w/Penta El Zero Miedo): Eddie Kingston is at the announce table for this one, so that alone should make it good. This thing breaks down right away, somebody let them know they have seventeen minutes to work with! These boys doing some dives! Butcher with the running cross-body to change the momentum. PAC getting muscled around by that Butcher. Blade now working over the man. Fenix doing some submissions on the mat like he can wrestle or something. PAC & Blade going at it. Blade gets the last blow, then Fenix & Butcher go at it, there’s a lot going on and all 4 men are down as we go to picture in picture. PAC gets a near-fall on Blade when we return. Eddie takes over commentary, which is better than most of what I’ve heard lately. Lots of Eddie Gilbert references, which I appreciate. Fenix with a Lethal Injection on Blade! PAC in and he’s going to town. Northern Lights by PAC gets 2. Shooting star by PAC gets rolled out of, nice powerslam by Blade. Butcher comes in and takes PAC’s head off, but not off enough. Butcher & Blade work over PAC. Doctor Bomb by Blade gets 2! Fenix comes in off a top, double kicks, King leaves the booth, crotches Fenix on the top rope while the Bunny has Bryce distracted! Butcher & Blade hit a powerbomb neckbreaker combo for the three count!

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade

– PAC got his leg cut at some point, and Eddie DDTs him on the chair! One more time! LANCE ARCHER EMERGES! He’s had some issues with Eddie for awhile. Eddie manages to avoid mass destruction. It’s no wonder Eddie Kingston didn’t attack Jon Moxley backstage, he’s got enough people mad at him! And one of them has Jake Roberts guiding him. Not ideal!

– So long & good night!

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
I have to knock it down a couple of points because Anna Jay didn't win. I mean, come on. Future of the business! What are they thinking? Other than that, pretty solid night of action with some good build for later events. Next week's show looks to be pretty epic, which is the impression you want to get from every episode of a weekly television show.

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