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Cook’s ROH Review 6.27.20

June 28, 2020 | Posted by Steve Cook
Kenny King ROH TV
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Cook’s ROH Review 6.27.20  

Hey kids! This week, Ring of Honor television features one of ROH’s most veteran performers, Kenny King. I went to an ROH show back in 2010 in Dayton, Ohio where King main evented against some fella named Tyler Black. Don’t know what happened to that Tyler guy, but I do know Kenny is still around today! Let’s see what he’s been up to the last few years.

Cook’s ROH TV Review 6.27.20

– K-I-N-G KING. Can’t deny the man has easy music to sing along to. Kenny pulls into his garage and welcomes us to the show. He’s one of the greatest wrestlers in ROH history. He’s spending his him with family, expensive whiskey, and his dog. We see some training clips. He also found some time for TRANQUILO. He hypes up his championship match with Jay Lethal from 2018.

ROH/NJPW Global Wars 2018: Toronto: ROH World Championship Match: Jay Lethal (c) vs. Kenny King: Kenny breaks up Jay’s intro with a pair of knees. They’re going back & forth quick early here, Lethal gets kicked to the outside. Tornillo over the ropes by Kenny! They make their way around the ring, Jay gets the advantage with a snap suplex on the floor. Kenny gets set up in the corner on the floor, and I’m wishing Jay would do the old Samoa Joe OLAY Kick. Ah, those were the days. Instead, King comes back, flips onto Lethal from the apron as we go to commercial. Jey & Kenny in the ring now exchanging shots. Reverse DDT into a backbreaker into a clothesline by Kenny gets 2. Kenny misses the Flying Apple in the corner, Jay with the cartwheel dropkick off the hip toss. Big chop sends Kenny to the mat, Jay asks if that’s how he wants to play. I mean, I wouldn’t, but I’m not Kenny King. Lethal slows things down, but King comes back with a rollup for 2, and an exploder bomb in the corner gets 2! That’ll change the momentum. Spinebusta gets two! It’s a nice one. Jay rolls outside to take the count, Kenny follows him out, brings him in and hits the chinlock. Kenny has a little fun, then gets caught in a powerslam for two as we hit the commercial. Jay with the advantage. Springboard dropkick sends Kenny from the apron to the floor. Lethal sets up a dive, but King takes possession of the title belt! It’s a sly move to change the momentum, and Kenny takes advantage. Jay bangs his shoulder off the ringpost, and Kenny starts working it over. Announcers tell us Lethal has had recent shoulder issues. King with a variation of Nigel McGuinness’s London Dungeon move. Whatever Kenny says isn’t popular with the censor. Nor with Jay, he’s pwoering back up. Kenny still yapping, and now we’re exchanging blows. King with some nice shots, Lethal as well. Blue Thunder bomb by Kenny gets 2. King heads up to the high rent district…Lethal meets him up there. Superplex! Another commercial! Lethal goes up top, teases an elbowdrop, steps down and locks in the figure four instead! King gets to the ropes. Nice punch from Kenny, but a Lethal Combination gets a two count. King comes back, a chin checker gets two. Now we’re teasing finishers. Kenny with the old Macho Man neck snap off the top rope, then a Blockbuster gets two. King places Lethal up top, setting up a superplex…Jay blocks, King back handsprings, big dropkick by Lethal, Spicoli Driver, up top, Hail to the King into a backslide by Kenny! Kenny gets out of the Lethal Injection, hits the Royal Flush and gets a two count! Kenny heads up top, shooting star hits nothing but mat, Lethal Injection…gets two! Caprice Coleman doesn’t remember anybody kicking out of that and neither do I. Finisher kickout gets the This is Awesome chant. Now Jay’s just punching and kicking away at the man, yelling at him to get up. Punches in the corner, Sinclair tries to get involved, gets knocked down, Kenny tries to get the belt, Jay blocks it, but King cradles Lethal with his feet on the ropes for the three count! Todd sees it right away and continues the match. An exchange leads to Lethal hitting the Injection again for the three count!

Winner: Jay Lethal (22:25 via pin)
Larry’s Star Rating: ***1/2

– I think almost all of the match aired between the commercials. It was slower than most of what we’ve seen lately, which wasn’t a bad thing. They told a story and I was digging it. Finish was a little bit too cluttered and could have benefitted from being a hair simpler, or playing out a little bit slower. Other than that, solid match.

– Todd Sinclair & doctored footage are what kept Kenny King from becoming champion. Kenny discusses his winning the Honor Rumble & getting blinded by the Great Muta. He still heard Jay talking about him, so that led to a best of three series between the two. Kenny won in Chicago in dominant fashion. Match 2 saw Jay with more intensity. Kenny wanted everybody to see him beat Jay down in Match 3 on PPV, where he proved why he should be ROH World Champion.

– Kenny talks about how ROH has had many great feuds. Rhett Titus & Kenny King vs. The Briscoe Brothers was one of those. It culminated in Ladder War 3, the only one at the time not for a championship. The match was so brutal & bloody that they can’t show it in its entirety. So that’s why you go to Honor Club, right? Matt Taven would agree if the commercial is any indication.

ROH Death Before Dishonor 2017: ROH World TV Championship Match: KUSHIDA (c) vs. Kenny King: Kenny’s got the homefield advantage here in Las Vegas, but KUSHIDA is popular everywhere. Code of Honor is followed. King plays to the fans early on. Some chain wrestling to start us off here, with KUSHIDA getting the advantage in that regard. King gets the advantage on the second go-around. Both men acknowledged family at ringside. Kenny’s daughter, KUSHIDA’s mother. We’re back, Kenny locks in a submission but KUSHIDA gets out. To the floor, Kenny misses a dive and gets sent into the barricade in front of his daughter! Kenny’s daughter offers respect to KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA with the advantage in the ring, working King over with submission holds. Working that arm like he’s an Anderson. Kenny slams KUSHIDA but that arm’s still hurting. His head’s hurting after a Pele kick. Boots to the face. Spin kick gives Kenny some respite. Clothesline in the corner, another from off the ropes as we go to commercial. KUSHIDA locks in an armbar when we return, but Kenny slams him out of it. Stomp to the headf by King, but KUSHIDA with the rolling heels when Kenny tries to go off the ropes. KUSHIDA jumps off the apron, Kenny catches him in a powerbomb position, gets ranaed head first into the post, then gets dived onto! DDT into a Hoverboard Lock, but Kenny gets to the ropes. KUSHIDA up top, Kenny follows him up, gets knocked off, KUSHIDA gets caught, they go back & forth and back into the Hoverboard lock. Kenny suplexes out of it! KUSHIDA comes back with a DDT, twists and spins back into that lock. He’s gonna make that man tap to it by gum. Kenny gets out of it, big forearm by KUSHIDA, spinebuster by King settles things down for a second. Now they exchange forearms & elbows. They stand off, face off and exchange more blows. Series of reversals into the Royal Flush! New champion! His daughter comes in to celebrate, it’s one of those feelgood moments.

Winner: Kenny King (16:40 va pin)
Larry’s Star Rating: ****1/4

– Much easier to do play by play for that first match! KUSHIDA moves so quick and he was in his element here with a guy like Kenny that’s able to do that too. Fun stuff.

– Kenny loves that match because it was awesome, and he he got to do it in front of his hometown & his daughter. It’s the feeling he lives for. They can’t wait to get back in the ring, and when they do, Los Faccion Ingobernable will reign supreme.

The final score: review Good
The 411
I like best of shows that showcase different match styles. King did similar moves in both matches, but one match was at regular speed & the other was in fast-forward. Both were perfectly enjoyable.

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