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Cook’s ROH TV Review 10.8.21

October 11, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 10.8.21  

Hey kids! Today’s ROH episode features three big matches, so let’s get right to it.

Cook’s ROH TV Review 10.8.21

Ian Riccaboni’s voice welcomes us to Ring of Honor Wrestling and runs down the card. Somewhat notable that Quinn McKay has been conspicuous by her absence here the last couple of weeks, especially since Ian still mentions her in the closing at the end of the show.

Ian is joined by Jay & Mark Briscoe to commentate the first match. SOS talks some smack while Dalton talks about how busy they are and advises Dak to save taking his shirt off for the ring.

Soldiers of Savagery (Moses & Kaun) vs. Dalton Castle & Dak Draper (w/The Baby Chickens): Dalton talks about how the viewers are the winners, and this team is going to make a real impression. He & Kaun start things, Dalton with the early mat wrestling advantage. Shoulderblock sends Castle down. Castle slides out of a slam attempt and hits a suplex. Tag to Draper. Draper gets doubleteamed by SOS with a suplex, then Dalton’s sent outside. Draper gets kicked down, Castle gets sent out again. Castle gets Draper out of the corner to evade a move, and that’s how that team takes advantage before we go to the Ice T commercial.

Draper misses a standing kneedrop but manages to keep Kaun at bay. Castle tags in and hits a gutwrench suplex before tagiing Draper back in. Castle runs around outside with the Baby Chickens, warming up while Draper gets backslid for two. Draper gets back on the mat with a bodylock though. Gutwrench lift, Draper eventually sends Kaun down to the mat. Moses wants a tag, he’s not getting one. Kaun slides out of another gutwrench. leapfrogs and tags Moses. The big boy lands some shots. Splash in the corner, lifts Draper out, Castle blocks it, gets sent outside, crossbody off the middle rope to Draper. Tag to Kaun, they hit a top rope Hart Attack for two. Moses scares away the Baby Chickens and tosses Castle into the empty crowd. Draper gets set up, S.O.S. hits an assisted DDT for the three count.

Winners: S.O.S (9:16 via pinfall)
Match Rating: **1/4

S.O.S. hasn’t lost since they wrestled the Briscoes last year. Jay & Mark suggest that rematch might be coming, but it’s Dragon Lee & Kenny King out there attacking them now. Moses & Kaun eat some belt shots, and Dragon Lee takes the selfie. Well, S.O.S. did it to Kenny King at Death Before Dishonor, so what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, I’d say. Moses gets the microphone and issues a challenge for those titles. They’re gonna bring some bodybags. Lee & King seem down with it.

Caprice Coleman & Chelsea Green join Ian on commentary.

Willow says this match feels like a Christmas morning present. She didn’t know what her future would be, but now she just needs to win some matches. Miranda Alize doesn’t know Willow’s name & doesn’t care, and doesn’t know why she needs to be in this match. She’ll storm through everybody to get to Rok-C though.

Willow vs. Miranda Alize vs. Angelina Love (w/Mandy Leon): So the winner of this one will take on the winner of another triple threat, and the winner of that will take on Rok-C for the Women’s Championship at Final Battle. Alize & Love team up on Willow for a second, but Willow gets the upperhand. Alize hits a basement hurricanrana on Willow, but Willow fights back, goes for the three amigoes. Angelina breaks up the third one and hits a reverse DDT on Willow. Love & Alize go back to the double team. Corner strikes, a dropkick from Alize as we go to commercial.

Double suplex is blocked by Willow, she DDTs both of them. Mandy runs around to give Angelina some advice, but Willow fights back. Forearm strikes to both, Love whipped into Alize in the corner, Willow splashes them both. Love evades the second rope dropkick, but Alize doesn’t. Love tosses Willow out of the ring and covers Alize. And now Love & Alize face off, Alize gets the strike advantage, but Love hits a kick & a back elbow. She goes for a Code of Silence headscissor on Alize. Willow breaks it up. Willow tosses Love outside, and tosses Alize outside. She dropkicks both down. Willow rolls Alize into the ring for a two count. Alize bites the fingers and sends Willow outside. Alize with a tope suicida onto both! Love hits a running crossbody, so everybody has gotten into the dive act. Love covers Willow for two. Love kicks Alize off the apron, but it’s Willow rolling Love up for the three count.

Winner: Willow (8:32 via pinfall)
Star Rating: **1/2

Big upset here from where I sit, as Willow moves onto the #1 contender match at a later date by pinning the veteran. The winner looks happy while the losers do not.

Mike Bennett is pumped about the upcoming match, as a win over Bandido & Rey Horus will catapult them to tag team gold. Matt Taven agrees, they didn’t get back together for no reason, they did so to get back to where they were before. Rey Horus talks about how he & Bandido are also good friends. Bandido wants everything, including that tag team gold.

The OGK (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) vs. Bandido & Rey Horus: Bennett & Horus start. They trade some wristlocks, Bennett gets the upper hand, but it’s Horus with a twisting move off the top before some nearfalls & move evasion. Standoff! Handshake between the two, and Bandido & Taven tag in. Mexican arm drag from Taven, who’s spent a lot of time in lucha rings. He hits the dropkick before we go to commercial.

Tag to Bennett, who sets up the backpack stunner. Bandido fights out and strikes both men. Bandido runs into a superkick, then Bennett hits the spear. Vertical suplex from Bennett, who knocks Horus off the apron before getting a 2 count on Bandido. Bennett works Bandido’s leg, and the OGK spend the next couple of minutes doing that to hopefully keep Bandido from flying. Taven gets a two count with a missile dropkick. Enziguri and a purple thunder bomb get another two count. Taven with the ol’ rear chinlock. Bennett tags in and hits a spinebuster, but Taven misses the springboard moonsault. Bandido with the DDT and kick, and tags in Rey Horus. Legdrop to Taven gets two. Bennett on Horus, misses in the corner. Standing Spanish Fly on Bennett. Bandido tags back in, Horus takes out Bennett on the outside while Bandido hits a big move on Taven for two. Back to commercial.

Bandido & Horus chop Taven in the corner, send him to the opposite one, deliver some kicks sending him down. Bandido facebusts Horus onto Taven, hits a standing shooting star for a two count. Taven fights back, hits Just the Tip before tagging Bennett in. Bennett goes for the piledriver and Taven spikes it! Horus breaks up the pin by pushing Taven into it. Bennett & Horus exchange shots. All four men go down after delivering shots to each other. Bandido & Bennett alone now, Bennett sent outside, Bandido with a fosbury flop. Taven follows that up with the Flight of the Conqueror. Back in the ring, Horus locks in the Gail Kim submission on Bennett, but Bennett breaks it up by going into the corner. Bennett misses a corner shot, Horus misses a 450, Bennett with a backpack stunner assisted by a Taven dropkick. That gets the three count.

Winners: The OGK (12:07 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***

That should move Bennett & Taven up the rankings. They show respect to Bandido & Horus afterward. Lots of words exchanged between the two teams.

Next Week: The Foundation vs. Rust, Isom, Keys & CB, S.O.S. vs. Dragon Lee & Kenny King

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Pretty basic ROH show this week. Nothing bad as far as the action goes, but I'm not sure what it means when my biggest question after an episode is where the regular host went.

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