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Cook’s ROH TV Review 11.16.20

November 16, 2020 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 11.16.20  

Hey kids! This week’s ROH television episode features two men very familiar with each other. Kenny King & Shane Taylor have been part of the same faction and have wrestled before, this time there are much higher stakes. We’ve also got one of the greatest tag teams of this century taking on two members of Shane Taylor Promotions. Let’s hook ’em up!

Cook’s ROH TV Review 11.16.20

– We kick off with a lovely lady speaking Spanish. My limited research tells me this is Amy Rose, part of La Faccion Ingobernable. Although they’ve been gone, they shouldn’t be forgotten. Amy is reminding us of all these folks, who are apparently heading back to ROH television very soon. Should be a good addition to things, especially considering they hold the World & Television Championships. Might be nice folks to have around.

– Quinn McKay welcomes us to Ring of Honor and hypes the two big matches coming up. Shane Taylor will take on Kenny King in the main event. We see the conclusion of last week’s main event with Brody King defeating Dalton Castle, and Brody had some words. This is a new Brody King we’re seeing. Just violence! OK then.

– The Briscoes go off on the Soldiers of Savagery. They’re the original savages. SOS got a nice little yap. SOS owns that ass in that ring. I don’t want to face either of these two teams, to be honest.

Soldiers of Savagery (Moses & Kaun) vs. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark): EC3 joins Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman on commentary for this match. Pretty even tale of the tape except for experience, which the Briscoes have the easy edge on. EC3 is trying to find true honor in Ring of Honor. This should be a great listen. Moses & Jay start things off. Moses uses that power advantage early. Jay gets the advantage though, and Mark gets the tag and the dropkick to the ground. Briscoes stomp Moses down in the corner. Mark with the side russian leg sweep, but Moses fights back. Tag to Jay, series of malfunctions leads to a Kaun tag. EC3 accuses Ian & Caprice of trying to control the wrestlers’ narrative. Moses tags in, some double teaming leads to a two count. Kaun comes back in to fight with Jay. Mark tags in, back suplex to Kaun, elbow drop gets two. EC3 likes Mark’s beard and determination. Briscoes hit the double superplex on Kaun! Only 2 thanks to Moses. Back from commercial. SOS getting some chairs out on the outside, a lot of hat but no cattle here as these boys aren’t doing anything with chairs. We do get a slugfest between the teams, and as EC3 says, there is honor in a slugfest. Dive by Kaun onto Mark, Moses doing some stuff, Kaun with the frog splash on Jay gets two! These boys making an impact here. Neckbreaker by Jay on Moses. DVD from Jay, Frog elbow from Mark gets 3!

Winners: The Briscoes (9:41 via pin)
Match Rating: **1/2

– SOS have a bright future if they keep doing what they’re doing. Some handshakes afterward. EC3 heads down to the rampway to meet the Briscoes. Jay seems more worried about it than Mark does. We’ll see where that goes.

– Matt Taven went from main eventing MSG to living life with a yellow stripe down his back, according to Bateman. He should have taken that out at Final Battle. Matt Taven says Vincent’s new trend is one of avoidance. He will never be Matt Taven, and he can’t accept that. Bateman says that Taven wants him instead. Taven is ok with that, karma comes for everyone, and that’s a trend he’s looking to continue. So that match is coming next week.

– Quinn is backstage with the Briscoes. Mark wants everybody to forget about EC3 since they’re coming for those tag team titles. Jay is laying down a challenge to EC3 for next week. Mark isn’t thrilled, but Jay swears he’ll get this out of the way after next week.

– Shane Taylor is here to make history. He comes from the east side of Cleveland, not a great place. Wrestling was a lifesaver. Allowed him to have a focus & goal. One of the reasons he’s here is because of Ray Rowe. Rowe trained him and brought him up, got him in front of the right people. He formed a tag team with Keith Lee called the Pretty Boy Killers. After Keith left, he fell in with Rebellion, a group with Kenny King, Caprice Coleman & Rhett Titus. The message they sent then, is the same he sends now. Now he has to beat Kenny King to cement his legacy. He has to get past Kenny. Nobody knows him better than Kenny, and nobody knows Kenny better than he does. Beating Kenny puts him one step closer to the ROH World Championship.

– Kenny King didn’t like the decision of his match against Josh Woods. ROH always has to screw Kenny King over. That’s why he helped form La Faccion Ingobernable in the first place. His lawyers will be persuing action. He doesn’t share a lot of what he knows, but he shared a lot with Shane Taylor. He told Shane that you don’t know how good you will be. Shane went on to have a good career afterwards. This isn’t personal, it’s just business. He’s not ready to pass that torch yet, he’ll shut him down just like he did last time. He didn’t teach Shane everything that he knows.

Kenny King vs. Shane Taylor: Caprice is very conflicted in this match, understandable considering they were all part of that Rebellion faction. Taylor’s win percentage looks better than King’s. He also has a one inch height advantage and a 103 pound weight advantage. Kenny might have the advantage in stamina. Shane not shaking the man’s hand. Kenny delivers a punch in response! This might get ugly. King with a big kick, strike in the corner. Kenny still trying to offer that fist bump and Shane just blasts the man in the face! Throws the man across the ring as we head to commercial. Delivering big strikes as we return. King tries to respond but Taylor just laying that smackdown. King fighting back with some kicks. Big shoulderblock sends King down for two. Legdrop gets two. Taylor comes at King with the strikes, and he’ll win that battle every time. Tower of London gets a two count. King responds with a spinning heel kick as we head to a commercial. Quick german suplex & shotgun knees by King as we return, a modified Blue Thunder bomb gets two. King lifts Taylor up, that doesn’t work, reversal, King into a rollup for two. Big knee from Taylor, package piledriver! Two count! I’ve seen more near-falls from that move than the announcers have, apparently. King hits a t-bone suplex for two. Calls Shane “little brother”. Seems like a bad idea to me. Sure enough, the next exchange leads to Shane hitting Welcome to the Land for the three count.

Winner: Shane Taylor (10:14 via pin)
Match Rating: **3/4

– Big win for Shane over that big brother. Gotta say I wouldn’t have minded seeing a Keith Lee/Shane Taylor tag team.

– Code of Honor followed afterward.

– Next week: Matt Taven vs. Bateman & Jay Lethal vs. LSG!

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Pretty solid episode of wrestling here, but nothing you need to go out of your way to see. Gotta say that this next episode doesn't seem like a must-watch, so hopefully they've got some good stuff coming up later.

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