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Cook’s ROH TV Review 2.12.21

February 16, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 2.12.21  

Hey kids! This week’s ROH TV episode looks to be a bit different from last week’s. Todd Sinclair should have it a bit easier this week too, as the main event should be simple to control. Let’s hook em up!

Cook’s ROH TV Review 2.12.21

-Jay Lethal is in the Foundation’s locker room explaining tonight’s main event to his fellow participants. It’s a six-man tag with like-minded individuals with one goal in mind: to show the world what this company was built upon! Honor, respect & pure frickin wrestling. There are rules to professional wrestling! They’re going to lead by example. Lethal says he’ll team with Wheeler Yuta & Rhett Titus against Fred Yehi, Jonathan Gresham & Tracy Williams. Shaking things up. Doesn’t matter who’s teaming with who, it’s about sending a message to the rest of the locker room that they’re the best. Handshakes all around! Lethal stops Williams before he walks off with the rest, and suggests they start the match. Williams likes it, and tells Lethal not to forget what happened last time. Lethal loves professional wrestling!

-Quinn McKay welcomes us to Ring of Honor Wrestling. Two outstanding matches we don’t want to miss! The one just set up in the locker room, which is a result of the Foundation being outraged at last week’s main event. I was too, you may disagree! Maria Kanellis-Bennett is heading up ROH’s Experience fan initative on Facebook. The voices there are being heard loud & clear, and one of their requests is to see more of Tony Deppen. He’ll take on LSG this week in the opening contest.

-Tony Deppen talks about how Final Battle was a surreal experience, given how big a show it is in wrestling. He wanted it more than the other three men in the match, and that got him to the match with Dragon Lee. Deppen wasn’t 100%, but he was still able to stand toe to toe with Lee and earn peoples’ respect. He belongs with the best wrestlers in the world. LSG & Deppen ran with the same backyard crew back in the day. LSG’s had opportunities here, and now it’s Deppen’s chance. They took two different paths. LSG went to ROH, Deppen grinded on the indy circuit. Deppen has the momentum, and his focus is to cement his spot in the ROH roster.

-LSG’s journey to Final Battle started 15 years ago, when he attended Final Battle as a fan. Tony Deppen took his first big moment on that show, and he’s not happy about it. They haven’t wrestled one on one in years, LSG in ROH is a whole different beast. Anybody that wants to get a job will have to go through guys like him. Deppen got one win on him. Some say it might have been a fluke. Can Deppen hang? LSG wants to find out.

-Ian & Caprice are on commentary.

Tony Deppen vs. LSG: LSG got the victory in their previous singles match outside of ROH, and has the height & weight advantage. LSG also has a better looking Tale of the Tape picture, if that counts for anything. Handshake! Not the friendliest one of all time though. Deppen doing some duck walking! LSG with the go-behind, some nice exchanges on the mat. Shoulderblock by LSG, Deppen misses a dropkick, they exchange pinning combos. Deppen tossed outside, now they’re ducking each other until both men land simultaneous shots. Deppen with a series of forearms, but LSG gets a knee and rolls Deppen back in the ring. Some good chemisty with these two. Deppen with the springboard dropkick, LSG ducks the PK, hits a swinging neckbreaker on the outside and now he’s got the advantage. Sends Deppen into the steps, heads back into the ring while the count extends on Deppen. Deppen back in at 19. LSG stomping away. He’s on top as we go to commercial.

LSG misses the elbow drop as we return. Deppen with some shots, but LSG returns the favor. Modified Gory Special, Deppen arm drags his way out of it & fights back. Open hand strikes, up & over in the corner, goes up top, cross body block! Dropkick to LSG’s mush. Double knees in the corner! Two count! LSG still yelling “Show Me”, and now they exchange some strikes mid-ring. LSG drives Deppen into the corner, out of the corner, hits the Rocket Bye Baby. Springboard strike gets two. Deppen sent outside again, LSG hits the kick this time. Tries a vertical suplex on the apron! THAT’S THE HARDEST PART OF THE RING! Deppen avoids it, back in the ring, Deppen with the brain bustaaaaa! Running knee strike gets two! Deppen heads up top, misses the double stomp. Pump kick by LSG. Another one kinda. Deppen with a German suplex. Deppen with some near-falls. LSG gets Deppen back into that Gory Special, flips him over in a 360! Hangman bomb according to Ian, and it gets the three count!

Winner: LSG (11:57 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***1/4

-Pretty solid showing for both guys here. Great chemistry! Ian wants to call that move the Event Horizon.

-Quinn is with Jay & Mark Briscoe, who talk about their boat. Jay didn’t miss the boat, he jumped off the boat while distracted by EC3. The boat is called the S.S. World Tag Team Championships. Jay gets back on the boat.

-Shane Taylor & Rush exchange pleasantries via video package. We’ll see them go at it in two weeks. ROH Championship Edition!

Six Man Tag Team Match: Jonathan Gresham, Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi vs. Jay Lethal, Rhett Titus & Wheeler Yuta: As promised, Williams & Lethal start us off after all the handshakes. Williams wearing long tights this week, a change of wardrobe from what we’re accustomed to from him. Still has that shoulder sling though. Williams turns a hammerlock into a modified Tequila Sunrise on the mat. Lethal gets out of that. Titus tags in. Headscissor by Titus, who has very strong legs according to the announcers. Some exchanges, and Yehi tags Williams so he can get some of Titus. Yehi gets the advantage, Titus goes to the ropes on a pin attempt but that doesn’t count for anything. Yuta tags in to face off with Yehi. Yuta with a wristlock on the mat. Yehi fights back, but Yuta has an answer for that attempted throw. Lands on his feet like a cat. Gresham tags in. He & Yuta go at it. Pretty evenly matched here. Yuta getting a bit of an advantage, then he tags in Lethal! Tag Team Champions going at it after the commercial.

And here they go! No man with an obvious advantage early, not surprising since these guys know each other pretty well. Gresham with a nice cartwheel out of a Lethal headlock. Lethal with a cartwheel of his own after a hiptoss into a kick. Tag to Titus, who keeps going for nearfalls. Yuta tags in, as Gresham has become the target of Team Lethal’s wrath. Titus back in, Gresham tries to fight back. Gets a nearfall, but Titus tags Lethal. Malfunction at the junction gives Gresham the advantage, and Yehi tags in! Yehi’s tagging everybody! Koji Clutch on Yuta, who gets to the ropes. Tag to Williams, backbreaker, strike by Yehi, backdrop driver gets two! Catch Point dominance takes us to another commercial.

Yuta has the advantage on Williams when we return. Bridging German gets two. Lethal tags in, they try a double team, Yuta gets taken out but Lethal hits his Combination. Hail to the King gets two, tries a figure 4, but Williams gets out of it. Clothesline and both men are down. Titus & Gresham exchange forearms. Big belly to belly by Titus for two. Stunner by Gresham, who sweeps the leg! Tag to Yehi, who stomps a mudhole in Titus. Back elbow gets two. Titus with a big boot in the corner, tags Yuta, double team sequence gets two. Modified Angle Slam by Yuta gets two. Up top, hits the DDT! Williams makes the save! Lethal tags in, Yehi with an exploder! Titus tags in, he boots people on the apron, but Yehi locks in that Koji Clutch! Gresham blocks Lethal from intervening briefly, but Lethal pushes Gresham into the move to break it. Lethal hits the Injection on Gresham, Titus hits a dropkick on Yehi and gets the pin!

Winners: Jay Lethal, Rhett Titus & Wheeler Yuta (17:47 via pin)
Match Rating: ****

-These boys brought it! Big win for Titus and his dropkick, which is becoming a thing. Handshakes go down as we fade out.

-Next week: The Briscoes take on Dragon Lee & Kenny King, and Mexisquad defends the 6-Man Tag Team Championship against Shane Taylor Promotions!

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
ROH giving the people what they want this week! Some Tony Deppen and some solid pure-style wrestling. The craziness looks to return next week, which is fine as variety is the spice of life.

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