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Cook’s ROH TV Review 3.26.21

March 30, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 3.26.21  

Hey kids! This week’s ROH TV episode aired the same weekend as the 19th Anniversary Show, and couldn’t spoil any of it. So we’re getting stuff with nothing to do with the main storylines, though the first match does touch on a thread from a show from a few weeks ago. Let’s get to it!

Cook’s ROH TV Review 3.26.21

Quinn McKay welcomes us to Ring of Honor Wrestling. It’s the 19th Anniversary Weekend, and we’ve got two big matches. The main event will be the first ever Pure Wrestling Gauntlet, a six-man gauntlet under Pure rules where rope breaks & warnings will carry over from match to match. First, Mike Bennett will face the Beer City Bruiser, a result of what happened a few weeks ago when BCB attacked Bennett & Matt Taven.

Ian & Caprice are joined by Matt Taven for this match.

BCB explains why he did what he did before the match. He wants to win! He’s sick of not getting any opportunities, and will win by any means necessary. Brian Milonas needs to figure things out.

Bennett talks about he’s lived a pretty squeaky clean life the last few years, but people are pushing his buttons and trying to knock the angel off of his shoulder. This won’t be a random act of violence, but a very methodical deliberate act.

Beer City Bruiser vs. Mike Bennett: Ian speculates that BCB broke the neck of Bennett on the attack during the entrance, I don’t think that happened since he’s still wrestling. 4:55 BCB tosses Bennett over the barricade and back into the ring. Bennett fights back with forearms, but gets dropped with a DDT after some attempted hip tosses.

We return from commercial, Bennett avoids a Sister Abigail and forearms him in the back of the head for a one count. Nice move by BCB, elbowdropping the mat with Bennett’s leg under it. Now he’s targeting that weakness. Knee DT while Taven & Ian have a philosophical discussion. Bennett fights back, hits a Side Effect, chops BCB in the corner, whips him to the other side, charge, forearm, kick, modified Claymore kick gets two. Back & forth, Bruiser crossbodies Bennett, hits a DDT for two. Now BCB looks under the ring, he finds a beer bottle! We’re assuming he stashed that under the ring earlier. He breaks the bottle on the ringpost, and Taven leaves the commentation station. Todd Sinclair calls for the bell and gets the hell out of the way.

Winner: No contest? Ian says the match was thrown out. (approximately 7 minutes shown)
Match Rating: **

Taven attacks the BCB and superkicks him out of the ring. Pretty basic stuff here, nothing really stood out and we didn’t get much of a finish.

Pure Wrestling Gauntlet!

Match 1: Dante Caballero vs. Will Ferrara: It’s Will’s first match in over eight hundred days, but he’s kept himself busy teaching kids like Dante. Dante gets the early advantage on the mat, but Will goes to the front facelock on the mat. Dante eventually just throws Will off, using that power advantage. Will changes the momentum with a wristlock driver that spikes Dante’s head off the mat, that sure didn’t look fun. Ferrara locks in a cobra clutch, Caballero gets out but gets put back in it. Arm is bothering Dante, Will works it over. Short arm-scissor that reminds the announcers of Tim Horner & Verne Gagne. Dante gets out, Will avoids the powerbomb, gets the crucifix for two. Gut buster by Dante, dropkick, but Will rolls through a move attempt and pins Dante!

Winner: Will Ferrara (5:58 via pin)

Match 2: Will Ferrara vs. World Famous CB: These two had a Fight Without Honor a couple of years ago, for what I’m sure were compelling reasons. They do follow the Code of Honor. Exchange of wrist locks & arm wringers. Ferrara takes CB down, CB rolls back up but gets rolled back down. CB gains the advantage briefly, works the back of Will with a bow & arrow. Will with an arm-assisted facelock. forcing CB to use the rope break.CB fights back, hits a cross-armed powerbomb with a bridge and gets the three count!

Winner: World Famous CB (4:15 via pin)

Match 3: World Famous CB vs. Eric Martin: Martin is an ROH dojo student that has wrestled CB before, but is inexperienced in the Pure matches. Looks pretty big, but that may be due to this opponent. Out-wrestles CB on the mat while the announcers compare him to a young Adam Page. Big boot takes CB down, Martin drops three elbows & goes for the Boston Crab, but CB kicks out of it. Slam by Martin, and CB uses his second rope break to avoid the crab. Apparently you need to learn that move to graduate from the dojo. Back suplex & a knee drop from Martin get two. CB fights back. Martin gets two with a left-armed clothesline. Suplex and a kip up by Martin, but he misses in the corner. Dragon screw to Martin, CB kicks the leg out, kicks him in the face for two. CB gets caught, Martin with the Northern Lights suplex, then the Boston Crab. CB uses his final rope break, so Martin goes for the crab. CB gets out of it, but gets rocked. CB with the judo throw, then locks in a lucha submission hold that forces Martin to tap. Some kind of death lock according to Ian.

Winner: World Famous CB (6:03 via submission)

Match 4: World Famous CB vs. Wheeler Yuta: We’ve seen Yuta before in the Pure Tournament and in the recent six-man showcase with the Foundation. CB with the quick rollup, and another one. Trying to get rid of Wheeler early. Backslide gets 2. Double stomp by Yuta gets 2. Slam by Yuta for 2. Gotta equal those near-falls to impress the judges. Hangman backbreaker by Yuta. More near-falls. Like a silly amount to tire out the referee. Some shots by CB, enziguri & german suplex by Yuta and a kip up. Up top, hits the DDT! That gets 3 & eliminates CB.

Winner: Wheeler Yuta (3:10 via pinfall)

Match 5: Wheeler Yuta vs. Fred Yehi: The Savageweight got himself a pretty good draw here, that’s for sure. Yehi was also part of that Foundation showcase match, so these two know each other pretty well. They go at it right away, Yehi hits the T-bone suplex & chops the man in the corner. Now working the left arm of Yuta. Stomps his hand, but Yuta tries to fight back. Hits that atomic drop enziguri combo again. German blocked, but the springboard crossbody gets two. Up top with the crossbody, but Yehi rolls through for two. Yuta targets Yehi’s unpadded knee, but Yehi explodes Yuta on the floor. Back inside, Yehi mounts Yuta’s back and works him over on the mat. Locks in the Koji Clutch, Yuta wrenches his way out using Yehi’s knee and weakens it more. Choke by Yehi, Yuta rolls back for two. Reverse go-behinds. Yuta goes for Yehi’s ankle, gets the heel & hooks it! Yehi powers his way towards the ropes for the first rope break. Yehi with the double stomp, goes for the Koji Clutch! Yuta tries to work his way out again, but Yehi switches sides, using his stronger leg for the hold. Now Yuta must tap.

Winner: Fred Yehi (6:25 via submission)
Match Rating: ***

Call it an interesting idea. Some parts of it dragged a bit, but the finishing sequence between Yehi & Yuta was real fun.

Happy wrestling!

The final score: review Average
The 411
We knew going in that this would be a bit of a throw-away show for ROH, with folks not figured into the main storylines. It was entertaining enough given that consideration, and some new folks got a chance to show off in the main event. Can't hate that too much.

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