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Cook’s ROH TV Review 4.9.21

April 13, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 4.9.21  

Hey kids!

Cook’s ROH Review 4.9.21

Quinn McKay welcomes us to Ring of Honor Wrestling, with two spectacular matches we won’t want to miss. The main event will be a tag team match pitting Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal against Bandido & Flamita. The Mexisquad members have had some issues lately, but we’re told that Rey Horus has mended the fences between them. Gresham & Lethal will face off next week in a Pure Championship match. Today’s Pure Rules match pits Delirious against Rocky Romero.

Delirious has been here since 2004. His first ROH event was also the first ROH event that Rocky Romero competed on. He recognizes Rocky’s contributions & respects what he’s done. He alludes to Rocky’s role in the relationship between ROH & New Japan & thanks him for it. However, they are no strangers to each other and have had wars in the past. Delirious has a scar over his left eye that Rocky gave him a decade ago. They love & respect this sport. Delirious will wrestle Rocky & go back into seclusion, because he doesn’t like the attention. The scars are forever.

The last time Rocky Romero was in ROH, he was in the Pure Tournament, which didn’t really go his way. Somebody from his past has entered the picture. Their battles have been pretty rough in the past. He’s been a bit of an asshole in the past, and maybe he needs to get back to that. Rocky’s been progressing on NJPW Strong every Friday night, which should give him an edge. He puts over ROH talent coming to that show. He wants to take the Pure Championship & defend it somewhere else. He’ll see Delirious soon.

Ian & Caprice are on commentary as usual.

Pure Rules Match: Delirious vs. Rocky Romero: Delirious is 1-0 vs. Rocky in singles matches, but Rocky holds the 3-2 edge in overall ROH matches. Some multi-man stuff, I suppose. Delirious holds the height & weight advantage. Sadly, he does not go crazy at the bell like he used to. Delirious gets the advantage in the early going, already showing he’ll be going for that cobra stretch. Rocky goes for an anklelock, which sends Delirious to the ropes and usage of his first rope break. Romero maintains the advantage & dropkicks Delirious outside, who doesn’t take too kindly to that. He’s talking all kinds of smack, which Rocky responds to with a chop. Delirious responds, exchange of blows, Delirious hits all four sets of ropes before hitting the clothesline. Don’t see that every day. Romero with repeated clotheslines of his own.

We return from commercial with Romero in the dominant position, but Delirious makes a comeback. Neckbreaker puts Romero down. Delirious with the cobra clutch! Is Rocky fading? He’s hanging in there and gets to the ropes. Slap by Delirious! Romero with two forearms. He goes for the arm, locks in a kimura & Delirious uses his second rope break. Some kicks by Rocky. Kicks Delirious with the ropes, then a dropkick off the top onto a bent over Delirious gets a two count. Delirious fights back, hits a fisherman buster & both men are down at the 11 minute mark. Delirious going for a clutch, Rocky stomping the lizard man’s bare feet. Judo throw, Delirious works into the cobra stretch! Rocky gets up, fights out of the hold, big uppercut, but Delirious with a counter, big clothesline gets two. We’re getting deep in the time limit here with no sign of an immediate victor. Forearms exchanged on the mat. Romero delivers a shot to Delirious’ jaw, goes for Sliced Bread #2, but Delirious counters with the cobra clutch! Rocky works his way into a pinning combo, forcing to Delirious to release the hold. Backslide by Rocky gets 2, small packages get two, and there’s one minute left. Big kick by Rocky, Delirious with the punch! He gets a warning and a two count. Falcon Arrow into a cross armbar by Rocky! Delirious tries to fight out, but Rocky sinks it in and there’s a tapping.

Winner: Rocky Romero (14:51 via submission)
Match Rating: ***1/4

Fun little outing from two vets here. Hands are shaken. Romero tells the camera man that everybody just got nervous, and calls out pretty much everybody in the promotion.

We see a clip from the 19th Anniversary Show. Brody King comes out after the main event, talking about how he has family members of his own now. Here’s Tony Deppen. Chris Dickinson & Homicide!

Jay & Mark Briscoe talk about their upcoming match next week. Their dad told them that before they tag again, they need to get things straight between themselves.

So apparently Rey Horus was supposed to team with Bandido tonight, but got pulled due to injury. Flamita is here though, and he tells everybody to chill. They’re Mexisquad! They’re a team, right? Flamita says they’re brothers and nothing will happen. Rey & Bandido seem cool with it and leave. Quinn tells Flamita she’s confused, and Flamita gives one of those evil chuckles.

Jay Lethal says his neck is still hurting him, he has a scar, and they’re still here. The Foundation will clean up the streets. They need to get back on track! Jonathan Gresham thinks Jay needs to calm down.

Bandido & Flamita vs. Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham: Bandido & Flamita seem cool on their way to the ring is all I can say about it. Lethal & Flamita start. Flamita with a rolling armbar, gets a couple of nearfalls. They evade some moves, but a rana sends Jay outside. After regrouping, Jay tags Jon in to slow things down. Gresham & Flamita go back & forth, with Gresham getting the advantage and sending Flamita outside.

Back from commercial & Bandido is now in there. Reverse vertical suplex, Bandido kicks Gresham down and does a pose. Lethal tags in. Bandido with a headstand to avoid a shot. Gorilla press slam by Bandido! Flamita back in, they double-team Lethal. Some miscommunication between the two men leads to Lethal fighting back. He uses Flamita to knock Bandido out of the ring! Gresham comes in now, Germans Flamita & poses like the bodybuilder he is. Puts Flamita in a pretty painful position for the arm. Lethal back in, working the left arm of Flamita. Gresham continues it. Lethal back in, and they’re gonna take that arm home with them. Fortunately, Flamita has plenty of rope breaks.

We’re back from commercial, and Lethal working the arm of Flamita. Flamita fighting out of it, or at least trying. Tag back to Gresham, who goes for the Octopus submission. Bandido comes int, Lethal tries to block him, Bandido gets him out of the way, tries to enziguri Gresham but hits Flamita instead! Bandido is apologetic, Flamita not really having it, and the Foundation take advantage of their issues. Springboard moonsault by Gresham, but Flamita answers. C4 & both men are down. Bandido & Lethal tag in. Pump kick changes the momentum for Bandido. Crucifix bomb gets two! Lethal telegraphs the Injection, Bandido blocks it & Flamita knocks Gresham off the apron. They’re trying something now…Flamita drops Bandido on the attempted whatever they were attempting. Sells that shoulder. Bandido holds Lethal, Lethal ducks. Flamita pauses, then hits Bandido anyway! No, they’re not coming back from that one. Bandido spears Flamita and now they’re exchanging shots. Flamita gets knocked out of the ring & the Foundation focuses on Bandido. A double powerbomb gets two. Figure 4 by Lethal! Flamita offers his hand out, but he’s just taunting his partner! Bandido taps out.

Winners: Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham (13:45 via submission)
Match Rating: ***3/4

I can’t tell whether I’m over or underrating this due to the hour of the night I’m doing this review. Enjoyed the story!

Flamita walks off, seeming a little happier than one might think. Gresham & Lethal show respect to Bandido. They’ll fight each other next week on the 500th Episode!

The final score: review Good
The 411
Solid step up from the last couple of weeks of shows post-Anniversary. Next week's the big one though, with two matches that should be great without a shadow of a doubt. Will Gresham vs. Lethal & Jay vs. Mark live up to previous matches in each series? Hope so!

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