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Cook’s ROH TV Review 6.4.21

June 7, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
ROH TV 6-05-21
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 6.4.21  

Hey kids! We’ve got a pretty big show this week for ROH TV, as two matches pit former friends against each other. Will they make better enemies? Let’s hook em up!

Cook’s ROH TV Review 6.4.21

Quinn McKay welcomes us to Ring of Honor Wrestling! Today brings us the beginning of the 2021 Survival of the Fittest. Rey Horus will take on DEMONIC Flamita in the first qualifying match for that. The main event will see Josh Woods & Silas Young face off in a Pure Rules match. Quinn runs down their previous matches. As for SOTF, it won a poll on ROH’s Facebook group page so that’s why it’s come back. There are six qualifying matches leading to a six-man elimination match where the winner will get a shot at the ROH World Championship. Six previous winners used their shot to win said championship. Twelve men who haven’t held the World Championship and aren’t currently in the World Championship rankings will be featured.

Qualifying Matches:
Rey Horus vs.DEMONIC Flamita
Eli Isom vs. Dak Draper
Bandido vs. Bateman
Brian Johnson vs. Sledge
Chris Dickinson vs. O’Shay Edwards
Danhausen vs. Rhett Titus

If Danhausen doesn’t win the whole thing it’s a crime. Anyway, Horus vs. Flamita is next.

After Flamita is done with Horus, he’ll be on top of Ring of Honor. Everybody in this business will know that hell has arrived, and Hell’s name is Flamita. Horus says very well then to Flamita acting like a rudo. Horus came to ROH to make a name for himself, and will show his disrespectful side here.

Ian & Caprice are on commentary as usual.

Survival of the Fittest Round 1 Match: DEMONIC Flamita vs. Rey Horus: Flamita now has a black hooded robe and is wearing a black mask & pants. One could say he looks DEMONIC. Horus is making his first ROH in-ring appearance since the Mexisquad split. Very evenly matched in the Tale of the Tape, a four pound weight advantage for Flamita & a two year experience edge for Horus. Horus offers the handshake, Flamita slaps it, close enough! Tie up and they go into the corner, which Flamita is vocal about wanting the break on. Back into the corner again, and Flamita slowly provides a clean break. Then he attacks with a kick and stomps Horus down. Back & forth off the ropes, kick by Horus, now into the corner, some flips, Horus with a tornilo bodyscissor. Flamita answers with a spear through the ropes! Looked like he darn near DDTed himself on the floor there, but he’s ok. Sends Horus into the barricade and talks some smack. Flamita uses a chair, and Todd Sinclair just stares at them on the outside. Flamita gets tripped up by Horus and smashes himself into the apron. Flip dive onto a seated Flamita, and both guys are looking the worse for wear. Now Sinclair starts a countout with Horus back in the ring. Flamita breaks the count and gets Horus outside the ring. C4 on the floor by Flamita, who goes up and hits the froggy splash for two. We go to commercial.

Horus fighting back, but Flamita drives him into the cormer. Flamita misses a charge, Horus with a kick, up top, off the ropes, Destroyer variation from Horus gets two. They’re back up, Flamita with a punch, whips Horus headfirst into the turnbuckle and kicks the head. Pendulum DDT gets a 2.6 largely to Flamita’s lackadaisical cover. He disputes Todd’s count and stomps away on Horus’s back. Flamita with a vertial suplex continuing to target that back. Horus elbows Flamita in the corner, places him up top, goes for a bodyscissor, Flamita blocks, still hits an armdrag. Big ol DDT from Horus gets a two count. Horus heads up top, takes his time a little bit, enough for Flamita to recover and crotch him up top. Musclebuster into a gutbuster! Superkick, roll up, three count!

Winner: DEMONIC Flamita (11:02 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***1/2

No surprise that former Mexisquad matches would have a very enjoyable match. Flamita steps on the man’s face on his way out, which outrages Ian.

ROH Week By Week on YouTube is where you can see Sledge take on Brian Johnson in their SOTF first round match. That’ll be posted Tuesday at 1PM Eastern if you’re scoring at home, or even if you’re along.

Sledge says it’s one of the most prestigious tournaments in ROH. Brian Johnson isn’t owed anything by ROH. Sledge is especially outraged by Johnson’s disresepcting his own father, as Sledge lost his father at a young age. Johnson admires Sledge for battling his demons and even calls him a role model outside the ring. Well, actually, he thinks Sledge is a complete jackass. Johnson’s addiction is professional wrestling, and he’s going to etch his legacy in ROH by winning this tournament.

Pure Rules Match: Silas Young vs. Josh Woods: ROH has extended the time limit to thirty minutes for this one at special request. Silas is 5-1 against Josh, and doesn’t expect anything to be different just because this is a Pure Rules Match. The smarter man will win, and that’s Silas Young. Josh talks about how Silas couldn’t beat him fair & square, and will prove he is the better wrestler in this match.

These two are listed at the same height & weight, but Silas has the thirteen year experience edge. Handshake accompanied by some trash talk. Woods working the left arm of Young early, tries to set up a pin but Young turns it into a headlock. Series of reversals on the mat lead to a half crab for Young, Woods gets out, goes for another pin, but it’s Young with a series of arm-wringers into a short-arm scissor. Woods rolls out of it temporarily, but Young returns to the armbar. Off the ropes, shoulderblock by Woods, leapfrog by Young, backslide attempt leads to a kick attempt, Young with a flip, back to the mat with Woods having back control with a body scissors. Young goes to the side headlock. Woods reverses into a headlock of his own, Young into the headscissors. Back to the side headlock & headscissors reversal a couple of times. More than a couple of times, actually. Silas showing off with the kip up as we go to commercial.

Silas claims that all he’s been trying to do is teach Josh, and offers the handshake. They shake hands and that turns into a headlock, which turns into a punch! The ref didn’t see it, but Woods goes ape anyway. He drives Young into the corner, but Young delivers another punch the ref doesn’t see! Woods loses it and punches Young right in the face, right in front of the referee! Woods receives a closed fist warning. Young is recovering on the outside, going on about how he’s been playing by the rules, and Woods tosses him back into the ring. He goes to a bow & arrow hold into a hammerlock. Barring the other arm, then stomps! Silas’s shoulder is in pain, but he can still deliver the ol’ Hot Shot. Young goes for an abdominal stretch, and now he’s the one on the offensive with various holds. Woods manages to lock Young’s ankle for a second, then goes to a front hammerlock. Front suplex by Young as we go to commercial.

12 minutes in and Young is on the offensive. Woods whipped chest first into the turnbuckle for a two count. Woods trying to fight through the pain, asking Young if that’s all he has while getting beat down. Woods placed up top, but he fights off the superplex attempt. Twisting suplex off the middle rope by Woods! Both men get back up after a few seconds & exchange shots. Choke by Woods in the center of the ring, Young fights out but Woods keeps locking it in. Young tries his deal from the previous match, placing his feet on the ropes to enable a pinfall, but the referee sees it this time! It also counts as a rope break for Young, the first for either man this match. They try to suplex each other and end up on the apron. Woods gets split on the top rope, but now he’s trying for a german suplex to the floor. Doesn’t work, but it does result in Silas’s second rope break, after which Silas DDTs Josh on the apron. Pin attempt gets 2.59, but Josh looks like he’s nearly done for here. Series of reversals leads to Young with a Finlay Roll, he goes up top but Woods takes him off! Young uses his third rope break to escape Woods’ grasp. Young with the FYB, the FYF, a knee to the face & an Anarchist suplex. Woods uses his first rope break to escape the pinfall.He suplexes Young into the corner, and both men are down. Woods charges, Young picks him up, hits the Finlay Roll but misses off the top. Woods locks in the Beastlock in the center of the ring! Young grabs the rope, but that doesn’t break the hold. Young has to tap!

Winner: Josh Woods (21:29 via submission)
Match Rating: ****

Some damn good pure rasslin there. Woods wants the handshake. Young slaps the hand, teases doing something but it looks like he’s too physically spent to attack anybody tonight.

Next Week: Eli Isom vs. Dak Draper, Rhett Titus & Tracy Williams vs. Dragon Lee & Kenny King!

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
I enjoy when these shows feature lucha libre & pure wrestling. Two different styles that both showcase things I like about pro wrestling. ROH delivered a strong effort this week, and it was also mentioned that fans would be returning to shows very soon. Could be a strong summer for the company, we shall see.

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