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Cook’s ROH TV Review 9.24.21

September 27, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
ROH TV - 9-25-21
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 9.24.21  

Hey kids! We’re in that post-PPV time where things are getting booked to fill time, but there’s some interesting stuff going on. Teacher vs. Student under Pure Rules, and 4 faction representatives in 4 Corner Survival. Let’s hook em up!

Cook’s ROH TV Review 9.24.21

Quinn McKay welcomes us to Ring of Honor Wrestling. Today’s episode features two awesome matches, including a main event pitting warring factions against each other in Four Corner Survival. VLNCE UNLTD’s Brody King, LFI’s Kenny King, The Foundation’s Jay Lethal and Shane Taylor of his Promotions face off. First, mentor & protege face off in a Pure Rules match, as PJ Black takes on Brian Johnson.

Brian Johnson explains the Pure Division. Every single bozo in the division is about to honor the Mecca. PJ Black offers a challenge.

Ian & Caprice are on the call.

Pure Rules Match: Brian Johnson vs. PJ Black: Johnson says he is an equal opportunity ass whooper. Today he’s going against the only person on the roster he doesn’t think is a bozo. He’ll prove to PJ that he’s learned his lessons and surpassed him. Handshake! Black with the early mat advantage, working the left arm. Johnson tries some headlocks, but Black works out of them into submissions. Headlock by Johnson, off the ropes, Black & Johnson exchange some basic moves, a dropkick sends Johnson down & outside. Black still doing soime coaching for his student here, telling him to breathe & relax. Johnson goes to the ropes for a break, but gains the advantage with a kick to the gut. Johnson sent outside, evades the first attempt at a dive but not the second. Crossbody by Black gets two. He misses a springboard moonsault and we go to commercial. Carshield is being represented by Ice-T & Mr. Biggs this week.

Johnson goes to work on Black. Some kitchen sink knee strikes. Back body drop by Black, puts him in the ol’ rocking horse. He forces Johnson to use a rope break. Certainly a debatable call by the referee there. Black locks in an armbar. Back suplex by Black, who goes up to the top rope. Johnson evades the move, then there’s a double clothesline. Strike exchange, beard grab exchange, Black gets the upper hand, hits the springboard moonsault for two. Johnson uses his third & final rope break to survive. Johnson pushes Black into the official, as the official cowers in the corner, Johnson pokes Black in the eyes. The referee sees Johnson trying to suplex Black as he holds onto the ropes, so there’s a rope break. There’s a punch while the referee’s attention is on instructing the ring announcer. Johnson hits the Process neckbreaker, and this is over.

Winner: Brian Johnson (10:58 via pinfall)
Match Rating: **1/2

Johnson lies, cheats & steals his way to another Pure victory. Black grabs the microphone & offers his respect. They shake hands.

Brian Johnson & PJ Black establish their respect again backstage for the bozo interviewer.

Video package showcasing ROH’s women’s division.

Eli Isom talks about his upcoming match on Week By Week with Ryan Mooney. They used to travel together, but now they’re in the hunt for championships. Mooney says not to make promises you can’t keep.

Clips from Glory By Honor Night 2, where VLNCE UNTLD faced The Foundation. Tony Deppen takes the offense from various Foundation members. He keeps kicking out though. Gresham’s figure 4 gets broken up, and Brody King drags him to the corner to make the tag. Lariat to Jay Lethal gets two. Dickinson DVDs Gresham through a table at ringside. Lethal gets isolated, and a super Ace Crusher by Homicide gets two. They brawl on the outside, back in the ring Lethal hits the Injection on Deppen for the three count.

Next week, VLNCE UNLTD will take on four mystery men!

We hear from Kenny King, Shane Taylor, Brody King & Jay Lethal.

Four Corner Survival: Kenny King vs. Shane Taylor vs. Brody King vs. Jay Lethal: Handshakes, awkward as they may be, are exchanged by the non-Kenny contingent. Lethal & Brody start us off. Lethal gets the early upper hand before Taylor tags Brody to enter the match. Taylor talks some trash to Kenny. Collar & elbow tieup, Taylor moves Lethal into the corner, but Lethal puts up more of a fight than one might expect. Until that gut shot in the corner by Taylor. Lethal with kicks to Taylor’s leg, Taylor puts him down with a left arm lariat. Lethal gets the dragon screw on Taylor, and Kenny King tags Taylor so he can get in. Kenny gets the edge on the mat wrestling and he talks some stuff as he always does. After some rasslin, Kenny throws the punch, then uses Lethal’s own Combination against him.

We return from commercial and Kenny is still working over Lethal. Brody tags Lethal, then really tags him with a strike. Kenny & Brody exchange some shots. Eventually Brody knocks Kenny down. Brody hits a running senton for two. Kenny fights back, hits a Blockbuster on Brody, then dives onto Shane. Kenny kicks Lethal down too. Brody lariats Kenny. Shane tags Kenny, and he faces off with Brody. Some shots being exchanged, Shane hits his big punch to send Brody outside. Lethal dives onto Brody. Kenny attacks Shane, but ends up eating a Tower of London. Lethal goes for the Injection, but Shane catches him and wants to Welcome him to the Land, but Lethal slides out. Marcus Garvey Driver to Lethal. Kenny tries to kick, but Shane grabs the leg. Kenny ends up Blue Thundering Shane, but Brody slides in, knocks Kenny out of the way and hits Shane with a lariatooo for three!

Winner: Brody King (approximately 9 minutes via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***

Shane Taylor wants a one on one match with Brody. Lethal shakes hands, he’s obviously had enough. Taylor & Lethal shake hands as the show concludes.

Next Week: Rust & Zayne vs. The Briscoes, VLNCE UNLTD vs. ????

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One of those shows that's kind of filling time but has some decent in-ring action. Nothing against all of the workers involved, who all did their thing, but one starts to wonder where things are leading.

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