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Cook’s WWE NXT Review 1.30.19

January 30, 2019 | Posted by Steve Cook
WWE NXT 1-30-19
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Cook’s WWE NXT Review 1.30.19  

Cook’s NXT Review 1.30.19

-Io Sharai & Kairi Sane defeated Jessamyn Duke & Maria Shafir (**3/4)
-The Forgotten Sons defeated The Street Profits (**1/2)

-Hello friends, I’m back for another week of yellow brand action. Our matches originate from the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, site of the Takeover event on Saturday night, Raw on Monday night & SmackDown on Tuesday night. Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness & Percy Watson are your hosts.

-We start with a brief recap video of Takeover: Phoenix. I’m guessing you know what happened there if you’re reading this. The opening theme already ends with Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa raising their titles at the end of Takeover.

Io Sharai & Kairi Sane vs. Jessamyn Duke & Maria Shafir: Mauro calls Sharai & Sane the Sky Pirates, which is certainly a better name than the Air Devils. The Horsewomen come out to Shayna Baszler’s theme, which I find catchy. Shafir wearing a mask this week, she must have busted her nose at some point. She & Sharai start. Io with some evasive gymnastics & lands the dropkick. Sane & Duke tag in. Duke’s got quite the size advantage, but it’s Sane getting the reversals here. Yay & Boo from the crowd for dueling ground & pound segments. Sane with a funky rollup & tags in Sharai, they doubleteam Duke & hit a double dropkick to the back. Sharai with double knees in the corner, but a distraction from Shafir turns the tide. Shafir tags in & the Horsewomen take the advantage on Sharai. Nothing fancy. Duke locks in a double underhook & Sharai gets close to the corner, but a butterfly suplex from Duke gets two & she goes back to the underhook. Sharai fights out of a dragon sleeper from Shafir & hits a modified version of The Kendrick! She gets the hot tag to the Pirate Princess & she’s hitting dragonscrews & bronco busters. Spear, and Sane is feeling it. Duke kicked out by Sharai, and Io assists with an elbowdrop. Sharai dives onto Duke outside, and Sane hits the insane elbow off the top for the three count! Duke & Shafir are still early in their development, and working with Sane & Sharai can only help them in the long run. I look forward to seeing Sane & Sharai against more seasoned competition. Not that the Horsewomen were bad, I just think there’s more upward momentum here. (**3/4)

-The announcers call a video of Johnny Gargano defeating Ricochet for the North American Championship. We go back to last Saturday when Johnny Takeover talked about it with <bSarah Schreiber He delivered a Match of the Year, and he also delivered a win. Winning feels great! Success is poisoning the mind of young Johnny Gargano.

-The announcers recap the NXT Women’s Championship Match. Serious question: why is Bianca Belair allowed to whip people with her hair? I get that it’s not a foreign object, but she’s got foreign objects in it. Bianca gets to talk about it, and explains how being undefeated is a mindset. Oh, and something about Sam Roberts, but I wasn’t really paying attention to that part. I hear that name & I tune out.

-The announcers recap the Tag Team Championship Match. War Raiders talk to Cathy Kelley about how Undisputed has earned their respect, but their era has ended.

Matt Riddle beat Kassius Ohno again at Takeover. He tells Cathy that he broke Ohno tonight & will break anybody else that tries to test him.

-There was an NXT Championship match too. This one gets a more dramatic feel with music instead of Mauro & Percy recapping, Paul Heyman was impressed with Ciampa & tweeted about it.

-We get to see Black, Veleveteen Dream & Ricochet face off with Ciampa, Gargano & Adam Cole on the stage & back in the Gorilla position. Shawn Michaels announced on the Royal Rumble Kickoff Show that a six-man tag with those men would take place during halftime of the Super Bowl Big Football Game. Halftime Heat’s coming back to the WWE Network!

-Kairi Sane, Candice LeRae, Io Sharai, Aleister Black & Johnny Gargano all appeared in Royal Rumble matches. Gargano will be LIVE next week.

The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) vs. The Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake w/Jaxson Ryker): The Profits are all about those red cups, and Kayla Braxton is wearing red in support. No wonder the Forgotten Sons feel disrespected. Cutler starts against Dawkins, but Blake tags in basically right away & Ford comes in too. Legality of people isn’t much of a thing. The Profits are off to a hot start, dumping the Sons onto the outside & flapjacking one onto the other, but the Sons gain the advantage soon enough. I like the double Rock Botton into the backbreaker the Sons are busting out. Not a huge fan of the chinlock, but I do like the springboard backbreaker. How does Roderick Strong feel about all these backbreakers? Ford’s taking some punishment here, but avoids a Blake top rope splash and finally gets a tag from Dawkins. He going all cray cray in there. Ford gets the first Momma Mia of tonight with a crazy vertical leap into a tope con hilo. “NXT!” Blake gets hit with a Blockbuster Doomsday Device but Cutler breaks up the count. Ryker takes Ford out on the outside, and big ol’ Dawkins wants him some…he doesn’t get any since Blake hits the ol’ tope suicida. The Memory Remains is a reverse DDT assisted by a double stomp, and it gets the win for the Forgotten Sons. The Sons aren’t being forgotten anymore, as it seems like they’re being set up for some tag team opportunities. Not sure I like their chances against the War Raiders, but the extra big dude on the outside could help. Pretty basic tag action here, though I did like some of the Sons’ doubleteams. (**1/2)

-Thanks for reading!


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Post-Takeover shows are what they are: time to relive what happened at the big event & throw on some action before setting up the next cycle next week. You didn't miss too much if you missed this one, but if you haven't checked out Takeover yet I'd definitely recommend that.

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