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Cook’s WWE NXT Review 2.6.19

February 6, 2019 | Posted by Steve Cook
WWE NXT 2-6-19
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Cook’s WWE NXT Review 2.6.19  

Cook’s WWE NXT Review 2.6.19

-Jaxson Ryker squashed Mansoor (N/A)
-Drew Gulak tapped Eric Bugenhagen out (N/A)
-Matt Riddle beat Drew Gulak via submission (***1/2)
-Io Shirai, Kairi Sane & Bianca Belair beat Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir (***)

-Hello friends, I’m back for another week of NXT action. We’ve moved on from Phoenix and are starting the build towards the next big event, so there should be plenty of new things developing…

Johnny Champion: The new NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano is here to address the good people at Full Sail Live. Most of the fans greet him with a “Johnny Champion” chant. He appreciates it, and replies to the “You Deserve It” chant with a “We Deserve It” chant, and is totally kissing up to the people here. Johnny Wrestling is back! Tommaso Ciampa makes his appearance on the stage. He wants to celebrate Johnny’s moment. He congratulates Johnny for following The Champ’s lead & takes credit for Gargano’s accomplishments. Gargano disagrees, and tells Ciampa that he only came out at the end of NXT Takeover to show that he doesn’t need him. Velveteen Dream says it’s all cute, but it’s not about Gollum or Johnny Badass, it’s about the man that stole Takeover: Phoenix solely by showing up. He also won the Worlds Collide Tournament that weekend, and gets to choose an NXT champion to challenge. He’s over Ciampa & Goldie…the Dream wants Johnny. Gargano’s down with that. Velveteen drops a “Johnny Jackass”, and you know that grinds Gargano’s gears. He exits the ring, exchanges glances with Ciampa, who exits while Gargano stares at the Dream. Velveteen going off the board and challenging the North American Champion instead of Ciampa gives that title some extra steam. Plus, it’s a match we haven’t seen, or at least one I haven’t seen.

Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness & Percy Watson run down tonight’s card.

Jaxson Ryker vs. Mansoor: Mauro sure likes calling the Forgotten Sons truculent, doesn’t he? There’s definitely an experience difference between Ryker & Mansoor, and it’s Ryker’s power that takes the advantage early. Mansoor dives right into a spear, and then it’s No Remorse (sit-out chokeslam powerbomb) & a three count. He does another one afterward for fun. The youngster didn’t get to show a lot there, it was all about making Ryker look like a dangerous human being. (N/A)

Cathy Kelley seems to be stalking Ricochet for an interview when Adam Cole & the rest of Undisputed Era show up. Cole & Ricochet want the North American Championship back, so they’ll wrestle each other next week for position in the rankings.

-Gargano & Dream will face off in two weeks for said North American Championship.

Drew Gulak vs. Eric Bugenhagen: Bugenhagen’s got quite the scream & dance moves, though Nigel doesn’t seem like a fan. Gulak is a more serious fellow and is not amused by Eric playing the air drums or the air guitar. It’s Bugenhagen taking Gulak down to start, but Gulak responds quickly after another scream. Slams, snap suplexes, chinlocks, nothing fancy here. They both go for abdominal stretches, Bugenhagen gets it & strums Gulak’s abs! That just pisses Drew off & he throws Eric around. Drew locks in the the Gulock, and it’s all over. Not a whole lot to this one, but Bugenhagen’s got some potential as comedic relief.(N/A)

-Drew is outraged that he came all the way to NXT to wrestle that. He is the best submission specialist in WWE and didn’t come here to wrestle Ben Stiller from Dodgeball. He asks for some real competition, and here comes Matt Riddle! He tells Gulak to get out of NXT or he’ll tap him out of it. Drew asks him to remove the flip flops and make his day, and Matt obliges!

Drew Gulak vs. Matt Riddle: OK, this could be fun. Riddle gets the first submission attempt, but it’s Gulak with the next one with some usage of hair. It’s the GRAPPLEF*CK that the kids love, and Full Sail digs it. Gulak adjusts Riddle’s tights, and that leads to a soccer kick & some strikes from Riddle. Riddle runs into a big kick by Gulak & then a dropkick. Gulak retakes the advantage on the mat & gets Riddle into a double armbar with the knee in the back. That can’t feel great. He locks in another unique submission that Riddle fights out of. A cradle suplex puts both down on the canvas. Riddle with some Bro Kicks, but Gulak gets a dragonscrew out of it. Riddle gets a sleeper, but Gulak fights out. Bridging German by Riddle, but Gulak rolls into a Fijiwara armbar after the two count. Crossface chicken wing, Riddle gets out. Deadlift powerbomb, and a knee to the head gets 2.9 for Riddle. ELBOWS followed by the Bromission get Gulak to tap out. Gulak exchanges a Catchpoint handshake with Riddle afterwards & expresses his respect. I was worried for a minute Gulak was going to copy Kassius Ohno’s disrespectful actions from a few weeks ago, but he’s an honorable man indeed. Well, that was fun! Gulak works the type of style that meshes well with what Riddle likes to do, and these guys were right at home grappling & suplexing each other. I’d love to see some more of this, hopefully Gulak hangs around NXT a bit longer. I think he fits in better on this show than on 205 Live. (***1/2)

Io Shirai, Kairi Sane & Bianca Belair vs. Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir: Classic lucha style booking with various feuds colliding in a six-woman match. Belair with some snazzy Black History Month attire starting out with Baszler. Shayna has enough of Belair’s gymnastics, tags in Bashir who gets knocked down, then Duke gets the same treatment. Sky Pirates with an assisted elbow drop. Sane & Shafir going at it, but Shirai seems fine with interjecting herself for some doubleteam offense. Eventually, Sane ends up eating the offense from the Horsewomen. This goes best while Baszler is on offense. Sharai gets the tag & goes ham on all three Horsewomen. Sane up top…Insane elbow on Baszler gets the two count. due to Duke intervention. Belair makes the tag (Sane was trying to tag Sharai there) & goes right after Baszler…she hits the KOD, but the Horsewomen break it up. Everybody down on the floor, so Sane dives outside onto Duke & Shafir! Shirai tags Belair, hits the springboard moonsault and gets the three count on Baszler! Belair doesn’t seem as excited about the win as the Sky Pirates are. I don’t think Sane swinging Belair’s hair afterwards made Bianca feel any better about it. I love six-person tag team matches in general, and Sane & Shirai continue to be on fire since forming their Sky Pirates combination. Shirai getting the rare pin on Baszler opens that up as a possible championship match, and Belair being pissed off about it will likely come up at a later time. Good booking and some good in-ring action. (***)

-Thanks for reading.


The final score: review Good
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Pretty good effort from the Gold Standard this week. We opened with some squashtastic stuff but things really picked up with Gulak vs. Riddle. The main event delivered too, making this episode an easy recommendation when you've got some Network viewing time.

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