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Cook’s WWE SmackDown Live Review 1.29.19

January 29, 2019 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Cook’s WWE SmackDown Live Review 1.29.19  

Cook’s SmackDown Live Review 1.29.19

-R-Truth defeats Shinsuke Nakamura to win the United States Championship
-R-Truth defeats Rusev to retain the United States Championship
-The Usos beat The Bar, Heavy Machinery & New Day to earn a SmackDown Tag Team Championship opportunity at Elimination Chamber

-Hello friends, it’s Steve Cook back after a couple of weeks away from the SmackDown Live duty. Honestly, after the length of that Royal Rumble event I could use a few more weeks away. But I’m back and better than ever! Well, maybe not better than ever, but I’m certainly back!

-We open with clips from the Women’s Royal Rumble Match, where Becky Lynch overcame the odds to win & choose a champion of her choosing. Then we see clips from Raw, where she chose Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey.

-We’re still in Phoenix tonight, and here comes The Man, Becky Lynch! She’s still selling that leg, God bless her. Tom Phillips, Corey Graves & Byron Saxton are along with us. AEW shirt spotted in the front row! Becky couldn’t resist looking Ronnie in her angry little eyes & confirm how different they are. Becky doesn’t crumble when she loses. She won the Royal Rumble match on one good leg. She’s proud of coming from nothing and all the heads she’s slapped to get here today, and from being on the pre-show of last year’s WrestleMania to the main event this year, and nobody has handed her nothing. Charlotte Flair comes out at the end of Becky’s speech about Ronnie. She takes credit for teaching Becky the lessons that took her to the main event. She’s happy for Becky, but Becky doesn’t buy it & smacks her down. Charlotte attacks her on the ramp, and we’ve got a brawl. The fans want them to fight, but the officials & agents do their best to stop it. We’ve all read the newsbites, and the drama here is how Charlotte ends up inserting herself into the match with Becky & Ronnie. I have no issue with this, as it will improve the match, but it has to be done properly.

WWE United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura vs. R-Truth: Truth & Carmella are outraged over this whole thing where R-Truth got attacked before he entered the Royal Rumble. The McMahons agree, and that’s why he’s getting a US title match right now. Nakamura kicks Trith right at the bell and takes immediate advantage. Reverse exploder, and Nakamura sets up for the Kinshasa, but R-Truth reverses, and Nakamura goes outside while we hit a commercial. R-Truth takes advantage during that commercial. They go back & forth and we are back live to Nakamura kneeing the man in the corner. R-Truth reverses a landslide attempt into a rollup for a three count, and we have a new US Champ! Everybody in the ring seems completely shocked, but these things happen sometimes. I’m not sure if this was a botch, or they’re trying to act like it was a botch or what the hell…well, hold on, we’ve got Rusev & Lana out here, and Rusev doesn’t seem happy. He took the title from Nakamura to begin with because it deserved better, and it definitely deserves better than R-Truth. He asks for a match right now! Carmella shoves Lana down, Rusev shoves R-Truth down, and Truth tells the referee to put it on the line. Oh I doubt this will end well…

R-Truth vs. Rusev: We return from commercial & Rusev has Truth in a chinlock. Rusev hits a move in the corner, and tries another one, then Truth gets another rollup for a three count! Nakamura’s back down attacklng Truth again. Rsuev with some stomps, and they doubleteam the new US Champion. Machka Kick to Truth! Kinshasa! What a couple of sore losers.

-Becky opts to leave the arena rather than let the doctors examine her. She tells Kayla Braxton she doesn’t want to spend any more time on the shelf.

-R-Truth is in the trainer’s room, and is good since he’s the new US Champion.

Rey Mysterio vs… – Zelina Vega is mad because Rey had her banned from ringside last week. Andrade comes out and attacks Rey from behind. He hits Two Amigos, but Rey blocks the third and goes for the 619, which is blocked by Andrade. A Hammerlock DDT puts Rey down. I gotta feel for whoever Rey was supposed to wrestle, as they’re missing out on some match pay.

The Good Brothers Gallows & Anderson are outraged over Rusev’s actions. Nakamura accepts the challenge. Rusev tells Nakamura not to screw him over. Meanwhile, The Miz & Shane McMahon make their way to the ring for a celebration!

-We get some clips from the Sundance Film Festival for the Fighting With My Family premiere.

Shane & Miz Tag Team Championship Celebration: No champagne, balloons or streamers for these guys. Shane has been thinking of how to re-pay Miz, and promises that Miz will never forget this night for the rest of his life. We get a video recapping the story of Shane & Miz as the best team in the world, achieving their dreams and becoming tag team champions. Shane introduces everybody to the Miz’s dad, George Mizanin! The fans chant “Mr. Miz”. Shane hands the mike to George, and George says he loves Miz & is proud of him! Shane announces that he & Miz will defend the titles against the winners of a 4-way tag match that will go down next!

Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville announce their candidacy for the Women’s Tag Team Championship to Kayla. We get a flashback to 2015, when Naomi called Mandy “weak” on an episode of Tough Enough. Sonya mentions how much harsher Naomi was off-camera. Apparently Naomi ruined Mandy’s relationship at the time, so Mandy tried to ruin Naomi’s with Jimmy Uso. Well, that’s an explanation.

The Usos vs. The Bar vs. The New Day vs. Heavy Machinery: Kofi & Big E are representing New Day if you’re scoring at home, or even if you’re alone. Kofi starts with Otis, who sits on the poor guy. Kofi is smart enough to tag in Big E after that disaster. Xavier plays Francesca 2 as the two big men go back & forth. Heavy Machinery is rolling as we head into the commercial. When we return, Sheamus & Cesaro are working Jimmy Uso over while Graves is still going on about Mandy Rose. I refuse to believe that Mandy’s ever responded to any of his text messages. Jey tags in and is fresh & laying waste to Bar members. New Day comes in and everybody going cray cray. Dozer & Tucker hit the Compacter on Kofi, and New Day is eliminated! OK, this is an elimination match. The Bar presses Jey Uso into the ringside announcer area just before another commercial. Otis gets the hot tag from Tucker and he’s throwing Bar fools around. CATERPILLAR ELBOW! Cesaro kicks out at two. Another near-fall on a double-team. Jimmy tags, cross-bodies Tucker for two. Sheamus tags in, Brogue kicks Tucker for the three count to eliminate them. We got flying Usos, one flies outside onto Cesaro, another splashes Sheamus in the ring, and the Usos get a shot at Shane & Miz at Elimination Chamber! Good luck with that, boys.

-Daniel Bryan is next, and not impressed with a man backstage eating a burger. Is that Gabe? TJ Hawke will let me know.

WWE Champion Promo Time: Bryan asks who won at the Royal Rumble. The fans chant “Becky”, but Bryan says that everybody and their children won, as Daniel Bryan is the planet’s champion. He doesn’t expect us to understand, as we don’t know what winning is like, but he’s found somebody that does. Rowan is indeed that man, and he has a backpack. Rowan is an enlightened man of the Earth, Bryan’s intellectual peer, and that’s how he can see through the facade of the people & AJ Styles. Bryan points out that AJ Styles was right to call Bryan a hypocrite, as Bryan carries around a symbol of excess that is bound to the skin of a cow whose life was taken from her. Daisy was her name. The fans chant “Daisy”. Daisy had the ability to enjoy joy & pain, and was forced to give her life for a symbol. The very thing that Rowan & Bryan stand against. Bryan tosses it in a garbage can & calls it trash. To change the world we need new symbols. The fans chant “Goodbye Daisy” as Rowan unveils a new WWE Championship from his backpack. The new symbol of excellence, the new WWE Championship! It looks like it’s made of…wood? The fans chant “Burn it Down”. Bryan informs us it’s made of hemp, which gets the people excited. And AJ Styles as well, as he appears on the entranceway. AJ asks if Bryan smoked the prototype to that championship. Before AJ can dig too much into the situation, Randy Orton makes his entrance.

Mustafa Ali comes down after the commercial, and Randy points out that Mustafa got tossed out by Nia Jax on Sunday. Jeff Hardy is down there too, and Samoa Joe wants to put everybody to sleep. Bryan & Rowan exit stage right while Joe talks about putting Ali’s simple ass to sleep & asks AJ how Wendy’s doing. They all fight while Bryan says he will be the champion and no one man will get a shot at the 10 Pounds of Hemp. Triple H confirms on the Titantron that Bryan will be defending it against all of those Superstars in the Elimination Chamber. Bryan says NO but the fans say YES as people resume fighting.

-Fade to Temptation Island.

-Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow night for some NXT!

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Kind of a mediocre edition of SmackDown this week. Not too much in the way of in-ring action, but they did a solid job in setting up some things for Elimination Chamber. They can't all be **** workrate classics. The US title stuff was a bit of a head-scratcher, but other than that I can't say anything was too bad.

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