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Corey Graves Recalls Backstage Quip To Vince McMahon Over Naomi & Sasha Banks Walkout

June 10, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Corey Graves Image Credit: WWE

Corey Graves recently revealed an interaction he had backstage with Vince McMahon on the night of Naomi and Sasha Banks’ Raw walkout, and the Chairman’s reaction. Graves was talking with Sami Zayn on the latest episode of After the Bell about how the company always manages to make things work despite a chaotic atmosphere in WWE and alluded to Banks and Naomi’s leaving Raw, a situation where Graves drew some heat online for saying at commentary that the two “summarily and unprofessionally walked out.”

“There was a few weeks back and you’ll know what I’m alluding to where things changed in a very drastic manner on Monday Night Raw,” he said (per Wrestling Inc). “And I walked back through the curtain and walked up to our fearless leader and he had a grin on his face. [I said] ‘Hey it’s live TV, nothing could go wrong, right?’ And he just laughed and shook my hand and went about his business. And that’s it.”