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Corey Graves Addresses His Busy WWE Schedule, Explains How He Sides With Heel Mentalities on TV

May 20, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Corey Graves

As previously reported, WWE announcer Corey Graves was interviewed by Sam Roberts for his podcast. Below are some additional highlights from the interview (transcript WrestlingInc.com).

Graves on not thinking about how much he’s working: “I still don’t look at what I do now. I think it’s just like anything; it’s my job, and I just do it. I try not to get caught up in it. The first time that it really kicked in was after this year’s WrestleMania where I called the entire show, with the exception of the first two Kickoff matches. I then did all of RAW and all of SmackDown, and I remember finally getting home after going to Florida for voice overs thinking how I had never been this tired in my entire life. I wonder if everyone else is this tired? Probably not. I am just in a groove. I don’t think about it.”

Corey Graves on not considering himself a heel or bad guy: “I side with a lot of heel mentalities. I can justify it because I generally was a heel as a wrestler, so I can justify just about anything. A lot of times it is outrageous and ridiculous which is why I love to say it because it is funny for me to be able to give a backhanded justification for something that was clearly messed up and out of line, but that was just me entertaining myself. I am not the ‘bad guy’ Commentator. That is passe.”

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