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Corey Graves Takes Shot At Independent Wrestling Announcer Over Perceived Slight, Goes Off About ‘Woke BS’

December 8, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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Independent wrestling announcer (and former NXT wrestler) Alyssa Marino recent posted criticism over how some announcers will focus too much on the wrestlers’ appearance, particularly with women. While the post did not mention Corey Graves, the WWE announcer decided to reply anyway. He defended himself and then told her to find a different field of work. It should be noted, again, that her tweet didn’t mention him. She also later liked a tweet from someone else explaining that it was more about independent announcers than high-level ones. She wrote:

When an announce team can’t “focus” on a match and is constantly commenting on the physical appearance of competitors (especially when it’s women in the ring), it’s time to find professional broadcasters who can tell the story without being “distracted” by the athletes. I don’t often share my takes on things, but I work hard to prepare myself as a broadcaster. I’ve studied how great commentary teams can elevate matches, but it’s really grating to hear announcers get lost in how attractive they think competitors are in the midst of a match.

Graves replied: “Well then, I suggest you find a different field than sports entertainment. If you can’t differentiate between a TV character and an ACTUAL journalist, then I don’t trust anything you have to say. Good luck.

This opened the floodgates to criticism from fans, which resulted in him getting angered about ‘woke bullshit.’ Corey Graves wrote:

Responding to criticism about how I speak ON TV about a CHARACTER portrayed by my ACTUAL fiancé trumps any of your “woke” bullshit…but you do you…You’re welcome for the virtue signal boost. In 2021, being engaged to an absolutely, wildly talented, beautiful woman, and talking about how amazingly beautiful and talented I think she is on TV because we work at the same place is somehow offensive to some people Twitter. Call me the ‘troll buffet.’

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