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Csonka Reviews Eric Young’s Greatest Matches

March 17, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Eric Young’s Greatest Matches
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Csonka Reviews Eric Young’s Greatest Matches  

Csonka Reviews The Eric Young’s Greatest Matches

From TNA Impact 4.10.14: Eric Young defeated Willow, Bully Ray, Gunner, Bobby Lashley, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Ethan Carter III, Abyss, & Sanada @ 27:00 [***]
From TNA Impact 4.10.14: Eric Young defeated Champion Magnus @ 13:00 via pin [***¼]
From TNA Sacrifice 2014: Champion Eric Young defeated Magnus @ 16:00 via pin [***¾]

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– This is on Impact Plus, and clocks in at around 48-minutes.

#1 Contenders Gauntlet: Willow vs. Bully Ray vs. Gunner vs. Bobby Lashley vs. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode vs. Ethan Carter III vs. Eric Young vs. Abyss vs. Sanada: The first two men are James Storm and Gunner and they start brawling on the floor and eventually make it into the ring. Gunner almost tosses Storm, but Storm battles back and then leaps into the ring, caught by Gunner and he gets the sack of shit slam. Corner clothesline by Gunner, and then he lays the boots to Storm in the corner. Gunner looks to toss Storm again, but the Cowboy is able to stay in. #3 is Bobby Roode. Roode and Gunner trade shots, to the corner and a big clothesline by Roode. Storm and Roode face off, and then beat down Gunner. A whip to the corner, Storm whips Roode into Gunner. Snap mare, and then a knee drop by Roode. Roode and Storm work together to try and toss out Gunner, and #4 is Bully Ray. Ray charges the ring and starts to work over Roode and Storm. Ray is in control until Roode is able to cut him off. Double team suplex on Ray connects, Ray pulls a Road Warrior Hawk and no sells, pops up and he and Gunner start to beat down Roode and Storm. They double team Roode, big slam by Ray and Gunner heads up top. WASSUP cut off as #5 is Ethan Carter III. Carter is watching his back, selling the teases from Angle on Twitter. Carter hits the ring and attacks Ray. Some chops by Ray to Carter, and those have to suck! Chops to Storm now and then Roode avoids and starts to pummel Ray in the corner. Storm works the knee of Gunner in a corner, Roode looks to toss Ray and #6 is Bobby Lashley. Lashley starts to clean house, suplexes follow and then he attacks Carter and tosses him across the ring. Ray holds Carter so that Lashley can work him over. Lashley tries to toss Carter, as Ray looks to toss Storm. #7 is Abyss. Abyss attacks Ray and Lashley and then Gunner. Abyss poses for some reason and Magnus’ music hits and he comes out to watch on the stage. He then joins commentary. #8 was Sanada and #9 is EY. EY attacks Abyss right away. He tosses Sanada into Abyss, and then tries to throw out Abyss. Ray over to help, but Roode then attacks EY. Ray looks to toss Carter, and #10 is Willow. Willow hits the ring and attacks everyone. He and Carter stand off and then start to brawl. Spud wheels himself out and Willow looks to toss Carter, but Spud gets up from the chair and helps eliminate Willow. IT’S A MIRACLE! HE CAN WALK! Willow then chases Spud out of the arena. Sanada then runs wild with kicks, but eats a chokeslam from Abyss and is then tossed. Lashley spears Abyss, and then Carter attacks him. Lashley slams him down, superkick by Storm to Lashley and Roode then tosses Lashley. Ray and Roode brawl, and Ray eventually eliminates Roode. Jabs to Carter by Ray, flip flop and fly connects, but Roode grabs Ray and Carter helps and Ray has been eliminated. Gunner fires up on Carter, rights follow. High knee by Gunner connects. SUPERKICK by Storm connects and he then tosses Gunner. We’re down to EY, Abyss, Storm and Carter. Abyss beats down EY, and then Storm takes his turn. EY fights back with rights, tossed, but then skins the cat back in and head scissors Carter to the floor. Enziguri by Storm connects, splash by Abyss follows. To the corner and Storm and Abyss agree to work together. Elbow by EY to Abyss, boot to Storm. Belly to back suplex follows on Storm. Knocks Abyss down, up top and hits the elbow drop on Abyss. Back stabber by Storm to EY. EY to the apron, Storm charges, grabs EY and gets the hangman’s DDT. Storm sets for a superkick, misses and EY looks to toss him, Storm hangs on but EY dropkicks him to the floor. Shock treatment by Abyss to EY, and he looks to end things. Chokeslam try, tries to toss him, EY hangs on and rights by Abyss follow. EY still hangs on, Abyss charges, EY slides back in and rights follow. Flair flip, up top and hits the missile dropkick on Abyss. EY hits the Cactus clothesline to Abyss, over the ropes, EY hangs on and Abyss hits the floor. EY WINS! Eric Young defeated Willow, Bully Ray, Gunner, Bobby Lashley, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Ethan Carter III, Abyss, & Sanada @ 27:00 [***] This was good and the crowd loved Young inning to move into his title shot, which happens next…

Champion Magnus vs. Eric Young: Abyss is banned from ringside, and if anyone gets involved, they will be fired on the spot. Also, Magnus can lose the title on a DQ or count out. They skipped the super special introductions, and went right to them having a stand off and Young attacking the champions with rights. To the corner and rights by Magnus. Float over by Young, off the ropes and a dropkick to Magnus. Rights in the corner follow for Young. Whipped to the corner, Flair flip over and then back in but Magnus attacks the previously injured right arm. Young battles back with rights, up top and MISSES a moonsault. Charging knee by Magnus sends Young to the floor, and Young clutches the injured right arm. Magnus rolls him back in and covers for 2. Magnus works a bear hug and traps the arm. Young is able to escape and send Magnus to the floor. Suicide dive try by Young is DESTROYED by an uppercut by Magnus as he went through the ropes. Magnus then slams him to the steps. Magnus is in control and laying the boots to Young. Elbow drop by Magnus and a cover gets 2. Gut wrench suplex by Magnus gets 2. Rights by Young, to his feet and more follow. Off the ropes and a sleeper is applied by Magnus. Young is trying to fight out, elbows and a jawbreaker follows for the escape. Magnus hits a backdrop and applied the camel clutch to thusly humble Young. Young works to escape and stands with Magnus on his shoulder and gets the electric chair drop and BOTH men are down. They fight to their feet, rights by Young follows as he blocks the rights by Magnus. Off the ropes, flying forearm by Young. A clothesline follows. Wheelbarrow neck breaker by Young. He heads up top, ELBOW DROP CONNECTS! 1….2…NO! Off the ropes, counter and Magnus levels him with the rebound clothesline. Magnus sets, and the Michinoku driver connects for a close 2. Magnus to the floor, grabs the title and brings it into the ring. The ref tries to take it, does and a LOW BLOW by Magnus as the ref’s back was turned, Magnus covers for only 2! Magnus picks up Young, off the ropes and a crucifix by Young gets a close 2. Off the ropes, PILEDRIVER by Young! 1…2…3! YOUNG WINS! Eric Young defeated Champion Magnus @ 13:00 via pin [***¼] This was good and an overall cool moment that many overlooked, due to just feeling it was a life time achievement award for Young’s 12-year TNA career, plus many felt as felt (unfortunately so) it came of as an Asylum Films version of Daniel Bryan’s rise to the WWE championship win at Mania.

Champion Eric Young vs. Magnus: They go face to face, Magnus talks trash and tries to get into Young’s head. Lock up to begin, to the corner they go and Magnus breaks, but tosses Young back to the corner repeatedly. Young avoids a clothesline, takedown and walks over Magnus’s back. Young then points to his head, noting that he can play mind games as well. Side headlock takedown by Young, Magnus to his feet, off the ropes and after some counters, another side headlock takedown by Young. Young in control early, Magnus to his feet, counters into a headlock. Off the ropes, back to the headlock. Young escapes, out wrestles Magnus and back to the side headlock takedown. Magnus to his feet, and escapes by hitting a belly to back suplex for 2. Surfboard style move with the knee to the back, Young to his feet, front rolls out, but a go behind takedown by Magnus. Young to his feet, drops down and sends Magnus to the floor. Young looked for a dive, but Magnus walks up the ramp. He comes back towards the ring and a slingshot plancha by Young connects. Young on the apron, charges but Magnus catches him with a powerslam. Back into the ring and Magnus covers for 2. Young to the corner, Magnus misses a charge, northern lights suplex and that gets 2. Magnus fires back with a clothesline and levels Young, cover gets 2. Magnus works a chinlock, grounding Young. Young fights to his feet, escapes, but then runs into a knee to the gut. Magnus lays the boots to Young, then a right follows. Young again tries to fight to his feet, does, and the jaw breaker follows. Off the ropes, drop toehold by Magnus and into the camel clutch, thusly humbling the champion. Young powers out for a moment, but Magnus cannonballs down and then reapplies the hold. Young powering out, Magnus cannonballs again but Young gets the knees up. Off the ropes, and they cross body each other and BOTH men are down. Magnus to his feet, charges and they clothesline each other. BOTH men are down AGAIN. They get to their feet and break the count, and now trade rights. Young fires away with repeated shots, flying forearm off the ropes connects. A clothesline follows, to the corner, and Young with the Flair over the ropes flip, Slides back in, looks for the piledriver, countered but then Young gets the belly to belly suplex. Young up top and MISSES a moonsault. Magnus with a slam, heads up top and connects with the elbow drop, but only gets 2. Young battles back, wheel barrow into the neck breaker follows. Young up top, elbow drop connects! He covers, but only gets 2. Young again calls for the piledriver, Magnus escapes with the double leg and looks for the clover leaf and gets it. Young struggles and finally makes the ropes. Young avoids the rebound clothesline and then gets the scorpion death lock (Rock level bad). Magnus makes the ropes, and Young breaks. Young again heads up top, Magnus over to stop that. Magnus pulls him off into a Michinoku driver, but that only gets 2. Magnus rolls to the floor, and grabs a pry bar from under the ring. The ref stops that, to his feet, and Magnus tries a low blow, countered, PILEDRIVER! 1…2…NO! Young thought he had him. Young tries another, countered and Magnus tries a piledriver, counters and Magnus gets catapulted into the corner. PILEDRIVER again by Young. He heads up top now, and the elbow drop lands! 1…2…3. Champion Eric Young defeated Magnus @ 16:00 via pin [***¾] This was a very good main event, and came off as such a refreshing presentation at the time with young not only retaining, but doing so clean.

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Overall, this presentation of Eric Young’s Greatest Matches was a good collection and a really nice look at the biggest period of Young’s 12-year TNA career.