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Csonka Reviews This Week’s Impact Wrestling Free Matches

June 9, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Trevor Lee
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Csonka Reviews This Week’s Impact Wrestling Free Matches  

Csonka Reviews This Week’s Impact Wrestling Free Matches

– Angelina Love defeated Brandi Rhodes @ 6:55 via pin [*]
– Trevor Lee defeated Idris Abraham, Marche Rockett, Andrew Everett, DJZ, and Caleb Konley @ 3:13 via pin [**]
From Slammiversary 2013: Champion Bully Ray defeated Sting @ 14:00 via pin [**½]

Angelina Love vs. Brandi Rhodes: Love attacks before the bell, beating down Rhodes and using Rhodes’ hair to toss her around and even choke her out. Rhodes fights back, hitting knees and kicks; Love powders to the floor. She teases taking a walk, but Rhodes follows her out and attacks with chops before rolling her back in. Rhodes takes too long and Love dropkicks her off the apron. Love takes control back, choking out Rhodes in the ropes and then follows with forearms. Rhodes cuts off a charge and rolls up Love for 2. Love then hits a clothesline, and follows with a side slam for 2. Rhodes then hits a sloppy drop toehold, but Love fires back with something resembling ground and pound. The knee strike follows as Love maintains control. She looks for the botox injection but Rhodes sidesteps her and delivers chops and a clothesline. The jawbreaker follows, and then a second rope dropkick. Rhodes then rolls into a variation on the twister (bromission) but Love makes the ropes. Love uses the ref for a shield and the cradles Rhodes and uses the ropes for the win. Angelina Love defeated Brandi Rhodes @ 6:55 via pin [*] This was slow, awkward and completely uninteresting. I can’t recall the last time Love had a high quality singles match, and Brandi’s Impact performances have largely been poor. This is one you can skip.

Idris Abraham vs. Trevor Lee vs. Marche Rockett vs. Andrew Everett vs. DJZ vs. Caleb Konley: This was taped when Lee was the X-Division champion. Everyone brawls at the bell, Rockett eats a triple dropkick and we then get planchas to the floor. Back in and everyone is brawling, Everett is tossed to the floor and Abraham hits him with a suicide dive. DJZ works over Konley and then hits a knee buster on Abraham. Rockett cuts him off, but then eats a jawbreaker and back elbow. DJZ then hits a dive to the floor, wiping out the pile. Rockett follows with a tope, and then Everett hits a spiked RANA on Konley. Up top and Everett hits the shooting star press, Helms pulls Everett out and Lee steals the pin. Trevor Lee defeated Idris Abraham, Marche Rockett, Andrew Everett, DJZ, and Caleb Konley @ 3:13 via pin [**] This was ok, but they really weren’t given any substantial amount of time to work, which led to them just hitting dives and going to the finish. They did what they could, but weren’t put into a position to succeed.

TNA World Title No Holds Barred Match: Champion Bully Ray vs. Sting: Sting attacks before the bell and shit just got real! To the floor and Sting assaults Bully with the title belt and slams him to the steps. Back into the ring and they trade rights. Clotheslines by Sting, to the corner a whip and Bully collapses to the mat. Sting grabs the belt again and whips Ray with it. To the floor and Bully fires back with a big clothesline and takes back control. He now whips Sting with the belt, and then lights him up with chops. Bully looks under the ring, but the whips Sting into the steps. Bully then follows with right and slams Sting to the steps again. Crowd chants for tables as Bully looks under the ring again, but gets nothing. Bully with a short-armed clothesline and Bully runs up the ramp and leaves the arena. He returns with a chair and misses Sting, hitting the post. Sting has the chair and nails Bully in the back several times with it. On the ramp now, Sting stalks Bully with the chair and now Brooke Hogan appears. She plays sad about this as Sting tells the ref to get her out and hits Bully again. Sting tells her to leave and gets her to do so. This allows Bully to low blow Sting, and then works him over with numerous chair shots. Back into the ring they go and Bully tosses Sting the chair and kicks him in the face. JUMPING PILEDRIVER by Bully gets a near fall. Bully now grabs a table and slides it in and sets it up. Sting up and fires back, mounted shots in the corner, but Bully grabs him and POWERBOMB through the table, but Sting survives. Bully is not happy about this. Bully pulls out a knife and starts to cut away the ring apron. He pulls the matting back and exposes the wood underneath the matting. Sting misses the splash, PILEDRIVER onto the wood! 1…2…no. Sting is alive. Sting counters another piledriver with a backdrop, looks to piledrive Bully, countered and Bully MISSES the back splash off the ropes. Death Drop by Sting onto the exposed wood! 1…2… and Aces and 8s run in to stop that. They do the gang beat down on Sting, who starts to fight back against four men and starts to clear them out. He tosses Bischoff to the ramp, a chain is tossed in and Sting nails Bully. 1…2…nope, Devon pulls out the ref. Sting goes after Devon and beats him down. Anderson sneaks out and tosses Bully a hammer, Sting up top and flies into a hammer shot by Bully. 1…2…3. Champion Bully Ray defeated Sting @ 14:00 via pin [**½] This match had points where I really enjoyed it. They played to the stipulation well, Sting seemed motivated and this was when Bully was really clicking in TNA. Despite the fact that Sting was being overly relied on, was getting out of shape and was having such bad knee and back issues that the scorpion deathlock looked like complete shit, Sting once again was in the main event of the show. But again, at the very least this should have been GOOD. Bully was in his groove in the character and Sting, with the right guy, could do some good things. But between the fact that they never fully got on the same page, the gimmick and the overbooking, it just never fully succeeded. The gimmick was not only no holds barred, but was also if Sting lost he couldn’t wrestle for the TNA Title again. So either Sting would overcome and win, or he was going to get fucked. He got fucked by the complete overbooking of the match as such luminaries as Wes Brisco, Garett Bischoff, Doc and Knox got involved. I really hate the complete overbooking of matches. For me it simply became too much, and predictable in the wrong way. There were so many other directions they could have considered, but the complete over reliance on Sting hurt the company once again, this time in a poor Slammiversary main event.

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