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Csonka Reviews This Week’s Free WWE Summerslam Matches (Vol. IV)

August 20, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Brock Lesnar vs The Rock WWE Summerslam
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Csonka Reviews This Week’s Free WWE Summerslam Matches (Vol. IV)  

Csonka Reviews This Week’s WWE Free Summerslam Matches

From WWE Summerslam 2004: Edge defeated Chris Jericho and Batista @ 8:26 via pin [***]
From WWE Summerslam 2002: Brock Lesnar defeated The Rock @ 15:50 via pin [****]
From WWE Summerslam 2011: Randy Orton defeated Christian @ 23:43 via pin [****]
From WWE Summerslam 2003: Kurt Angle defeated Brock Lesnar @ 21:20 via submission [***¼]

Edge vs. Chris Jericho vs. Batista: Batista jumps Edge and takes him to the floor as Jericho watches. Jericho all over Batista now, and the crowd is VERY behind Jericho. Elbow by Batista, and he rams Jericho in the corner now. Shoulder block to Jericho and Batista poses. Jericho fights back, tries a cross body, but Batista catches him and power slams Jericho down. Batista tries a Batista bomb, but Edge is back in and chop blocks Batista. He works over Batista, then flies off of the ropes and Batista gets a boot to the gut of Edge. Batista tries a clothesline, but Jericho pulls him out to the floor. Batista and Jericho are down on the floor, and the crowd boo’s Edge. Edge rams Batista to the steel steps, then a drop kick by Jericho to Batista. Edge and Jericho face off in the ring, and Jericho punches away. Takes Edge to the corner, and now Edge fights back. Edge takes him down, and they continue to boo Edge. Jericho fights back up and tries the Walls, but Edge rolls him up for 2. Cross body by Jericho for 2. Eye poke by Jericho, and he locks in the Walls! Edge tries to fight out, but Jericho pulls him back center ring. Batista in kills Jericho with a clothesline. Jericho shoulder first to the steel post and to the floor. Batista goes after Edge, but eats a Tornado DDT for 2. Edge sets for the spear…but Jericho levels him with a clothesline! Edge to the floor, spine buster to Jericho, but Edge stops the count. Edge with a kick on Batista, roll up with the tights gets 2. Batista misses a clothesline and flies to the floor. Jericho is back in and rolls up Edge for 2. Crowd VERY behind Jericho. Bulldog to Edge. Spring board drop kick to Batista. Jericho gets up, and SPEAR by Edge and that is all. Edge defeated Chris Jericho and Batista @ 8:26 via pin [***] This was a god match, but Batista really felt like an unneeded add on and at times didn’t feel needed. Edge and Jericho worked really well together and this ended up an overall fun match.

The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar: This had a great start, with rock charging the ring and Lesnar immediately hitting an overhead suplex and then taking control, working over the previously injured ribs of the Rock. Lesnar is just a beat here, taking it to the Rock and not letting up; in a way it’s similar to the match where he absolutely destroyed Cena. He hits the big moves right away, takes Rock out of his game and then continues the assault. Rock would fight back, get his hope spots in, but the beast would cut him off as the crowd made sure to let Rocky know that he does in fact suck. Rock’s fire up spots were so great here, what Rock lacked as a technician, he made up for in charisma and babyface fire. Rock worked his shitty sharp shooter as the crowd rallied for Lesnar. They even stayed hot while Lesnar worked a bear hug spot, cheering him on. The hate the crowd had because Rock was leaving combined with them loving the destructive force that was Lesnar made for a great atmosphere. Rock eventually fights back, low blowing Lesnar and sending him to the floor, embracing the crowd’s will and playing to them very well. During the floor brawl, Heyman gets put through the announcer’s table, Rock circles Lesnar and hits Rock bottom for a GREAT near fall. Rock’s reaction was awesome here, just dumbfounded that Lesnar kicked out. Lesnar then hit a Brock bottom for another great near fall. Rock looks for the finish, hits the spinebuster, but Brock says fuck off with your people’s elbow, hits the lariat but Rock counters the F5, but Lesnar counters back and puts Rock away with the F5. Brock Lesnar defeated Champion The Rock @ 15:50 via pin [****] And in just over four months, Brock Lesnar had run wild on the WWE, and defeated the Rock to become the new champion and in storyline sending Rock away around six-months. This is an overall great main event, with Lesnar working very differently than he does today; today Lesnar is locked into using his established aura and suplexes, but back in 2002 he was an athletic freak looking to make his mark on WWE. The match is great, with a hot crowd, clean and great work from both guys, some great counter work and simply playing to the strengths of both. The only thing I don’t think it needed was Heyman’s interference, Lesnar didn’t need it. It’s great, but forgotten by many due to the excellent Triple H vs. HBK match from earlier in the show.

No Holds Barred Match: Randy Orton vs. Christian: these two had great chemistry together. They brawled to begin with Orton taking control. Christian poked the eyes to take control back, and hit the elbow off the ropes. Christian looked to dirty things up, using the stipulation as much as possible and sending Orton to the floor. They then brawled on the floor, Christian grabbed the title and tried to runaway. Orton chased and they brawled into the crowd. They fought back to ringside and back in the ring Orton had control until Christian sidestepped him and Orton posted himself. Christian grabbed a kendo stick, and started to go to work on Orton with it. Great aggression by Christian here, he eventually misses with the kendo but maintained control scoring a near fall. Orton scored a roll up for a good near fall. Christian countered with the spinebuster, got the kendo stick back but Orton countered with a dropkick. The snap slam followed, and then a roll up for 2 by Orton. Orton fought off the kill switch, Orton looked for the concussion kick, but Christian avoided, only to be posted by Orton. The fight went back to the floor as Orton got tables out, sliding one into the ring. Christian fought back, slamming Orton to the apron and ten set up the other table. Back in and Orton superplexes Christian onto the table laying in the ring (but not set up). Orton sets up the table in the corner, but Christian hits the reverse DDT and looks for the spear but instead dumps Orton to the floor. Orton slams Christian off the steps, but Christian then slams him into the steps and then dismantles the announce table and hits Orton with monitor shots. Christian then mocks Orton and they climb onto the table. RKO by Orton through the table! They crawl back to the ring, and Christian hits kill switch for a great near fall. He is amazed that Orton kicked out. Christian now grabs chairs and brings them in, looking for a conchairto. Orton escapes and then attacks with chair shots. Orton then knocks Christian off of the apron and through a table. Orton slides part of the steps into the ring, as well as some trashcans and kendo sticks. Orton slides Christian back in, and they go to the steps. Christian fights back and Orton snap slams him through the table in the corner. Orton follows with kendo stick shots, Christian to the apron but Orton hits a draping DDT onto a trashcan. Orton looks for the RKO, but Christian hits a kendo stick shot and springboards off the ropes…RKO ONTO THE STEPS! Christian is dead. Randy Orton defeated Christian @ 23:43 via pin [****] This was a great match, just as good as I remembered. These guys had a great set of matches that year, and watching this made me miss Christian even more. And after this year’s horrible run, it made me remember what a motivated Orton could do.

Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle: The year before, Brock arrived, kicked the Rock’s ass, and left WWE Champion. Early on it’s Brock playing the power game, while Angle looked to ground him and out grapple the beast. Angle would pick up the pace, hitting arm drags and sending Brock to the floor, where he threw shit around and had a hissy fit. After a brief floor brawl, they worked back in and Angle hit an overhead belly to belly for a near fall. Brock then had enough of that bullshit and press slammed Angle to the floor. That allowed Brock to take control, grounding Angle and working him over with chokes; making sure that every time Angle fired up he brutally cut him off. Brock then slowed things down, working the lower back and ribs now. Brock eventually misses the corner charge and posts himself. Angle then starts attacking with shoulder blocks and then takes out the knee. Angle keeps firing away with strikes, and works into the rolling Germans hitting three and covering for 2. Brock fires back hitting an overhead belly to belly, and hits a spinebuster for 2. Brock looks for an F5 but Angle counters into a DDT for the double down. The straps are down, Angle slam connects and Angle covers for 2. Angle locks in the ankle lock, Brock makes the ropes but Angle pulls him back only for Brock to kick Angle into the ref for the ref bump. Angle now locks in an inverted hanging triangle, and then slides into the ankle lock. The ref is still down, Angle keeps the hold applied and Brock does the pan tom tap. Vince is out and lays out Angle with a chair shot. Brock hits the F5 on one leg, makes the cover and the ref is awake and Angle kicks out. Vince tells Brock to finish him, and Brock looks for another F5, but Angle locks in another ankle lock. Brock keeps making the ropes but Angle pulls him back center and Brock taps. Kurt Angle defeated Brock Lesnar @ 21:20 via submission [***¼] This was an overall good match, but it lacked the intensity of their WrestleMania match. Also the bullshit at the end did nothing for me.

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Overall a good collection of Summerslam matches, with Orton vs. Christian and Lesnar vs. The Rock being the standouts.