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Csonka’s AAA TripleMania XXIV Review 8.28.16

August 28, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s AAA TripleMania XXIV Review 8.28.16  

Csonka’s AAA TripleMania XXIV Review 8.28.16

The TripleMania Cup Gauntlet Match: Australian Suicide won the cup [***]
– Fabi Apache & Mari Apache vs. Chessman & Averno went to a no contest @ 10:00 [**]
AAA Tag Team Title Match: Aerostar & Drago defeated Champions Jack Evans & Angelico, Matt Cross & Paul London and Garza Jr & El Hijo del Fantasma @ 12:09 via pin to become the NEW champions [***¾]
Latin American Heavyweight Title Match: Johnny Mundo defeated Champion Pentagon Jr. @ 15:00 via pin to become the NEW champion [**¾]
– Rey Mysterio Jr, Prince Puma & Dragon Azteca Jr. defeated Matanza Cueto, Marty “The Moth” Martinez & Mil Muertes @ 12:00 via pin [**¾]
AAA Mega Heavyweight Title: Champion El Texano Jr. defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. and Brian Cage @ 11:10 via pin [**½]
Luchas de Apuestas Máscara contra Cabellera: Psycho defeated. Pagano @ 27:43 via pin [DUD]

– Matt Striker and Hugo Savinovich are the English commentary team.

– The staging and set up are very nice, looks like a big time event.

The TripleMania Cup Gauntlet Match: This is Royal Rumble Rules.; the participants are: La Parka, Australian Suicide, Elegido, Hernandez, El Hijo del Pirata Morgan, Super Fly, Taurus, Zorro, Black Mamba, Pimpinela Escarlata, and Argenis. This is the get everyone on the card match, which will likely be used to continue some undercard (Daga and Suicide) and by all accounts is here for La Parka to win. After some streaming issues, I was able to get this going as the match had already started. They worked the basic Rumble/gauntlet formula, every one got some run or signature stuff in when they hit the ring, and of note El Hijo del Pirata Morgan nearly died when he got tossed and he landed without really breaking the fall with his hands. Taurus and Hernandez did the big man stand off and power stuff before eliminating each other. It came down to Parka, Daga and Australian Suicide. Shockingly (and awesomely), Daga eliminated Parka and they are doing the TNA deal where it becomes a one on one match, with a pin or submission finish. I like that as well as parka not winning as most thought. With this becoming a regular match, Australian Suicide sent Daga to the floor and hit a great shooting star press. They worked back and forth, with Australian Suicide doing some really fun and athletic stuff but Daga cut him off with a brainbuster for a near fall. Daga planted a running Australian Suicide with a double stomp for another near fall. The crowd audio feels really muted or under mic’d. They worked some really smooth counters down the stretch, they battled up top with Daga being sent to the mat and hit a wild corkscrew shooting star press off of the top and picked up the win, even though that Daga’s foot was on the ropes, to give us a controversial finish to continue their feud. The gauntlet portion was completely average, but the final stretch (about six minutes of the one on one) pulled this up to a good overall opener.

– Post match Daga attacked and beat down Australian Suicide and ripped off his mask.

Fabi Apache & Mari Apache vs. Chessman & Averno: Averno & Chessman were tag champions, and even though they issued an open challenge, they decided that the Apache’s (who are women) were not worthy so of course the Apache’s would harass them, causing them to lose the titles. El Gran Apache, the father of the ladies, is the referee. He has had issues with Fabi for a long time, and has been on the side of Averno & Chessman. The Apaches hit dives right away and took control. Mari ran wild early on Averno, and then the sisters sent both to the floor. Gran Apache stopped them from doing dives, allowing Chessman and Averno to attack from behind and double team Fabi. Gran Apache simply allowed them to both stay in the ring and break the rules. Mari slowly made a comeback, sending Averno to the floor where Fabi hit a RANA to the floor before getting posted. Chessman missed a corkscrew moonsault, Mari hit a senton but Averno made the save. The heels kept double-teaming and Gran Apache would help, but Averno accidentally punched Gran. Averno drank a beer and wanted to use the bottle as a weapon, but Gran finally stopped them. Chessman took him out, but Fabi countered a Razor’s edge off the ropes and got the cover, but there was no ref and Averno used a light tube to break it up. Fabi was busted open, Mari tried to make the save but failed. Gran then returned and attacked the heels with a chair and checked on Fabi, Ricky Marvin arrived and attacked Gran with a chair as doctors hit the ring. He was busted open and the match was stopped. Fabi was stretchered out; Gran was helped to the back and the heels celebrated. This was fine, they tried to tell the story of the father’s redemption but it never got going for me and came off as a collection of stuff with a lack of flow until the save by Gran. I would assume this leads to Gran and his daughters vs. Marvin, Chessman and Averno.

AAA Tag Team Title Match: Champions Jack Evans & Angelico vs. Matt Cross & Paul London vs. Aerostar & Drago vs. Garza Jr & El Hijo del Fantasma: Garza Jr. is replacing Fenix. The match is first to score a pin or submission, there are no tags and Hijo Del Tirantes is the referee. They went wild right off the bat, hitting dives as Hijo del Fantasma and Garza took control in the ring and scored the first near fall. Matt Striker was way more interested in the ladies the cameramen were showing as we got a big section of in and out, with each team getting a short chance to shine. Cross hit a double, double stomp off the top (hitting two different guys) which led to a near fall. he and London worked over the champions, but Evans and Angelico fought back with a lot of double teams. Garza and Hijo del Fantasma cut off the champions, hitting a 3D to Angelico for a near fall. Aerostar and Drago returned as did Cross and London. Cross and London scored with running shooting star presses, and it broke down with everyone in the ring. Bodies slowly started to fall to the floor, Garza and Evans were left alone but were then sent to the floor by Cross. Cross hit the Sasuke special as Hijo del Fantasma and Drago battled in the ring. London hit a shooting star press to Drago, but Hijo del Fantasma broke that up. London to the floor and Hijo del Fantasma destroyed him with a suicide dive. Aerostar then hit a plancha and ended up in the crowd! Angelico set Drago on the top and then dove OVER him and wiped out the pile on the floor. Back in, Drago panted Angelico with a tornado DDT, but Cross made the save. He then hit a cutter went up top and hit the shooting star press, but Angelico made the save. Angelico hit a corner crucifix bomb, but Hijo del Fantasma broke that up with a kick to the balls. Tombstone on Drago, but London hit the superkick to stop that. Lots of brawling on the floor here, Aerostar hit the corkscrew dove and then Drago misted London as he came off the ropes and got the dragon’s whip roll up for the win and to give us new champions. That was a super fun and done match overall. This was going to be a wild athletic display, and that is what they delivered here.

– The late ‘Love Machine’ Art Bar is being inducted into the AAA Hall of Fame. They also surprised Joaquín Roldán with a Hall of Fame induction.

Latin American Heavyweight Title Match: Champion Pentagon Jr. vs. Johnny Mundo: AAA is finally getting around to using Pentagon as well as Lucha Underground, which everyone had been waiting for. Mundo has made shots in AAA before, and it is nice to see him back. Taya could play an important part here, as in Lucha Underground she is aligned with Mundo, but is part of Perros del Mal (and Pentagon’s second) here in AAA. Mundo is out in red, white and blue gear, with Hernandez waving an American flag and using “Born in the USA” as his theme music. Taya and Joe Lider are with Pentagon. Pentagon was cutting a promo and Mundo attacked to start the match. After working over Pentagon for a big, Mundo sent him, to the floor where Hernandez attacked and choked out Pentagon with a cable. Taya and Lider were no help there. Mundo had control until Pentagon hit a pair of sling blades and then took out Hernandez. Pentagon then followed with a dive onto Mundo and Hernandez. Pentagon worked chops, but Mundo moved and he hit the post and Mundo scored with a superkick, allowing Mundo to take control and hit a corkscrew dive. Mundo then sort of hit a moonsault onto Lider and Pentagon, he over shot a bit. Back in the ring Mundo hit a high cross for a near fall. Pentagon made a comeback, hitting a back stabber for the near fall. After some back and forth, Mundo hit a leg lariat and then a running knee strike for a near fall. Both men battled up top, Spanish fly connected for Mundo for a good near fall. Pentagon cut off a handspring elbow with a running dropkick, went for an Alabama slam but Mundo hit a destroyer out of that, followed by the end of the world for a close near fall. Joe Lifer is bleeding on the floor, because he’s Joe Lider. Mundo went for the end of the world again, countered by Pentagon and then hit a pump handle driver for the near fall. Hernandez was on the apron and tried to hold Pentagon, but ate a superkick by Mundo. We then got a ref bump as Mundo avoided a superkick. They again battled up top, but Pentagon shoved him off and then hit the double stomp. Package piledriver from Pentagon, but the ref was still down. Taya in she kicked Pentagon in the balls. Mundo then covered for the anticlimactic victory. This was a match that felt solid, and had some fun high points, but also felt as if it was lacking something to really take it over the top. There was just an energy missing here, especially from Pentagon who feels like a completely different guy when presented in AAA. The finish also took a lot away.

– Vampiro is joining the commentary team for the next match. Matanza Cueto, Marty “The Moth” Martinez & Mil Muertes didn’t get an entrance, they just walked out with Vampiro as he cut a promo. Prince Puma & Dragon Azteca Jr. didn’t get an entrance either, they just walked out as the room continued. Rey then got the star solo entrance, because the others are goofs.

Rey Mysterio Jr, Prince Puma & Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Matanza Cueto, Marty “The Moth” Martinez & Mil Muertes: Rey Mysterio Jr, Prince Puma & Dragon Azteca Jr. were trios champions in Lucha Underground, Matanza and Mil Muertes tried to kill each other on several occasions, but maybe that doesn’t count in Mexico. Rey is actually wearing a pair of Perro Aguayo Jr’s old boots here. Also, for the first time in forever, Rey is not wearing he baggy pants, he is wearing tights. The heels got an early heat on Puma, working repeated attacks without tagging out. Puma eventually made the comeback, but Rey was pulled to the floor before he could get tagged in. The whole goal here is to work to the Mysterio tag. Dragon Azteca got her tag, ran wild with fast paced moves and when Rey ran in and hit some signature stuff. He and Muertes had some issues on a RANA spot, they worked through it and then the faces hit a series of dives. Back in Muertes hit a chokeslam on Puma for the near fall. Dragon Azteca back in as he and Puma worked together to get Muertes down and got a near fall. Puma sent to the floor, Matanza slammed into Marty and then Rey sent him into Marty again but Muertes cut off the 619. The heels isolated Rey and worked him over, and then slowly took over and beat down Puma and Dragon Azteca. They kept laying the boots to Rey as Vampiro spoke with a kid on commentary and called him a pussy, seriously. Puma made the save, worked up top with Marty and Dragon Azteca then hit a RANA off the top on Marty. Puma hit the 630 for a near fall. Dragon Azteca and Puma flew in, Muertes dropped Puma, and then picked him back up. Dragon Azteca and Puma escaped, and then sent Matanza and Muertes to the floor. Dives followed, 619 by Rey on Marty followed and then the springboard frog splash hit for the win. The match had its struggles, and the commentary did it no favors as it sounded like they just wanted to have fun and not really put the guys over. It was far from smooth, and even though there was some great athleticism on display, the lack of flow and mistakes never allowed this to fully succeed; so it was pretty good but with none of the energy you’d feel from Lucha Underground, which considering that this was a Lucha Underground showcase, felt like a failure. The crowd reacted to Rey, but that was to be expected, as he was the only one presented like a star.

– Post match, Matt Striker cut a promo on the Twitter audience watching on iPPV. He was clearly gotten to as he was ranting about fans complaining and then tried to say how great the match was. He and Vampiro were woefully horrible on commentary and took away from the match. He literally did the “shut up and watch” bullshit.

AAA Mega Heavyweight Title Match: Champion El Texano Jr. vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Brian Cage: They wasted no time, brawling right away and Texano hitting a dive onto Cage. It appeared that Texano and Wagner were going to work together, but it was a trap and Wagner attacked Texano. This allowed Cage to take out Texano, work over Wagner and hit a top rope elbow (even though Wagner tried to move) and got a near fall. We see Texano on the floor and he magically got busted open after that devastating spot where he gingerly got sent to the floor. Cage continued to control, working half speed to allow Wagner to keep up. Cage ripped at the mask as he worked him over, Texano tried to return so Cage hit the deadlift superplex to bring him back in. Wagner made a comeback a Texano took another nap, attacking the leg of Cage. Cage hit the trapped superkick in the corner and a face buster, Texano woke up from his nap and ran wild on Cage. The pump handle powerslam got 2. he and Wagner looked to fight, but Cage slammed them together and hit a German on Texano. Wagner broke it up, hit a Wagner driver but Texano broke it up. Wagner and Texano traded strikes, Texano then hit a leg lariat for the near fall as Cage made the save. Texano then got posted, Cage buckle bombed Wagner and hit the Steiner screwdriver but Texano made the save. Ushogoroshi by Texano followed and he then got his bull rope. The ref tried to stop him, Cage got the slowest roll up with the ropes for 2. Cage countered he powerbomb and followed with a lariat. Texano countered the screwdriver with a roll up for the win. That was a painfully average match, painful because there were times where it felt as if it was about to pick up and then it never did. The blood added nothing here, if you’re going to have a guy bleed buckets, please make it mean something. Also, while the crowd made noise, it felt like background as they never really reacted to the near falls or high spots with any emotion.

– Post match, Mesias, Hernandez, Mundo, and Taya attacked Texano. Drago and Aerostar tried to make the save and got beaten down to make the new champions look like non-factors, Garza Jr then hit the ring and started to clear people out as Striker yelled, “Hepatitis for everyone.” He is the dirt worst. Mundo then beat down Garza Jr.

Luchas de Apuestas Máscara contra Cabellera: Psycho Clown vs. Pagano: Most have destroyed this as a shit main event on paper for TripleMania, and judging by the fact that these two have had horrible hardcore fights, it’s hard to blame them. It feels like Pagano working the main event of TripleMania would be like WWE grabbing John Zandig to main event WrestleMania 24. Psycho Clown is very over, and this will get all of the smoke and mirrors to try and make it succeed. Hijo Del Tirantes is the referee. We have big boards instead of tables, barbed wire boards, bats and all kinds of shit around the ring for this. A minute in Psycho Clown sent Pagano to the floor and hit a suicide dive. He slowly went for another, but was cut off and pulled to the floor. Pagano then hit a suicide dive. These two throw some of the worst strikes I have ever seen. Pagano ht a top rope leg drop for 2, and then tried to rip off the mask of Psycho Clown. He basically ripped off half of the mask. Chair shot to the head by Pagano, and Psycho Clown is busted open. Seriously, the previous match did not need blood and it really should have been saved for this match. Pagano used some barbed wire on the head of Psycho Clown. They brawled to the floor, brawled is too politely they slowly walked around and Pagano uses more chair shots. Psycho Clown hit Pagano with a chair and they went to the barricade and Pagano hit a Spanish fly into the crowd. More walk and brawl around the ring for a bit, Striker spoke about the intensity of the fight as they were taking a walk, he is so bad. They then got back into the ring. Pagano grabbed a piece of barbed wire again and tied it around Psycho Clown’s arm to get more blood involved. Psycho Clown then hit clotheslines and back elbows with the barbed wire arm to make a comeback. He sent Pagano to the floor and hit a dive through one of the big boards. Psycho Clown used chair shots and a trashcan to ensure he double juice. Back to the floor as Psycho Clown shot Pagano into the crowd, Psycho Clown then hit a dive over the barricade onto Pagano. Back to the ring as Striker and Hugo try to put this over an a hardcore epic, that’s a nugatory ghost rider. Psycho Clown was laid over a trashcan as Pagano then missed a top rope splash. Psycho Clown brought in one of the bog boards and set it in the corner, but Pagano hit a backdrop suplex onto it for a near fall. Pagano then brought in more barbed wire, laid it on Psycho Clown and used a chair to hit Psycho Clown. Pagano tried to tie Psycho Clown to the corner with the wire, they did an embarrassingly slow counter spot, Psycho Clown go the wire and wrapped himself with it and hit a frog splash. Psycho Clown covered but Tirantes was intentionally slow on the count. The camera work here is shot as they keep cutting to the crowd when they are trying to do moves and such, taking away from the action constantly. Not that this is any good, but that hurts it. Pagano came back with a destroyer onto a chair, set up two chairs with barbed wire on it and went up top with Psycho Clown. Psycho Clown then hit a powerbomb through barbed wire chairs for the near fall, seriously, that’s not the finish? Psycho Clown tossed in weapons and Tirantes kept trying to throw then out. Pagano is up and walking around in the ring as Psycho Clown looks for more boards, Pagano then hit a dropkick off of the apron and sent Psycho Clown through the board. Pagano constantly just getting up like nothing is wrong and not selling a thing is embarrassingly bad. He set up a bridge with the tack covered board and chairs. They slowly battled up top, and Psycho Clown ht the superplex through it and That was not the finish. We then get a run in with The Tijuana Family, which Hugo sells as outsiders invading. Dr. Wagner then arrives and clears the ring of he outsiders. Wagner then kicked Psycho Clown in the balls and hit the Wagner driver. Tirantes tried to fast count Psycho Clown, but he kicked out. Wagner and Pagano tried to set a board on fire as the lights dropped, but he speared them both into the boards. He covered and even though Tirantes slow counted, Psycho Clown won.

This was an absolutely horrendous main event of a big time show. The sloppy everything, the slow walking around as commentary tries to sell the intensity of the fight, the big time spots with all of the toys and no one selling a God damn thing as they constantly just got up and continued on bleeding like stuck pigs. Post match, as they set up the Wagner vs. Clown mask vs. mask match for next year, everyone was full of energy and not even selling this 27-minute blood bath. As that is really the issue here, they did so much fucking brutality to each other and it never felt as if it meant anything. They just did violent shit for 27-minutes, it felt like 47, and then one of it mattered because it was all about the run in finish to set up a match that may or may not actually take place next year. As the main event for their biggest show of the year, this was a complete embarrassment. The only thing worse was Striker’s commentary.

– The Psycho Circus then hits the ring for the big celebration, instead of you know, coming out to help earlier when their boy was getting the big beat down.

– Pagano tried to leave, but was brought back. Wagner ranted on the mic that he was disrespected. He then claimed that Psycho Clown was lucky, and challenged Psycho Clown to a mask vs. mask match at TripleMania XXV. Well, I guess that’s one way to do it, you have to salvage that dog shit of amen event somehow. But considering that they wee setting up a Rey vs. Myzteziz mask vs. mask match last year and we all know how that went, I’ll believe it when they hit the ring next year.

* End scene.

* Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Bad
The 411
Let me get this out of the way first, there is only one match on this show that I would go back and watch, and that is the AAA Tag Team Title Match; it was very good and a lot of fun.

Now with that being said, while this was not the catastrophe that last year’s TripleMania event was, this was not a good show.

Match one ended up being good overall, but the screwy finish set a bad tone for the rest of the show.

Match number two used a bunch of blood, wasn’t exactly good and ended in a non-finish on the biggest show of the year following a shot finish.

Match number three was the really fun tag title match, easily the best thing on the show. No complaints.

Match number four saw Pentagon lose the title in a fuck finish when Taya turned, and was nowhere near the best outing from either man.

Match number five was the Lucha Underground showcase where everyone but Rey got the jobbers entrance, and was fun but very sloppy.

Match number six saw Texano bleed buckets for no real reason only to allow him to take a nap for half of the match while Cage worked at half speed with Wagner, leading to a flat finish.

Match number seven was one of the most embarrassing major show main events I have ever seen in my life.

I do not think that this was as bad as last year’s show, but I also do not think it was world’s better. The match quality left a lot to be desired, and the booking was extremely questionable through out like a holdover from the bad attitude era shows. Add in the absolutely embarrassing job on commentary from Matt Striker and that main event and this is my worst major show of the year.

Happy TripleMania day, hope you all like crap.