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Csonka’s AEW Countdown to All Out Review

August 31, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
AEW All Out
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Csonka’s AEW Countdown to All Out Review  

Csonka’s AEW Countdown to All Out Review

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– We open with clips of All Out selling out in four-minutes, while Jim Ross says tomorrow is a defining moment, and hypes the top matches for the show. We transition to Cody and the Bucks talking about the success of All In, and how AEW started and that they want to change the world. Tony Khan praises the AEW talent, and says they will set them apart. Kenny says they are hungry, talented, and can’t fail. They want this to be s product that puts the fans first, and to make new wrestling fans.

– Billy Gunn says AEW will feature new talent many haven’t heard of, and be an alternative. Dustin Rhodes echoes this sentiment. Awesome Kong says that they want to prove the world wrong. This transitions to Cody’s “this is a revolution” speech.

– Shawn Spears now talks about questioning if he made the right call in life, and that he now controls his life and fear can paralyze potential, but he fears nothing. He now knows that he made the right call. We see Cody saying he could be a great coach and is a great hand. This leads to footage of the chair shot attack at Fyter Fest and Cody getting medical attention.

– We transition to footage of Jim Ross interviewing Spears, where Spears says he appreciates Ross’ respect. Spears says that Ross has met thousands of people, but has a small inner circle. Spears says he only has 5 in his, by choice. Cody was one of them, until he called him a good hand. Cody now wears a suit and does the same things he hated, he changed. Spears says it’s a curse to be labeled that, so that’s why he attacked him. Spears says Cody forgot who he is, he was always there for Cody, like a brother. At All Out, he will make an example of Cody. He then reveals Tully Blanchard as his manager.

– Kenny Omega talks about his disappointing loss to Chris Jericho, where he failed. We get comments from Moxley, who Omega thanks for taking him to the next level. They show the back and forth set up for the now cancelled match, and transition to Omega finding out that Moxley is out of the match.

– The Bucks now hype showcasing tag team wrestling, and making it important again. They praise the Lucha Bros as the first team they wanted in AEW. The Bucks have almost become insulted by their popularity, and we see the set up for the ladder match tonight. The Bucks play up their history in ladder matches, and now want to prove that no one can take their spot. They feel that they are the best, and that it’s hard to stay at the top as the best. The culmination is this ladder match, and will decide who is the best.

– Tully Blanchard talks about the label of a good hand, and says that Spears has been under appreciated. He told him taking out a Rhodes will take him to the top. He has knowledge due to his history with Dusty, and will give that knowledge to Spears. He has no grudge left, but sees great potential in Spears and wants him to get to the top. It’s part of the master plan.

– We now go to footage of Hangman Page becoming #1 contender.

– Tony Schiavone is at the All Out Control center, running down the PPV card. He hypes Pac coming into replace Jon Moxley.

– Brandi Rhodes now discusses why Cody is at the top, and runs down Spears for diminishing Cody’s accomplishments. She’s a horrible pro wrestler, but is a rather good promo. She says Cody & Spears were friends until Spears ended that with a chair shot. She doesn’t give a damn about Spears, because Cody always gets back up, can Spears do the same? Tully Blanchard can’t save him, the wolves are circling again, and the Rhodes’ welcome that. Spears got his 15-minutes and she hopes he enjoyed them.

– We see the reveal of the AEW championship, and transition to video of Jericho attacking Page and his promo from Fight for the Fallen, where he takes all the credit for AEW. Page thanks Jericho for making him feel alive, he wants to feel that pain and will always be reminded of what Jericho did to him.

– We now see footage of Cody training as thy hype Cody vs. Spears. We get footage of the contract signing, where Cody made Spears wait and then just walked in, signed, and left. He didn’t even read that he wasn’t allowed to have an entourage at ringside.

– Jim Ross interviews Page, and Page says that he knows most think that Jericho will win and be the face of the company. But that’s not what AEW was built on. He knows that Jericho is dangerous, and has watched him his entire life. Jericho doesn’t have many weaknesses, but knows that Jericho is desperate. Page needs the title, he needs to win, and knows that people see Jericho as the favorite. Page has been an underdog his entire career, and likes it. His parents will be in attendance, they taught him about hard work and he’s thrilled they will be there. Page tells Jericho that this is history, he gets one chance, and if he loses, he has nothing. This is all he got. If Jericho loses, he can make another Fozzy record. He will do anything to win, because he has to.

– Jericho says he’s beaten legends, won championships, but tonight he changes the industry again. He knows Page’s family will be there, but he will have no one, because he doesn’t want anyone there. Jericho is a pioneer that has seen and done it all, and it’s not Page’s time. Jericho says he has to win, if not, the legend of Chris Jericho ends. Page is good but not good enough, you’re welcome.

– We close with a final hype video.

* End scene.
* Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Very Good
The 411
This felt like a really good mix of an NXT Prime Target special married with a UFC Countdown special and that’s huge compliment. I love the NXT Prime Target specials, and feel that wrestling needs more shows like that and this. It was filled with great video packages, strong promos, and accomplished its goal, which was to hype the PPV. More of this from wrestling as a whole please.