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Csonka’s AEW Dark Review 10.08.19

October 8, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
AEW Dark
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Csonka’s AEW Dark Review 10.08.19  

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Csonka’s AEW Dark Review 10.08.19

– Darby Allin defeated CIMA @ 6:55 via pin [***¼]
– Lucha Bros, Angelico, & Jack Evans defeated Best Friends & Private Party @ 8:40 via pin [***]
– Allie and Britt Baker defeated Bea Priestley & Penelope Ford @ 10:20 via pin []
– SCU defeated Jurassic Express @ 9:20 via pin [**¾]

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– Tony Schiavone is our host.

CIMA vs. Darby Allin: CIMA hits double knees right away but Allin picks up the pace and fires back with strikes and an arm drag. The suicide dive follows, and hits another. The third connects and back in, Allin heads up top and CIMA counters the coffin drop into a powerbomb. He dropkicks him to the buckles and cradles him for 2. He transitions into a stretch submission. Allin fights and makes the ropes. CIMA heads up top and Allin crotches him and gets him in the tree of WHOA. Allin follows with a body attack, another and starts attacking the knee. CIMA fights off the charge, lays in chops and the tornado DDT follows for 2. CIMA follows with chops, Allin fires back and CIMA returns fire and drops him. He dares Allin to fire back, he does wit a flurry of strikes and hits the stunner for 2. Allin heads up top and the coffin drop eats knees. CIMA hits the backstabber and perfect driver for 2. CIMA springboards in with a meteora and that gets 2. Back up top and CIMA misses the meteora and Allin hits code red for 2. The coffin drop finishes it. Darby Allin defeated CIMA @ 6:55 via pin [***¼] This was a good and energetic opener, with Allin picking up a big win over a legend in CIMA.

– Allin faces Havoc on Wednesday for a shot at the AEW championship.

Best Friends & Private Party vs. Lucha Bros, Angelico, & Jack Evans: Orange Cassidy is at ringside. They all brawl at the bell with Fenix hitting a dive and Pentagon dumping Qwuen and hitting a sling blade. The Lucha bros run wild on Kassidy with double teams and Angelico tags in. He follows with strikes, and Evans joins in for double teams on Kassidy for 2 as Trent makes the save. Pentagon tags in and follows with chops. Kassidy fights back, takes out Fenix and gets cut off by Evans. Angelico in and they look for double teams, but Kassidy fires back and RANAs Angelico into Evans and tags in Chuck who hits sliced bread. Trent in and double teams follow, Evans cuts them off with the back spring double elbow. Chuck cuts him off and dumps him. The Luchas cut them off, it breaks down and they brawl to the floor. Back in and Angelico dumps Chuck, cuts off Trent and Private Party joins in and Qwuen dropkicks Evans to the floor. Private Party cuts off Angelico, the Luchas cut of Qwuen but Chuck dumps them and hugs Trent. They follow with topes. Back in and Cassidy hits a dive off the top onto the pile on the floor. The soul food/half and half follows on Pentagon and Fenix counters strong zero into a destroyer. The double stomp/package piledriver finishes Chuck. Lucha Bros, Angelico, & Jack Evans defeated Best Friends & Private Party @ 8:40 via pin [***] This was a good, action packed, spot filled eight-man tag, just a ton of fun.

– Tony hypes the tag team tournament and looks back at Riho winning the women’s title.

Bea Priestley & Penelope Ford vs. Allie and Britt Baker: Allie and Priestley begin. Priestley cheap shots Baker and Allie then cuts her of with a neck breaker for 2. Priestley talks shit and wants Baker. Baker in so Priestley tags in Ford. Baker cradles her for 2. The suplex follows for 2. Baker follows with strikes, Priestley trips her up and Ford attacks. She follows with a back handspring elbow and Baker fires back with elbows until Ford hits a northern lights suplex for 2. Baker cuts her off and tags in Allie who follows with strikes and the sliding D for 2. Priestley takes out Allie with a PK, rolls her back in and Ford lays the boots to her. Priestley tags in and hits a double stomp to the arm. She grounds the action, working the arm and stomps away at it. Ford tags back in and works her over in the corner. Allie fights back, but Priestley cuts off the tag. Ford misses the back handspring attack and Allie hits a spiked RANA for the double down. Allie tags in Baker, Priestley tags in and they brawl. They trade and Baker hits sling blade and rolls into a fisherman’s neck breaker for 2. Baker follows with strikes, but Priestley hits a Saito for 2. Allie tags in and double teams follow and Ford makes the save. The cutter follows, Baker hits a pump handle slam and Allie DVDs Priestley for 2. Priestley hits a jawbreaker, Baker and Ford tag in and Baker hits the DDT for 2 as Priestley makes the save. Allie spears Priestley, and Baker hits something looking like a neck breaker and the crossface follows for the submission. Allie and Britt Baker defeated Bea Priestley & Penelope Ford @ 10:20 via pin [*¾] This was rough and felt way longer than it was and had some issues in terms of execution. The women’s division has potential, but there’s a lot of work to be done with it. I wouldn’t have aired this one.

– Tony looks back on last week’s TNT debut with highlights, focusing on Cody vs. Jericho and the big main event angle. He then hypes Wednesday’s show.

SCU vs. Jurassic Express: Stunt and Daniels begin, Stunt shoves Daniels and gets taken down with a shoulder tackle. Darnels follows with strikes until Stunt cradles him for 2. He dances and Daniels then dances and tags in Kaz. Jungle Boy tags in and follows with a cradle for 2. He gets another off of a cradle for 2. Kaz cuts him off with a slam and leg drop for 2. Sky tags in and double teams follow as Sky covers for 2. Double teams follow as Daniels joins in but Luchasaurus gets the tag and hits the spin kick on Daniels. Boy tags back in and hits the suplex for 2. Stunt in and double teams follow as Stunt covers for 2. He follows with a dropkick, Boy it’s a backstabber on Daniels as Stunt follows with a senton atomico for 2. Boy grounds the action. Daniels battles back and hits a side slam for the double down. Sky and Stunt tag in and Sky takes him out with ease, dropkicks Boy and Luchasaurus is in, Sky follows with kicks and Kaz joins in for double teams and the cover gets 2. Luchasaurus sits up and follows with kicks, takes out Daniels, and flapjacks Sky. The chokeslam on Kaz and standing moonsault follow for 2 as Stunt & Boy hit dives. Stunt tags in and Boy tosses him into a 619, Luchasaurus hits a skull fucker and Stunt hits a running shooting star press for 2. It breaks down, SCU follow with triple teams and celebrity rehab. The best Meltzer ever is cut off by Luchasaurus, an Stunt cradles Kaz for 2. Kaz and Sky hit a double team backstabber and finish Stunt. SCU defeated Jurassic Express @ 9:20 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good, but they had a much better and much more heated match this summer.

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The 411
In theory, AEW Dark was a great idea to serve as a supplemental program to Dynamite, showcasing wrestlers that didn’t make the main show and to allow Tony to shine in a studio format, hyping past happenings and what’s coming upon the next show. Unfortunately, I felt that it came off as an overall average effort without all of the energy of Dynamite. I think that it can work, but they need to only showcase things worth the time of the fans, tighten things up, and eliminate things like the poorly worked women’s tag.