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Csonka’s AEW Dark Review 10.15.19

October 15, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Kenny Omega AEW Dark
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Csonka’s AEW Dark Review 10.15.19  

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Csonka’s AEW Dark Review 10.15.19

– Kip Sabian defeated Peter Avalon & Sonny Kiss @ 6:15 via pin [**½]
– The Dark Order, Angelico, & Jack Evans defeated CIMA & SCU @ 10:00 via pin [***]
Unsanctioned Match: Kenny Omega defeated Joey Janela @ 26:25 via pin [****]

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– We open with Omega talking with the Bucks about not having a match, and Omega says he’s facing Janela in an unsanctioned match to get his groove back.

– Avalon cuts a promo on the way to the ring, demanding respect and mocking the local sports teams. Dying a death this was.

Kip Sabian vs. Peter Avalon vs. Sonny Kiss: Leva Bates is at ringside. Kiss an Sabian dump Avalon to begin. They work into counters, and then dump Avalon again. Kiss follows with a RANA and arm drags. The back handspring slap follows and then a jawbreaker follows. Avalon cuts them of and dumps Sabian. He lays the boots to Kiss, hits a slam and grounds the action. Kiss escapes with kicks, but Avalon slams him back down. Avalon follows with rights to Kiss, Sabian takes him out to the floor and follows with a springboard dive. Back in and Sabian gets checked on as he favors his hand. Avalon attacks Kiss, hits a suplex and Sabian flies back in with a missile dropkick. He follows with kicks, and a northern lights into a cradle, covering both for 2. Avalon battles back, Kiss cuts him off and Bates hits Kiss an Avalon cradles him for 2. Sabian hits deathly hallows and pins Avalon. Kip Sabian defeated Peter Avalon & Sonny Kiss @ 6:15 via pin [**½] This was solid but a bit disjointed; the librarian gimmick still sucks, but I can live with them doing jobs on the Youtube show.

The Dark Order, Angelico, & Jack Evans vs. CIMA & SCU: Angelico and CIMA begin. Angelico grounds things, but CIMA counters back and cradles him for 2. The dropkick follows, Daniels tags in and takes control. Angelico cuts him off sand Grayson tags in, but Daniels hits an arm drag. Grayson fights back, hits the dropkick and follows with chops. Daniels counters back with an STO, side slam and Kaz joins in as they isolate Grayson. The heels rush the ring, taking control and Evans grounds Daniels. Grayson back in and covers for 2. The slam connects and Uno tags in as Grayson hits a senton atomico on the apron. Uno works over Daniels, tags in Evans and he and Angelico work quick tags. They double team Daniels and Evans covers for 2. Grayson back in and Daniels battles back, fights off the heels but Dark Order cuts him off with double teams. Evans joins in as he continues to isolate Daniels. Evans hits a back handspring into an eye rake, but Daniels hits the blue thunder bomb tag to Kaz, he run wild and takes out Dark Order. He follows with a RANA to the floor. It breaks down, SCU takes control as CIMA & Sky follow with planchas. Back in and Grayson cuts off Sky and hits night fall. Kaz flies in with a cutter, Uno cuts him off as we get the big move buffet. Sky hits a neck breaker on Angelico and double stomps Evans. Angelico makes the save, they low blow Sky and the backslide follows for the pin. The Dark Order, Angelico, & Jack Evans defeated CIMA & SCU @ 10:00 via pin [***] Good match, SCU are so great and work well with anyone, while they continue to rehab Evans & Angelico with some wins on this show.

Cody interviews referee Aubrey Edwards about her path to AEW. She got a look from WWE, but it didn’t work out and they never told her why. She kept working hard and tried to make herself better. She felt great pride reffing the All Out main event, and finally felt she arrived and was just happy. She’s paying her bills and having fun.

– Tony breaks down Private Party’s win over the Young bucks in the tag team tournament.

– We get highlights of last week’s Dynamite main event and the post match brawl that followed.

Unsanctioned Match: Kenny Omega vs. Joey Janela: Janela grabs a chair and Omega attacks. He follows with chops and strikes, chokes out Janela and Janela fires back with strikes and chops. Omega fires back but Janela hits a RANA and follows with a suicide dive. He slams Omega into the ring bell and slides in chairs. He grabs a ladder and brings that in. He follows with strikes, and piles up he chairs until Omega cuts him off with chops, Janela tosses a chair into his face and Omega counters back with the kotaru crusher into the pile of chairs. Omega follows with the rise of the Terminator and catches the barricade with his legs on the way down. Omega slams Janela to the steps and pulls out a table. They roll back in and Omega up top, and the missile dropkick connects for 2. The Finlay roll is countered but Omega gets it the second time and the moonsault follows for 2. Janela fights off the snapdragon, follow with chair shots but Omega counters back with the snapdragon and another. To the apron and Janela fights back with chops, but Omega counters into a snapdragon on the apron. He teases a one winged angle, climbs the steps and Janela counters into a German onto the floor off of the steps. Janela makes a bridge with the table, follows with a dropkick and sets up the ladder in the corner. he whips Omega into the ladder, follows with strikes but Omega sends Janela into the ladder. Janela rebounds with the snap German into the ladder for 2. They trade strikes, lighting each other up and Omega hits a knee strike, V trigger and Janela rebounds with a lariat and brainbuster for 2. Janela takes him up top, follows him up and hits the superplex. They work to the apron by the table, Omega knocks him to the floor and back in, lays out a table. Janela fights, and backdrops Omega onto the table. Janela hits the Blu-ray into the ladder, sets up the table and follows with chair shots. He sets up the ladder, lays Omega on the table and climbs. The frog splash eats table as Omega rolls away. Omega hits the buckle bomb and sky high for 2. V trigger follows, but Janela counters the one winged angel, jawbreaker lariat by Omega and hits death rider for 2. Janela counters back and dumps Omega over the top and through the table. Back in and Janela lays a chair on Omega and follows with the double stomp for 2. He wedges a chair in the corner, they trade strikes and Janela sits Omega in a chair, and follow with a kick to the face. He sets up chairs and lays Omega over them, heads up top and Omega cuts him off. Omega follows him up and they trade strikes but Omega slams Janela onto the chairs. The V trigger follows and the one winged angel onto chairs finishes it. Kenny Omega defeated Joey Janela @ 26:25 via pin [****] This was a great, brutal match that played to the stipulation really well, gave Janela a lot and also gave Omega some much needed momentum.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 59. On the show, the good brother, Jeremy Lambert, joins 411’s Larry Csonka as the guys will breakdown the WWE draft, looking at the moves, the execution of the draft, and whether or not it will actually stick around and matter in six weeks. And then, the guys review ROH Glory by Honor (and again dig into ROH’s glaring problems) & NJPW King of Pro Wrestling. The show is approximately 181-minutes long.

* Intro
* Possible Big NJPW News: 2:00
* Breaking Down The WWE Draft: 29:40
* ROH Glory by Honor 2019 Review: 1:31:25
* NJPW King of Pro Wrestling 2019 Review: 1:54:00

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– End scene.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
This week’s edition of AEW Dark was a good show and an improvement over lat week’s debut. I liked the change to three matches and delivering a big main event as well a more focus on highlights from the main program.