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Csonka’s AEW Dark Review 10.22.19

October 22, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s AEW Dark Review 10.22.19  

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Csonka’s AEW Dark Review 10.22.19

– Joey Janela defeated Brandon Cutler @ 8:40 via pin [**¾]
– Nyla Rose defeated Leva Bates @ 4:30 via pin [*]
– Cody & Dustin Rhodes, & The Young Bucks defeated CIMA & T-Hawk, & Private Party @ 15L00 via pin [***½]

– Follow all of my reviews at this link.

– Tony welcomes us to the show.

– Tazz is the special commentator this week along with Excalibur.

Joey Janela vs. Brandon Cutler: They lock up and work to the ropes, and we get a clean break. Lock up again and Janela works into counters, Cutler rolls through and takes control of the arm. Janela counters back, takes him down and Cutler counters into a head scissors. Janela counters out and starts working the arm. Cutler escapes but Janela hits a shoulder tackle. The backdrop follows, but Cutler hits an enziguri and follows with rights. The flying forearm follows for 2. Cutler a hits a slam, and grounds things. Janela battles back, they trade and Janela lays in chops. Cutler follows with kicks and covers for 2. He misses the leg drop, but then counters into a DVD for 2. Cutler shoots him to the buckles, but Janela counters back and hits a huge lariat. Cutler rolls to the floor and Janela follows with a suicide dive. He follow with an elbow off of the steps and back in, covers for 2. Cutler fights back with an enziguri, and the springboard is cut off by Janela and he takes him up top. The super brainbuster follows for the win. Joey Janela defeated Brandon Cutler @ 8:40 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good, with the right man winning, but never really hit into that next gear.

– We now get a feature on QT Marshal. He works behind the scenes as a producer in AEW, and helped produce All In. Marshal was trying to get a job with WWE, but Cody fell in love with his drive and hired him. He worked in ROH, but never felt as if he belonged and injured his neck badly and started to hate wrestling. He now has 6 screws in his neck now, is cleared, and will be wrestling in Pittsburgh. These are cool features.

– Avalon cuts a promo and gets “shut the fuck up” chants, preach. He of course runs down the hometown sports teams and the city as a whole. Bates cuts him off.

Nyla Rose vs. Leva Bates: Peter Avalon is out with Bates. Avalon slides in books, and Rose throws them at him as Bates attacks and hits corner attacks until Rose cuts her off with a slam. Rose misses the leg drop, kicks by Bates and a DDT follow for 2. Rose then fights back with a powerslam, but Bates hits a superkick. She hits another and Rose follows with a DVD but Avalon takes the ref, and Bates then rolls up Rose for 2. Rose cuts her off, and press slams her onto Avalon on the floor. Rose follows and whips Bates into the steps. Back in and Rose lays the boots to Bates, slams her to the buckles and the powerbomb finishes it. Nyla Rose defeated Leva Bates @ 4:30 via pin [*] Again, the librarian gimmick sucks horribly, but I am ok with them doing jobs on the Youtube show. This was bad, had no flow, no heat and was really disjointed. Leva Bates is somehow still a horrible pro wrestler after 13-years, and Rose isn’t good enough to carry anyone.

– Tony hypes tomorrow’s Dynamite card, and get some good interviews from SCU & Pac ahead of the show.

– Tony runs down the remaining Dynamite dates for 2019.

– We get highlights of Darby vs. Jericho from last week’s show.

Cody & Dustin Rhodes, & The Young Bucks vs. CIMA & T-Hawk, & Private Part (Quen & Kassidy): Brandi & MJF are at ringside. Cody and CIMA begin. They lock up and CIMA grounds thing and cradles him for 1. Cody powders, kisses Brandi, and back in locks up with CIMA. He follows with the uppercut and they all standoff. Dustin tags in and locks up with Hawk, off the ropes and Dustin hits shoulder tackles. The clothesline follows, tags in Nick and we get triple teams on Hawk. Hawk fights off the Bucks, but Matt rakes the eyes. Hawk follows with chops, tags in Kassidy and Private Party follow with double teams. CIMA tags back in and hits the senton atomico. He grounds Matt, and works into a banana split. Quen tags in and Kassidy joins n for double teams. Matt starts to make a comeback, hits rolling northern lights suplexes and tags in Nick. He runs wild off the hot tag, and follows with a bunch of double stomps and the rolling x-factor and moonsault to the floor. private party hits gin & juice, meteora by CIMA and the shooting star by Quen gets 2. Hawk accidentally chops CIMA as Nick fakes them out. tag to Dustin and he runs wild, hitting snap slams on three, plays that he’s blown up and hits it on Kassidy. He follow with a high cross onto Private Party. Cody follows with a dive, Private party follow with stereo topes and Nick follow with a dive. Brandi hits a cannonball off of the apron and MJF joins in. he teases a dive and flips off the crowd. CIMA attacks, Cody hits cross Rhodes1, it breaks down and the Bucks & Private Party brawl. The Bucks hit superkicks, Kassidy hits the double RANA but eats a superkick. Nck cuts off the silly string, the Rhodes look for shattered dreams but Private party cuts them off. Superkicks from the four brothers, and w now get a quadruple shattered dreams. Dustin hits the final reckoning for the win. Cody & Dustin Rhodes, & The Young Bucks defeated CIMA & T-Hawk, & Private Party @ 15L00 via pin [***½] This was really good and just a ton of fun with all eight getting some shine and just having so much fun out there,

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* ROH Honor United London Preview: 16:40
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* ROH Honor United Bolton Preview: 30:55

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This week’s episode of AEW Dark was an overall solid show with a really fun main event.