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Csonka’s AEW Dark Review 11.05.19

November 5, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Shawn Spears AEW All Out
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Csonka’s AEW Dark Review 11.05.19  

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Csonka’s AEW Dark Review 11.05.19

– Shawn Spears defeated Michael Nakazawa @ 8:45 via pin [*]
– Allie & Sadie Gibbs defeated Mercedes Martinez & Big Swole @ 14:40 via pin []
– Joey Janela & Jimmy Havoc defeated Marko Stunt & Jungle Boy @ 15:15 via pin [***]

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– Tony Schiavone welcomes us from the studio and then welcomes Dasha Gonzalez (formerly Dash Fuentes) as his new co-host on Dark.

– Excalibur & MJF are on commentary.

Shawn Spears vs. Michael Nakazawa: Tully Blanchard is at ringside. They lock up and work to the ropes for the clean break. Lock up again, back to the ropes and they break. Spears looks to ground things, but Nakazawa counters until Spears grounds him. Nakazawa oils up to escape and Spears follows with strikes Nakazawa uses the oil to trip him up and sprays him with it and follows with a senton for 2. Tully slips off the apron due to the oil as Spears slams Nakazawa to the apron. Back in and he works the back, chokes him out and grounds him. Spears follows with chops, and a back breaker for 2. The half crab follows, Nakazawa fights and makes the ropes. Spears follows with chops, Nakazawa fires back as they trade and Nakazawa starts to run wild and the small package gets 2 The spear follows for 2. Tully distracts Nakazawa, Spears attacks but Nakazawa cuts him off. Spears counters back with the slingshot jackhammer for the win. Shawn Spears defeated Michael Nakazawa @ 8:45 via pin [**] Spears needed a win and at least they kept Nakazawa off TV, it was very much a dark match that should have stayed dark. The highlight was MJF on commentary.

Allie & Sadie Gibbs vs. Mercedes Martinez & Big Swole: Swole and Gibbs begin, locking up and working into counters. Gibbs grounds things, Swole fires back and they trade shoulder tackles. Gibbs takes her down, they cut to the crowd and come back to Swole hitting a slam. Martinez tags in and follows with chops. The dropkick follows but Allie tags in and hits a cross body and senton for 2. Gibbs back in and double teams follow for 2. Gibbs follows with strikes, and a head scissors. Martinez counters into a curb stomp for 2. Swole tags in and rough looking double teams follow for 2. Swole follows with chops, uppercuts and a superkick for 2. The guillotine follows, but Gibbs powers into a suplex. Tag to Allie and Martinez tags in as well. Allie follows with corner attacks, More crowd cuts to cover for stuff as Martinez hits a spinebuster for 2. Swole tags back in and she grounds things. Allie fires back and hits a Russian leg sweep for 2.Swole cuts her off with the pump kick for 2. Martinez joins in for double teams and Martinez follows with rolling suplexes into a brainbuster for 2. Allie counters into a cradle for 2, hits the backstabber and follows with corner elbows, Martinez cuts her off with a knee strike and both are down. Swole and Gibbs tag in, Gibbs controls and Martinez cuts her off with a Saito suplex. Spear by Allie, sliding D to Swole and they brawl to the floor as Martinez hits an apron cannonball. Gibbs follows with a Sasuke special. Back in and Gibbs hits a cradle shock for 2. Martinez hits a fisherman’s buster, Allie hits the DVD, and Swole follows with a rolling elbow. Gibbs slams Martinez and Swole cuts her off, and the powerbomb neck breaker combo gets 2 as Allie makes the save. Martinez up top and Allie cuts her off and follows her up and hits an am drag with a camera cut. Gibbs up top and the moonsault finally finishes it. Allie & Sadie Gibbs defeated Mercedes Martinez & Big Swole @ 14:40 via pin [*½] Well, they tried but damn, this went way too long and while there were some redeeming moments down the stretch, there was obvious editing and camera cuts in this to try and cover up several issues. Not good.

– We get comments from Dr. Britt Baker, who talks about Bea Priestly and the injuries she has sustained at the hands of Priestly. Bea is not a professional, and Bea never called to check on her after injuring her. Some people are professionals and some are a piece of shit. It is made official that at the Buy In, Bea Priestly will take on Dr. Britt Baker.

– Tony and Dasha run down the Full Gear card and take a look at what happened at the Cody & Chris Jericho contract signing.

Joey Janela & Jimmy Havoc vs. Marko Stunt & Jungle Boy: Havoc and Jungle Boy begin, locking up and working to the ropes. Lockup again, they work into counters and Havoc makes the ropes. They work to the mat, back to he feet and Jungle Boy takes control until Havoc follows with rights and bites him. Janela tags in and works the arm. Stunt tags in and follows wit a double sledge off the ropes. Jungle Boy tags back in and they double team Janela and Jungle Boy covers for 2. Havoc back in and Jungle Boy follows with a dropkick for 2. Stunt back in and he hits a dropkick for 2. Jungle Boy in and double teams follow and Havoc accidentally hits Janela, RANA by Jungle Boy. Suicide dive by Stunt and Jungle Boy follows with a moonsault to the floor. back in and Jungle Boy covers Janela for 2. Stunt tags back in and double stomps the arm as Havoc attacks. Havoc chokes him out and grounds things. Janela tags in and follows with a German. The cravat follows, Stunt fires back and Janela his another German. Havoc then slams Stunt to the barricade, and back in, covers for 2. Stunt fights back and gets the tag. He runs wild, bites Havoc and follows with arm drags. The PK follows for 2 .He dumps Janela and the double knees moonsault follows on Havoc for 2. Jungle Boy follows with chops, Janela cuts him off and tags in. Jungle Boy cuts him off with atomic drops and Stunt joins in for double teams. Havoc makes the save, it breaks down and Jungle Boy tries to fight them both off and gets caught with double teams but Stunt makes the save. Havoc hits the tiger driver 98 and Janela lariats Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy counters the acid rainmaker and Stunt tags in but Havoc catches the high cross and follows with a Michinoku driver for 2. Havoc gets a staple gun, Janela tags in and gets the staple gun and staples Havoc in the face. Brainbuster on Jungle Boy, he and Stunt work up top and Havoc takes out Jungle Boy as Janela hits an avalanche package piledriver for the win. Joey Janela & Jimmy Havoc defeated Marko Stunt & Jungle Boy @ 15:15 via pin [***] This was a good main event and easily the best thing on the show.

– Backstage, Tully Blanchard confronts a smoking Joey Janela. Spears attacks Janela from behind and puts the cigarette out on his face as the camera pulled away. I can see that added to the PPV.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 64. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Jeremy Lambert review WWE Crown Jewel, MLW Superfight, & NJPW Power Struggle and then discuss how much of a dumpster fire ROH has become. The show is approximately 106-minutes long.

* Intro
* WWE Crown Jewel Review/Post Show Drama: 2:00
* MLW Superfight Review: 42:10
* NJPW Power Struggle Review: 58:50
* Is ROH Now a “Dumpster Fire?”: 1:24:55

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– End scene.

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The final score: review Poor
The 411
This week’s episode of AEW Dark was not a good show, with some bad wrestling and the highlights being MJF’s commentary, a new match being made for the PPV, a tease of another and a good main event.