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Csonka’s AEW Dark Review 3.10.20

March 10, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Hikaru Shida AEW

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Csonka’s AEW Dark Review 3.10.20

– Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy defeated Kip Sabian and Peter Avalon @ 8:00 via pin [**½]
– Jimmy Havoc defeated Severino Corrente @ 4:41 via pin [**]
– Hikaru Shida defeated Abadon @ 5:35 via pin [**]
– Private Party defeated Sonny Kiss and Brandon Cutler @ 11:15 via pin [***]

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– Taz & Excalibur are on commentary.

– Avalon does his shushing shtick on the way to the ring, and is thankfully interrupted by Jurassic Express.

Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy vs. Kip Sabian and Peter Avalon: Stunt, Ford & Bates are at ringside. Kip and Luchasaurus begin, they work into counters as Luchasaurus takes control. Avalon in and Jungle Boy joins him. Avalon takes control, they work into lucha passes and end in a standoff. Jungle Boy takes control, runs wild and Kip tags in. He’s cut off, Jungle Boy controls and after a Ford assist, Kip hits an anarchist suplex for 2. The heels take control, isolating and double teaming Jungle Boy for a near fall. More double teams follow, and Avalon grounds things. The moonsault misses, Bates & Ford distract the ref and Kip stops the tag. Stunt hits on the ladies, the ladies argue and Luchasaurus tags in. He runs wild with ease, dominating with the fossilizer and chokeslams Avalon until Kip makes the save. Kip counters back, Jungle Boy tags in and he and Luchasaurus work double teams. They isolate Avalon and the double team cutter finishes it. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy defeated Kip Sabian and Peter Avalon @ 8:00 via pin [**½] This was a perfectly solid opener, that never teased being anything more.

– Tony & Dasha hype the show and shill shirts for Planned Pethood.

Jimmy Havoc vs. Severino Corrente: They immediately work to the ropes, with Havoc breaking clean. He starts working the arm, grounding Corrente and ripping at the fingers. Corrente fires back, Havoc asks for more and then levels Corrente. He takes control, grounding Corrente until Corrente fires back. Corrente takes control until havoc cuts him off, and suplexes him to he buckles. The double stomp follows and the acid rainmaker is countered into a German. Havoc eye pokes him and the DDT & dropkick follows. The rolling DVD and acid rainmaker finishes it. Jimmy Havoc defeated Severino Corrente @ 4:41 via pin [**] Havoc continues to roll in 2020 in what was a OK match that went too long and should have been a quick squash.

– Post match, Japanese Death Match legend Luther arrives and attacks Havoc, DDTing him on the ramp. This feud must continue.

– Tony & Dasha hype the upcoming AEW events.

Hikaru Shida vs. Abadon: Shida doesn’t quite know what to make of the creepy Abadon. Abadon tries to bite her, but Shida hits a shoulder tackle. Abadon counters back, hits a dropkick and covers for 2. Abadon tries to bite her again. Shida cuts her off until Abadon hits a DDT. He chokes out Shida, licks her and Shida fires up with strikes, lighting up Abadon and follows with the running knee strike, a dropkick and cradle for 2. Shida rocks her with strikes, a knee strike and that gets 2. Abadon counters back and the cradle follows for 2. Enziguri by Shida and the brainbuster and knee strike finishes it. Hikaru Shida defeated Abadon @ 5:35 via pin [**] Shida wins as expected, going 5-1 in 2020 so far. The action was ok, but much like the Havoc match it could have been shorter as Abadon really offered nothing but a creepy gimmick and Shida is the top contender for the championship.

Private Party vs. Sonny Kiss and Brandon Cutler: Kassidy and Cutler work the opening stretch, Cutler fights off double teams and it breaks down into a standoff. Kiss takes control, working over Quen and covers for 2. Quen cuts him off, and Private Party follows with double teams and dumps Cutler. They take the heat on Kiss, with Kassidy controlling. Quen tags in as more double teams follow for 2. Quen maintains the heat, isolating Kiss as they work quick tags. Kiss counter back, tags in Cutler and he runs wild, runs them together and delivers kicks. Slingshot leg drops follow and the suicide dive connects; the springboard elbow drop gets 2. Kiss tags in, hits a dropsault and follows with kicks and moonsault to the floor. The RANA follows and the leg drop gets 2 as Quen makes the save. Quen cuts off Kiss and Kassidy joins in for double teams, dumps Cutler but he returns to make the save. Cutler counters silly string into TPK and another for 2. Kiss takes over and heads to he ropes, but is cut off and gin and juice finishes things. Private Party defeated Sonny Kiss and Brandon Cutler @ 11:15 via pin [***]

Post match, DEATH TRIANGLE attacks Private Party, thusly ruining the party and lay out all four men. Pac cuts a promo and says no happy ending for you tonight. He sends a message to the roster, promising ass beatings & anarchy. Joey Janela makes the save, but quickly gets his ass kicked. Best friends make the save and Orange arrives, as the faces stand tall. This was a good main event, Private party are a fun, but unrefined team, Kiss always works hard and Cutler is good in his role. I also liked the post match angle as it helps build to tomorrow’s trios match.

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