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Csonka’s AEW Dynamite Review 10.30.19

October 30, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s AEW Dynamite Review 10.30.19  

Csonka’s AEW Dynamite Review 10.30.19

– Hangman Page defeated Sammy Guevara @ 8:10 via pin [***¼]
– Hikaru Shida defeated Shanna @ 10:45 via pin [***¼]
– Best Friends & Orange Cassidy defeated Jon Silver. Alex Reynolds, & QT Marshall @ 3:00 via pin [NR]
– The Elite defeated Angelico, Jack Evans, & Kip Sabian @ 11:35 via pin [***½]
Tag Team Tournament Finals: SCU defeated The Lucha Bros @ 12:55 via pin [****]

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-Tony welcomes us to the show from the airport where Cody & Dustin are getting off of a private jet. Cody & Dustin hug as Tony & Cody depart for the arena in a limo.

– We get highlights from last week. Page challenged Pac for the PPV and Tony Khan informed Moxley that his match with Omega will be unsanctioned (due to Moxley’s recent actions), and Moxley ranted that Khan didn’t want him getting a sanctioned win over “his Boy,” and that what happens to Omega is on him now.

Hangman Page vs. Sammy Guevara: They lock up and work to the ropes. Page follows with chops, and the big boot. He follows with a suplex for 2. Guevara counters back, picks up the pace and follows with a dropkick and suplex for 1. Guevara follows with chops, Page fires back and Guevara counters wit ha kick but Page catches the high cross and hits a fall away slam, He dumps Guevara and follows him out but Guevara slams him off the apron. Guevara whips him to the barricade and back in, they trade. Guevara follows with a Samoan drop for 2. He heads up top and ten drops down and slaps the shit out of Page. Page fires up with chops, Guevara hits a superkick and Page fires back with a lariat for the double down. Page now hits corner clotheslines, a snap Saito and then slams Guevara on the apron. Back in and the pop up powerbomb follows for 2. He dumps Guevara and heads up top, and follows with the moonsault to the floor. Guevara backs off, they trade, and page hits the buckshot lariat for the win. Hangman Page defeated Sammy Guevara @ 8:10 via pin [***¼] Good opening match with the right winner ahead of the PPV and the hot crowd making Page feel like a star.

– Page says that the win felt good and he will do some real cowboy shit to Pac at the PPV.

Hikaru Shida vs. Shanna: They lock up and work into counters, Shanna attacks the arm, hits an arm drag and follows with a neck breaker for 2. Shida fires back, but Shanna dumps her. Shida cuts her off with a knee strike, gets a chair and sets it up. She runs off of it with a flying knee strike. Back in and Shida follows with strikes. She adds in knee strikes, and the back breaker follows for 2. Ground and pound follows, and Shida hits another knee strike and covers for 2. Shida unloads with repeated knee strikes, but Shanna cradles her for 2. Shida unloads with elbow strikes, rights and Shanna fires back. Shida cuts her off, but Shanna follows with a RANA and flying forearm. The implant buster follows for 2. Shanna heads up top, Shida cuts her off and follows her up. They trade, but Shanna fights her into the tree of WHOA and the double stomp follows for 2. She follows with kicks, slaps and Shida counters into a sunset driver. Shida fires up and heads up top. She pulls Shanna up with her and the superplex follows for 2. Shanna scores with a cradle for 2. Shida cuts her off with the knee strike and does the deal with the falcon arrow for 2. Another knee strike follows and Shanna is done. Hikaru Shida defeated Shanna @ 10:45 via pin [***¼] Good match as the joshi talents continue to win over the US crowds, while Shanna looked good in her debut in a losing effort.

– We get highlights of Brandi attacking Jamie Hayter last week. That leads to a Brandi video package, showing her obsession with the women of AEW, it also featured Kong.

– The Rock & Roll Express arrive for an interview. They have the AEW tag titles with them and Santana & Ortiz attack and lay them out. They then powerbomb Ricky through the stage. The Bucks arrive and run them off and check on the Rock & Rolls.

– Cody & Tony are in the limo on the way to the arena. Tony tells a Dusty story about Dusty meeting Willie Nelson. Cody says he always thinks about his dad and can’t wait to sign this contract. His mother is coming to the PPV and he just wants to impress her. He knows Jericho is great, but this is his time. Tony says emotion is good as it drives you.

Best Friends & Orange Cassidy vs. Jon Silver. Alex Reynolds, & QT Marshall: Cassidy &the Best Friends are dressed as Rick & Morty for the night’s tie in. the Best friends take control right away, Trent follows with chops and Silver fires back as Alex & Marshall attack. They isolate Trent, but Trent counters back with the tornado DDT. Chuck runs wild with clotheslines, sliced bread and Trent follows with the running knee strike. Soul food/dragon suplex combo follows. Marshall cuts off the hug, but Cassidy is in and follows with vicious leg kicks. The dropkick follows and they all hug. Cassidy hits the hands in his pockets dive and strong zero finishes it. Best Friends & Orange Cassidy defeated Jon Silver. Alex Reynolds, & QT Marshall @ 3:00 via pin [NR] This was exactly what it needed to be as Best Friends & Orange Cassidy are over big time. The tie-in stuff really didn’t land for me though.

Jericho & Cody Make it Official: Jericho makes his entrance as Cody finally arrives at the arena. He makes his entrance and Tony hosts the segment. Cody signs first. Jericho teases flipping the table and says the match is too important. The crowd loves Cody and hates Jericho. Jericho says that this is the biggest match in AEW history and in Cody’s career. If Cody wins, he’ll finally be a world champion. But if he loses, it will prove to him that he isn’t as good as he thinks he is. Jericho will teach him a lesson at Full Gear. They are professionals and shake hands and have a face off. We then see Sammy on the screen and Hager is kicking Dustin’s ass outside, low blowing him and slamming him off of the limo. He slams the door on his arm as (shades of the Horsemen breaking Dusty’s arm, also, the Enforcers (Arn and Zbysko) broke Windam’s hand on a Halloween Havoc as he got out of a car. His partner was Dustin Rhodes.). Cody arrives too late to make the save. Jericho lights up a cigar in celebration. The fact that Jericho, this deep into his career where he is loved, can still elicit a legit heel reaction is a testament to his skill. This came off really well, had a hot crowd, and the angle with Dustin was really good.

– We get ld school video game graphics had a message asking if you remember us and said we are still inseparable after all this time. Cleaner, remember your friend, your best friend, he was never on your side and it’s only a matter of time before everyone else goes away too. The message said join us and your pain goes away forever. It concluded with “stick a sock in it, pal” and a question of whether it’s okay if I tag in this time?

The Elite vs. Angelico, Jack Evans, & Kip Sabian: The Elite bought back the Street Fighter costumes for tonight. The heels attack right away and Sabian follows wit a springboard dive. Mega makes the comeback on Evans & Angelico, the Bucks join in and the Elite runs wild. They clear the ring, but the heels cut them off and Evans follows with a Sasuke special. Sabian covers Matt in the ring for 2. Sabian takes him up top and follows him up. Matt fights back, but Sabian hits the super RANA for 2. .Evans tags back in and they continue to double team and isolate Matt. The double stomp follows as Angelico locks on an arm bar. Post break and the Bucks make the big comeback and pick up a near fall on Sabian. Sabian battles back with a poison RANA and Evans & Omega get tags, snapdragon by Omega, one for Angelico and one for Sabian. Omega misses V trigger, Evans follows with a cartwheel kicks and it breaks down. Evans hits a moonsault to the floor, V trigger by Omega and rise of the terminator is cut of by Sabian, Sabian mocks him and the dive is caught and he eats an apron bomb. Triple superkick to Evans, V trigger follows and the one winged angel finishes it. The Elite defeated Angelico, Jack Evans, & Kip Sabian @ 11:35 via pin [***½] This was a very good, all action tag match that allowed everyone to shine and the right guys won ahead of the PPV.

– Santana & Ortiz (in Young Bucks shirts and Rick & Morty masks) attack the Bucks post match and Omega runs them off.

– The fucking Librarians arrive. Moxley interrupts and lays out Avalon with death rider. Moxley gets the mic, finally, and says that his match with Omega at the PPV is now unsanctioned. He loves the no rules aspect but hates that it won’t count when he beats Omega. AEW wants to treat him like an outsider. He knows that feeling and hates the suits& puppets telling him what to do. He’s not stupid and AEW can shove their win/loss records up their match. He’s then baddest and sickest man in this business. Be careful what up wish for, because he will beat Omega within an inch of his live and will deliver violence not seen in decades. You can kiss my ass and stay out of my way. Fiery promo from Moxley, just what I had been waiting for.

Tag Title Tournament Finals: The Lucha Bros vs. SCU: Private Party & Dark Order are watching the match. This has a great build to it, and the Lucha bros actually beat SCU in the past. They all brawl at the bell, and the lucha then run wild on Sky. The penta driver follows for 2. Sky makes the save, but Pentagon hits sling blade. Fenix follows wit a running ropewalk kick on Kaz for 2. They follow with chops on Sky, but Kaz hits clotheslines and strikes. The slam and springboard leg drop connects for 2. He dumps Pentagon and Sky follows with a RANA on the floor. Kaz hits a German on Fenix for 2. Fenix battles back, rakes the eyes and follows with a springboard arm drag as Pentagon takes out Sky on the floor. He works over Kaz, and Fenix follows with a slingshot leg drop to the floor. Back in the ring and the luchas work the heat on Kaz, picking up near falls. Kaz battles back, hits angel’s wing in tribute to Daniels and tags in Sky. Sky runs wild, hits ahead scissors and follows with the tope con hello. Fenix dropkicks him and Kaz hits a RANA to he floor, clipping his head off the apron. Back in and Sky follow with the tornado DDT for 2.Pentagon counters SCU-later, hits the destroyer and Fenix hits a cutter for 2. Sky & Fenix work into a double down. Pentagon powerbombs Kaz through a table at ringside. Sky fights for his life, but is cut off with double team and Fenix covers for 2. The package piledriver/double stomp is countered and Sky cradles Pentagon to win the championships. SCU defeated The Lucha Bros @ 12:55 via pin [****] This was a great main event, with SCU having to overcome the odds the entire tournament long following the Luchas taking out Daniels. They continued that theme in this match, delivering great work in front of a hot and invested crowd; they delivered.

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The final score: review Very Good
The 411
This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite was another great show with a great crowd. They got Page back on tack with a win ahead of his PPV match with Pac, the continued the build to The Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz for the PPV, Kenny Omega looks to be back to his old self, the Cody/Jericho contract singing delivered, Moxley cut a great promo for his PPV match with Omega, Hikaru Shida picked up a win on TV and the show was filled with good to great wrestling as we crowned our first tag team champions. The two hours again just flew by.