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Csonka’s AEW Dynamite Review 11.27.19

November 27, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Chris Jericho
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Csonka’s AEW Dynamite Review 11.27.19  

Csonka’s AEW Dynamite Review 11.27.19

– Best Friends defeated The Lucha Bros @ 8:00 via pin [***]
– Bea Priestly & Emi Sakura defeated Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander @ 9:30 via pin [***]
– Cody defeated Matt Knicks @ 1:30 via pin [NR]
– Kenny Omega defeated THE BASTARD Pac @ 12:00 via pin [***½]
Dynamite Dozen Finals: MJF defeated Adam Page @ 6:50 via pin [**½]
AEW World Title Match: Le Champion Chris Jericho defeated Scorpio Sky @ 12:20 via submission [***¼]

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A Celebration For Le Champion Chris Jericho: We have a marching band, inflatables, a GIANT gift in the ring and SOULTRAIN JONES hosting the event. The band plays Le Champion Chris Jericho to the ring and he arrives wit a little bit of the bubbly. He gets “thank you Jericho” chants and Jericho tells them to shut up. This is his time and his celebration and doesn’t want the idiots messing it up for him. He wants thank yous from the people that matter. He says there are coupons planted in the crowd for 50 CENTS off of a Jericho shirt, he’s a generous man. You can by a little bit of the bubbly at a littlebitofthebubbly,com. Jericho & Soultrain share a toast and some bubbly. Jericho brigs out his best friends in the world, The Inner Circle. Santana, Ortiz, & Guevara arrive. Guevara praises Jericho as his father figure, and thanks him. He then presents Jericho with a stand up of the two hugging. Santana & Ortiz give him a gift basket, with Vapo rub, flip-flops, “a little bit of the 40,” and a headband. Jericho is an official boriqua now. Jericho questions where Hager is and he then arrives, bringing a GOAT out, named “Chris Jerigoat.” Jericho questions what’s in the big box, and they open it and Jericho’s father is in there. Ted is happy to be in NYC, gets booed and Jericho says they are in Chicago. The fans cheer for the Blackhawks, and Ted buries the team and Bobby Hull. The Blackhawks will always be wimps. Ted then gives custom made jerseys to the Inner Circle, NYC themes of course. Jericho has an official statement from TNT & The AEW officials, and has Justin Roberts read it. Roberts reads the thank you statement, putting over Jericho and thanking him for his work as champion. Jericho didn’t appreciate how Roberts read it and slaps him. They beat down Roberts and Excalibur says “who beats up someone in their hometown. The marching band attacks, and it’s SCU is disguise and they stand tall. This was the first time AEW did an interview segment to open a show, and it was the right time. It was ridiculously over the top in all the right ways and added to the build for Jericho vs. Sky.

– Marco Martinez is announcing tonight, replacing Tony, who is on assignment for his regular job.

– Orange Cassidy is at ringside, but the Lucha Bros attack during the entrance and Orange hits a high cross off the top, wearing a turkey suit. JR references WKRP in Cincinnati and Excalibur asks if they are going after that “over 50 demo.”

Lucha Bros vs. Best Friends: This was set up when Trent beat Pentagon on AEW Dark. The match starts with Best Friend taking control on Fenix and covering for 2. The luchas cut off Trent and follow with double teams. They dump Chuck and continue with double team attacks, covering for 2. Pentagon follows with a backstabber and leg kicks. Fenix tags in with a superkick and covers for 2. Pentagon back in and quick tags and double teams follow as Trent has been isolated in the lucha’s corner. Fenix hits a dropkick, dumps Chuck and the powerbomb and double stomp to the nuts of Trent follows for 2. Chuck finally gets the tag, runs wild and until Fenix hits a superkick. He suplexes Fenix onto Pentagon and follows with the tope on hello. Fenix cuts off Trent, hits a destroyer and covers for 2. They look to finish Trent, Orange distracts Pentagon, and he’s dumped as Fenix is planted with the dudebuster for the win. Best Friends defeated The Lucha Bros @ 8:00 via pin [***] This was a good opening match, with Trent picking up another big win.

Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander vs. Bea Priestly & Emi Sakura: Bea & Emi attack, Statlander dumps Bea and follows with an apron moonsault. The missile dropkick follows on Emi. Shida tags in and gets a chair, and jumps off of it with a knee strike. Bea attacks and takes Shida back into the ring. Emi tags in as they isolate Shida. She grounds the action and uses the ref to attack Shida. The Romero special follows, and then Bea tags in. She chokes out Shida in the ropes, and hits a running knee strike for 2. Emi back in and has her mic stand, and uses it during an abdominal stretch. The ref takes it away and Bea tags in. She works over Shida in the corner, Shida cuts her off and suplexes Emi into her. The heels cut off the tag, but Shida hits an enziguri but Bea hits a German. Shida counters back with a knee strike as Emi & Statlander tag in and Statlander runs wild. Shida joins in and Statlander follows with the tumbleweed and gets 2. Emi cuts her off and fires up, and Bea follows with the top rope double stomp. Backbreaker by Emi and Shida makes the save. Bea dumps her and Emi misses the moonsault. Statlander hits an axe kick after Shida does the deal with a falcon arrow for 2. The Michinoku driver follows but Bea makes the save. Bea takes the ref, mic stand shot by Emi and the cradle finishes Statlander. Bea Priestly & Emi Sakura defeated Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander @ 9:30 via pin [***] Good tag match, Emi picked up a needed win, Bea looked better than usual, and Statlander got to shine.

– Moxley cuts a promo on making his way to the top and wonders if someone is crazy enough to come after him and try to be a hero. If they do, they will get hurt.

Cody vs. Matt Knicks: They lockup and Cody takes him down. Knicks battles back, attacks Cody’s taped up ribs and Cody counters into a cutter and the figure four follows. Knicks taps. Cody defeated Matt Knicks @ 1:30 via pin [NR] A fine rebound squash for Cody.

– Cody calls out MJF and “the Blade” attacks from under the ring. The Butcher (they have worked a ton of Beyond Wrestling) appears and lay Cody out with a suplex/backstabber combo. DARK ALLIE comes up from under the ring and she has apparently brought them to AEW.

Kenny Omega vs. THE BASTARD Pac: They lock up and work to the ropes. They shove each other and then Omega hits a shoulder tackle. After working into passes, Omega hits a dropkick and kotaru crusher and snapdragon. The buckle bomb and sky high follows for 2. Pac powders and Omega looks for rise of the terminator connects with the dive. Pac then cuts him off, dropkicking him to the barricade. Back in and Omega follows with the snapdragon. To the apron they go and Pac knocks him to the floor and hits the top rope moonsault. Back in and Pac follows with a slingshot cutter for 2. The missile dropkick connects for 2. Pac lays the boots to him, and then grounds the action. Omega fights to his feet, fires back but Pac cuts him off and they trade strikes. Omega hits a push kick and sends Pac to the buckles. He follows with strikes, and covers for 2. The fisherman’s buster gets 2. Omega now lays in chops, but you can’t escape is countered and Omega hits a knee strike, but Pac levels him with a vicious lariat. They work up top and Pac does the deal with the avalanche falcon arrow for 2! Black arrow misses, Omega fires up with V trigger and Pac counters the one winged angel but Omega cradles him for the win. Kenny Omega defeated THE BASTARD Pac @ 12:00 via pin [***½] This was a very good match, but I’m not a fan of Kenny getting his win back already. It also reinforces my thought that Pac shouldn’t have lost to Page, because had he not, the win means even more for Omega here. I am sure we’ll get a rubber match down the line.

– Trent faces Fenix next week.

– Page & MJF get inset promos before the match.

Dynamite Dozen Finals: MJF vs. Hangman Page: MJF’s entrance video is him and Wardlow beating up Cody over and over again; Wardlow is out with MJF. Page is fired up at the bell and attacks, taking MJF to the floor. MJF takes the ref, allowing Wardlow to post Page. Back in and MJF takes control. Post break and Page fires back with chops and a fall away slam. The suicide dive follows. Page heads up top and the moonsault follows. The MJF uses the ref as a shield, eye pokes Page but Page fires back with a lariat for 2. MJF cuts him of with a knee strike, but Page battles back and hits the buckshot lariat but Wardlow puts MJF’s foot on the ropes. Page is passed, MJF takes the ref and Wardlow nails Page as MJF hits a sloppy cross Rhodes for the win. MJF defeated Adam Page @ 6:50 via pin [**½] Solid match overall with MJF rightfully wining and coming off as a slimy piece of shit.

– Post match, DDP arrives to present the diamond ring to the winner, MJF. MJF is not impressed with DDP, and gets his ring. DDP says MJF’s actions have been disappointing to him, BUT, tonight MJF is the man. He congratulates MJF on his win and offers him a handshake. MJF gives him the ring back, Wardlow bows up to DDP and DDP tells him to back off. Wardlow attacks as refs and security arrive to break it up.

– Dustin Rhodes is interviewed and want a Jake Hager’s blood. He knows Hager is a changed man, The Inner Circle (minus Hager) attacks and swarms Dustin. Matt Jackson makes the save, Nick joins him and the babyfaces look for triple shattered dreams and connect to stand tall.

– We get another Dark Order propaganda video/infomerial.

– It was announced in the building that next week, Dustin & The Young Bucks face Guevara, Santana, & Ortiz.

AEW World Title Match: Le Champion Chris Jericho vs. Scorpio Sky: Seconds have been banned from ringside. They lock up and Jericho hits an arm drag. Lock up again and Jericho follows with a shoulder tackle. He hits another, but Sky cuts him off with a dropkick and dumps him. He follows with a dropkick on the floor and back in, Sky gets the sunset flip for 2. The back elbow connects and slingshots in but Jericho cuts him off with the wrecking ball dropkick. Sky is down on the floor, Jericho follows him out and lays in chops. He runs him into the steps, Back in and Jericho grounds the action. He follows with strikes, and covers for 2. Sky fights off a suplex, turns it into one of his own and follows with a neck breaker. The dropkick connects and Sky follows with the slingshot cutter for 2. He lays in chops and strikes, but Jericho cuts him off and locks on the walls. Sky fights and makes the ropes. Jericho breaks and argues with the ref, but Sky hits a cutter and transitions to a dragon sleeper. Hager arrives, Sky takes him out and Jericho cradles Sky for 2. They work into a double down, Hager is still at ringside even though he shouldn’t be. Kaz arrives and Daniels joins him to attack and take him to the back. Ok, that’s better. Jericho misses a belt shot, TKO by Sky and that gets 2! The crowd now rallies for Sky, he follows with strikes and a RANA on Jericho. The enziguri gets 2. Sky then runs up the ropes and flies into a code breaker for a good near fall. Judas effect is countered into a cradle for 2. Jericho then counters into the walls and Sky taps. Le Champion Chris Jericho defeated Scorpio Sky @ 12:20 via submission [***¼] This was a good main event and they created some fine drama down the stretch, but it never kicked into that higher gear.

– Post match, Jericho attacks again as Moxley arrives through the crowd. They have a long distance stare down as they officially start teasing Moxley vs. Jericho.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite was an overall good show, but felt as if it was missing something as compared to recent weeks. The wrestling was good overall, they are doing a better job with promos and video packages, but it all didn’t land as smoothly as it could have. It was a good and briskly paced two-hour show, but didn’t feel ”must-see” this week.