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Csonka’s AEW Dynamite Review 2.05.20

February 5, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Cody AEW Dynamite 11-7-19
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Csonka’s AEW Dynamite Review 2.05.20  

Csonka’s AEW Dynamite Review 2.05.20

– Jon Moxley defeated Ortiz @ 7:50 via pin [***¼]
– SCU defeated Best Friends @ 9:15 via pin [***¼]
– Yuka Sakazaki defeated Dr. Britt Baker @ 3:30 via pin [**½]
– The Lucha Bros, The Butcher & The Blade defeated The Elite @ 13:20 via pin [****]
– Kip Sabian defeated Joey Janela @ 11:30 via pin [***]

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– Le Champion Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, & Sammy Guevara arrive as our champion joins commentary.

Jon Moxley vs. Ortiz: Santana is at ringside. This is Ortiz’s first singles match on national TV, he never had one while in Impact. They brawl at the bell, Mox hits a clothesline and Ortiz powders. Mox chases, back in and takes him down. He follows with knee strikes, enziguri by Ortiz and the splash gets 2. He dumps Mox and whips him to the barricade and then the steps. Back in and Ortiz works some tiger style, and then a camel clutch. Mox powers out and escapes, but Ortiz hits the sitout powerbomb for 2. Mox cuts him off and transitions into a figure four, but Ortiz escapes, poking the good eye. Ortiz charges, gets dumped, suicide dive by Mox takes out Santana and he dumps Ortiz into the crowd. Back in and Mox follows with clotheslines, a black hole slam and that gets 2. They trade, Ortiz dumps him and the suicide cannonball follows. Back in, Ortiz heads up top and the big splash gets 2. The fisherman’s suplex also gets 2. Ortiz grounds things, heads up top and flies into a boot, rainmaker by Mox and runs Ortiz into Santana. Death rider finishes it. Jon Moxley defeated Ortiz @ 7:50 via pin [***¼] This was a good action packed opener here with Moxley continuing to roll along as well as a strong post match angle where he was over big.

– Post match, Santana attacks, but gets laid out by death rider. Mox teases Jericho with the keys to the car Jericho gifted him. He stabs Santana in the eyes with them. The Inner Circle checks on Santana.

SCU vs. Best Friends: Orange Cassidy is at ringside. Trent and Kaz begin, locking up and working to the ropes. They work into counters, Tent follows with chops until Kaz takes him down. Kaz follows with more chops, they trade and Trent hits the flying knee strike. Chuck in as double teams follow. Sky tags in and Chuck takes him down and then follows with a shoulder tackle. Sky is not impressed, follows with kicks and a dropkick. Kaz back in and double teams follow as Kaz covers for 2. Trent tags in, takes out Sky and Kaz cuts them off until Chuck hits sliced bread. Cutter by Sky and Trent then hits a spear on the floor. German by Kaz on the floor, cannonball by Chuck and everyone is down. Orange lays down with them. Back in and Trent works over Kaz with chops, Chuck tags in and follows with strikes. They fight over a suplex until Chuck does the deal with the falcon arrow for 2. Trent follows with the slingshot elbow for 2. Kaz counters the DDT, but Kaz hits the backstabber. Sky tags in, dumps Chuck and double teams follow on Trent for 2. Trent is down, holding his neck and Chuck saves him, he clotheslines Kaz and it breaks down as the soul food/half and half combo connects. They hug and Sky stops string zero and that allows Kaz to hit code red for the win. SCU defeated Best Friends @ 9:15 via pin [***¼] Another good and energetic match, the two teams work well together and made the most of the time given to them.

– Post match, Dark Order attacks and lays out SCU until Orange hits the ring. They offer him a Dark Order mask, Orange refuses and they attack. Daniels makes the save, Dark Order refuses to attack and leaves.

– MJF cuts a promo on Cody, referencing the “walk behinder” line from Dusty’s famous promo and say he will whip Cody into submission and that he will never be a walk behinder again.

Dr. Britt Baker vs. Yuka Sakazaki: I am happy to see Sakazaki back in AEW, it’s been too long. They lockup and Baker works the arm until Sakazaki counters out. Baker then attacks with strikes and chokes her out. The running boot follows and the cover gets 2. Sakazaki fires back, hits a RANA and follows with the seated senton for 2. Baker powders and Sakazaki follow with the high cross to the floor. Back in and Sakazaki grounds things, hits a sliding clothesline and that gets 2. Baker fires back with rights, they trade and Bake cuts her off with kicks and the neck breaker for 2. Baker follow with ground and pound, but Sakazaki counters lockjaw and cradles Baker for the win. Yuka Sakazaki defeated Dr. Britt Baker @ 3:30 via pin [**½] This was solid with a surprising result and good post match angle

– Post match, Baker lays her out with the ring bell and makes her bite the ropes before kicking the back of her head, knocking out a tooth. Lockjaw follows on a bloody Yuka.

The Elite (Kenny Omega, Hangman Page & The Young Bucks) vs. The Lucha Bros, The Butcher & The Blade: The Bunny is at ringside. Page works over Blade to begin, Kenny tags in and double teams follow for 2. Matt tags in, more double teams connect and the Elite continue to wok quick tags. and then lea out the ring to stand tall as Page watches on. Planchas follow and Page wants a beer. The heels rush the ring and take control back as Fenix hits a huge dive to the floor, wiping out the Elite. Back in and they isolate Nick, and Blade covers for 2. Butcher tags in and he delivers chops, kicks and strikes. Blade back in and they work over Nick in their corner. Post break and Nick starts to battle back, runs the luchas into the barricades and back in, the x-factor to Blade connects. Matt tags in and follows with the rolling northern lights suplexes, Kenny in and Fenix fights off Matt, takes out Kenny and follows with arm drags to both. Backstabber by Pentagon. He and Fenix follow with double teams and isolate Kenny. Butcher tags in, lays the boots to Kenny and Blade joins in for double teams and covers for 2. Butcher follows with strikes, Kenny fires back and the RAN follows. Page tags in, runs wild and follows with a plancha, overhead belly to belly and the big moonsault to the floor. COWBOY SHIT chants follow. Back in and the rolling lariat gets 2. The Elite all work over Pentagon, but the heels drags them to the floor and isolate Nick. The doomsday device follows for 2.. Powerbomb by Butcher as Kenny makes the save. The snapdragon suplex buffet follows, it breaks down and Butcher cuts off page, superkicks follow and V trigger by Kenny, Blade cuts him off and the buckshot lariat by Page connects. Page is favoring his knee, he refuses to tags out and Pentagon cuts him off. the double stomp/package piledriver combo connects and Page is done. The Lucha Bros, The Butcher & The Blade defeated The Elite @ 13:20 via pin [****] This was a great all action tag, with the Lucha Bros picking up a needed win, Page refusing throughout to tag in the Bucks and continuing that angle extremely well. A tremendous mix of in ring action and storytelling of chaos within the ELITE, which has been really well done so far.

– Tony arrives and interviews Kenny Omega. In the back, Pac is here, being a bastard. He wants his rematch, and since Omega left Nakazawa for dead, he will go after Riho. Omega agrees to the match, as Pac says he may be a bastard but he’s not a beast… but she is This leads to Nyla Rose attacking and powerbombing Riho onto I AM THE TABLE! Nyla gets the title shot next week.

– We get a Darby Allin video package, with Darby taking a flamethrower to a Sammy/Chris Jericho stand up.

Kip Sabian vs. Joey Janela: Penelope Ford is at ringside. They brawl right away with Janela taking control and choking out Sabian. Sabian fires back with kicks, strikes and they pick up the pace as he hits an enziguri. Sabian works him over in the corner, Janela battles back with chops and running forearms as the suplex follows for 2. Sabian fires back, follows wit kicks, but Janela just gets pissed and he delivers kicks. He dares Sabian to throw more, but Sabian locks on a chinlock. Janela escapes, they trade and Janela is cut off and tripped into the steps. Ford slams him to the steps again, and back in, Sabian covers for 2. He follows with kicks, and covers for 2. Sabian takes the ref, Ford rakes Janela’s eyes and they trade strikes until Sabian hits the anarchist suplex for 2. Sabian misses the springboard, gets dumped and Janela follows with the suicide dive. Ford distracts him, Sabian hits a PK until Janela hits the German on the floor. back in and Janela hits a huge lariat for 2. Sabian counters the DVD, but Janela catches him with a superkick. Sabian counters back, but runs into the a spiked DVD for 2. They trade until Sabian cuts him off with a DDT. Ford takes the ref, kisses Sabian and Ford gets bumped to the floor allowing Sabian to cradle Janela with the tights for the win. Kip Sabian defeated Joey Janela @ 11:30 via pin [***] This was good, thy had a story coming in, played off of it well, and the heel stole a win to keep it going, likely to the PPV as a good little undercard feud.

– Jericho rants about a man who would dare take out another man’s eye, running down Moxley. Santana says he’s had a bad month but Mox has unleashed something new in him and next week, he’s coming for Mox, an eye for an eye. Jericho was a great delusional, hypocritical heel here, but Santana snapping and taking the segment over ruled.

– The Bucks argue with page about losing their tag match. Matt takes his beer away to give him a reality check, but Page still has pitcher of beer with him! That’s cowboy shit.

NEXT WEEK: Omega & Page vs. SCU, Mox vs. Santana, & Riho vs. Nyla Rose.

– In two weeks, a tag team battle royal for a title shot at the PPV & Cody vs. Wardlow in a cage.

– In three weeks, Kenny vs. Pac in a 30-minute iron match.

– Dustin comments on Cody having to take 10-lashes tonight. He says Cody is tougher than anyone knows and will take it.

CODY GETS WHIPPED: MJF & The Wardlow arrive. Cody has to survive all 10-lashes, or he doesn’t get MJF. Cody arrives, takes off his suit jacket and shirt and it’s time to get to business. MJF says his belt is too nice to use, and demands Cody’s own belt instead to add to the humiliation. Cody gives it to him and let the lashing begin. MJF fucks around and teases Cody for a bit, and then starts whipping him. MJF hits one, removes his jacket as Butcher, Blade, & Bunny arrive along with others to watch. MJF hits another and dares Cody to hit him. MJF hits the third and Cody is welting up. Arn Anderson arrives, and fires up Cody. MJF mocks Arn, hits the 4th whip and Cody is down. MJF tells Cody to quit, he refuses and wants more. The 5th follows, and Cody drops again. Dustin arrives and wants to take the rest, but MJF refuses and tells him to bail. Dustin rallies Cody and MJF hits 6 and 7 as the Bucks arrive. MJF says no one cane help Cody and demands he quits. Cody is selling this so well, I mean I am sure it hurts like a motherfucker, but he’s great here as he tears up. MJF delivers #8 and tells Cody to stay down. He fires up and Wardlow takes the strap. He fucks up Cody with #9 and Cody drops. MJF talks shit a Brandi arrives, rallies Cody and he takes #10. His friends check on him but MJF is not pleased, so he low blows Cody and powders through the crowd. This will be a polarizing segment but I think it was excellent. Cody comes away as a mega babyface and fans will be dying to see him get his hands on MJF. I think it’s effective storytelling and compelling TV when you add in all the extras rallying for Cody to survive. MJF getting pissed that he did and then low blowing him and running away.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 87. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Steve Cook break down the WWE management woes, the latest roadblocks for NXT Japan (DDT/NOAH), hit more news & notes and then talk TNA There’s No Place Like Home. Finally, Larry reviews NJPW New Beginning in Sapporo. The show is approximately 142-minutes long.

* Intro
* Corporate WWE/Management Woes: 3:35
* NXT Japan Road Blocks/DDT & NOAH: 34:45
* News Roundup (Beyond Wrestling to TV?, Harper Potentially to AEW, NJPW Back to US TV?, More): 48:45
* TNA There’s No Place Like Home Wish List: 1:05:35
* TNA Stars That Would Have Been Better Off Never Leaving For WWE: 1:41:55
* Larry’s NJPW New Beginning in Sapporo Reviews: 1:57:11

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– End scene.

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The final score: review Very Good
The 411
This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite was an improvement over last week’s show and a great and compelling week of TV. We had a lot of good wrestling, great set up for the next three weeks, continued to advance Mox vs. Jericho, the Elite drama with Page, and I found the closing segment to be excellent.