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Csonka’s AEW Dynamite Review 2.12.20

February 12, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
AEW Dynamite 11-6-19 Jon Moxley
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Csonka’s AEW Dynamite Review 2.12.20  

Csonka’s AEW Dynamite Review 2.12.20

AEW Tag Team Championship Match: Champions Kenny Omega & Hangman Page defeated SCU @ 13:00 via pin [****]
– Dustin Rhodes defeated Sammy Guevara @ 6:50 via pin [***¼]
AEW Women’s Championship Match: Nyla Rose defeated Champion Riho @ 12:20 via pin [***¾]
– MJF defeated Jungle Boy @ 11:50 via pin [***½]
– Jon Moxley defeated Santana @ 11:20 via pin [***½]

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– We open with highlights from last week.

– JR, Excalibur, & Tony are on commentary.

– Dark Order cuts a promo and wishes them all luck tonight, they are waiting on the exalted one and tease they are many and closer than you think; Daniels goes to the back to search for them.

AEW Tag Team Championship Match: Champions Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs. SCU: Daniels is at ringside. Kenny and Kaz begin, locking up and work to the ropes. Sky cheap shots Kenny and he dumps him. Kaz then cradles him for 2. Sky nails him again, German by Kaz and that gets 2. Double teams follow as Sky covers for 2. Page cuts off SCU-later and the champions take control until Kaz takes out Page. Snapdragon by Kenny and Sky cuts him off and follows with a tope. Tope by Kenny and back in, Kenny heads up top and follows with the missile dropkick and fisherman’s buster for 2. Page in and they work over Kaz, Page hits a fall away slam and tags Kenny back in. You can’t escape is countered, Kaz dumps Page and they isolate Kenny in the corner. Sky spears him to the barricade, rolls him back in and Kaz hits the springboard leg drop for 2. Sky tags in, follows with kicks and Kenny fires back until Sky cuts him off. Kaz tags in and grounds things. Kenny fights to his feet, carries Kaz on his back and slams his way out. Page is down on the floor, SCU follow with double teams on Kenny until he fights back and tags in Page. Page runs wild on SCU, hits clotheslines and the standing moonsault for 2. Sky dumps Kenny, Kaz cuts of Page with a lariat and that gets 2. They double team Page and the cover gets 2. Backstabber by Kaz, cutter by Sky and SCU lock in dragon sleepers. The champions escape, V trigger by Kenny, snapdragon follows and the buckshot lariat is countered until Page hits a powerbomb, V trigger by Kenny, dive by Page and the buckshot/V trigger combo finishes it. Champions Kenny Omega & Hangman Page defeated SCU @ 13:00 via pin [****] This was a great, all action opener, with some drama between Page & Kenny included, followed by the big brawl to hype next week’s battle royal, a great opening overall to highlight the tag division.

– Dark Order arrives, but so do Best Friends, Butcher & Blade, Evens & Angelico as well as the Bucks. We get the big tag team brawl to hype up next week’s tag team contender’s battle royal. Dark Order powders, and the Bucks clear the ring to stand tall. They then take out everyone with dives.

– JR spoke with Santana earlier today. Santana says that 10-years ago he was in a dark place, broke with no direction and called his father. His father could relate, as he couldn’t see and started going blind at 14. His father was taken from him, that’s what he lives with. JR says Moxley was going for revenge, while Santana says Mox had the chance to join them but pissed it all away. He built his own coffin, but he will put him in the dark tonight. This was great stuff,

– We get a Darby Allin video, he still can’t talk due to Sammy’s attack and promises to find him at Revolution via written word/cue cards ala Sammy.

Sammy Guevara vs. Dustin Rhodes: Jake Hager is at ringside. Sammy powders at the bell, stalls a bit and then sneaks in but runs into strikes. Rhodes runs wild as the running knee gets 2. Sammy powders again, Rhodes wipes him out on the floor, talks shit to Hager and back in, Sammy cuts him of by dropkicking him to the floor. Sammy follows with the suicide dive and whips him to the barricade. Sammy then work him over on the floor, back in and covers for 2. The squatting Samoan drop connects for 2. Rhodes cuts him off with a flatliner, clotheslines and the drop down uppercut. Sammy fires back, but runs into a snap slam for 2. Rhodes heads up top but Hager distracts him and Sammy attacks and hits a GTS for 2. Sammy heads up top and Rhodes crotches him. He follows him up and knocks Sammy to the mat, but Sammy pops back up and Rhodes dumps him. He follows with the destroyer. The final reckoning connects for the win. Dustin Rhodes defeated Sammy Guevara @ 6:50 via pin [***¼] This was good and sets up Dustin vs. Hager (fallout from the arm break angle) but I didn’t like Sammy losing ahead of a PPV match with Darby. I wish someone other than Sammy could have taken the loss, but think it worked overall.

– Post match, Dustin calls Hager Jericho’s bitch and wants him to stop collecting a check, calls him a failure in MMA and he wants him at Revolution. Hager walks away. Dustin was over huge here.

– They show highlights of Baker busting Yuka’s teeth last week.

– Tony interviews Baker, and Baker mocks Tony right away. Baker says she stayed ethical and improved Yuka’s health. That tooth had extensive decay and was coming out anyway, so she took that tooth out for free. Yuka walked out there an unknown and likely doesn’t have health insurance. She runs down Tony as Tony asks her bout Riho & Nyla later tonight. She thinks it will be a fantastic match, but they will both be number two to her. She runs down the crowd, reminds us she’s a role model and has two degrees. She is the women’s division, the first woman signed to AEW and she made a statement last week. Good heat on Baker here.

AEW Women’s Championship Match: Champion Riho vs. Nyla Rose: Riho attacks right away, Rose cuts her off and misses a charge as Riho cradles her for 2. Rose quickly cuts her off and grounds things, until Riho fires back and hits ahead scissors She dumps Rose and heads up top. Rose catches the high cross and hits a backbreaker. Rose pulls out a table, sets it up and Riho attacks with a sliding dropkick off the table. Riho up top and the high cross follows for 2. Rose fights off a slam, and she hits one of her own and the leg drop gets 2. Rose works her over in the corner, follows with kicks and chokes Riho out. Post break and Riho counters back with a dropkick, and the crucifix driver. She tips up Rose and the 619 is blocked, but Riho hits a basement dropkick for 2. Rose counters into a Samoan drop for 2. She drapes Riho on the ropes, heads up top and the flying knee drop connects for 2 as Rose didn’t cover well, too cocky. Rose takes her up top and Riho fires back, they trade and Rose bites Riho. The avalanche DVD follows for 2. Riho battles back with snapdragons, but Rose cuts her off until Riho hits a northern lights suplex for 2. Riho heads up top and the double stomp gets 1! Riho back up top and the double stomp connects. She hits a third and Rose makes the ropes. Rose cuts her off with the spear, beast bomb and we have a new champion. Nyla Rose defeated Champion Riho @ 12:20 via pin [***¾] This was very good, and one of the best AEW women’s singles matches to date. Riho was a great babyface, Rose was a good monster, the layout and work delivered and the crowd was into it the whole time.

– Post match, Nyla talks shit to Kenny and others backstage.

– Jericho announces that next week, he has hire a bounty hunter to take out Moxley next week. JEFF COBB!

– They hype next week’s Cody vs. Wardlow cage match.

– Brandi Rhodes joins commentary.

MJF vs. Jungle Boy: Wardlow, Stunt, & Luchasaurus are at ringside. They lockup and Jungle Boy grounds things until MJF cuts him off with a shoulder tackle. MJF struts and they work into counters until Jungle Boy cradles him for 2. He shoves MJF down and MJF powders. Back in and MJF fakes the handshake so Jungle Boy hits the springboard arm drag and dropkick. MJF pokes the eyes, lays the boots to him and chokes him out. To the floor and MJF slams him to the barricades. MJF slams him on the floor, and poses in the ring. He then works him over in the ropes, and then grounds the action. MJF follows with a backbreaker, a backdrop until Jungle Boy battles back. He follows with strikes, a huge lariat and follows with the suicide dive, another and then hits the tope! Back in and Jungle Boy hits a poison RANA for 2. MJF cuts him off with the superkick and Gory special until Jungle Boy cradles him for 2. MJF crotches him up top and yells to Brandi that he’s a real man while grabbing his dick. Jungle Boy battles back into a Liger bomb and that gets 2. Wardlow gives MJF his ring and he KOs Jungle Boy. The double cross finishes it MJF defeated Jungle Boy @ 11:50 via pin [***½] The crowd was great for this, and the match was very good. MJF was always going to win, and he did and looked good but Jungle Boy also continued to impress as he also delivered a high quality outing.

– Wardlow lays out Jungle Boy post match.

NEXT WEEK: Cody vs. Wardlow in a cage match, Moxley vs. Cobb, & #1 contender’s tag team battle royal, Lucha Bros vs. Kenny & Page in a tag title match.

– We get a Pac video package on his upcoming rematch with Kenny Omega. Pac was great here and the production was similar to his last, shot in black and white with a great grainy quality to it. They face in a 30-minuteiron man match in two weeks.

– Hager vs. Dustin is official for Revolution.

– Jericho, Sammy, & Hager head to a luxury suite. SING ALONG TO JUDAS TIME.

Jon Moxley vs. Santana: Ortiz is at ringside. They immediately brawl on the floor, into the crowd and beat the hell out of each other. Mox dumps him over the barricade and slams him to the barricades. In the ring and Mox delivers chops, strikes and dumps Santana. Mox heads up top and flies to the floor to take out Santana. Santana slams him to the steps and looks to attack the good eye, but Mox fires back but Santana follows with a dropkick. He follows with chops, strikes and then back in, Santana targets Mox’s eye. He then works him over in the corner with strikes and elbows. Santana grounds things, Mox fights to his feet and follows with clotheslines. Santana fires back, but Mox counters into an arm bar. Santana rolls out but Mox follows with a German. Santana cuts him off with a flatliner and cutter for 2. Santana then hits a piledriver for 2. Santana heads up top, but eats knees on the frog splash. They trade, superkick by Santana but Mox kills him with a lariat. Mox fires up, heads up top and Ortiz mists him as Santana follows with the cannonball. Santana heads up top and the frog splash gets 2. Mox attacks Santana’s good eye, hits death rider and Santana is done. Jon Moxley defeated Santana @ 11:20 via pin [***½]

Post match, Ortiz attacks Mox as the rest of the Inner Circle arrive. They kick the shit out of Mox, Sammy hits a 630 and Jericho lays him out with the Judas effect as the Inner Circle stands tall. Jeff Cobb then arrives and hits the tour of the islands on Mox.

This was a smart stylistic change from the rest of the show with the early brawling. They had another really good match here. Santana looked good in defeat, Mox won as he should have and the beat down angle post match played out very well.

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– End scene.

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The final score: review Very Good
The 411
This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite was a great show, and overall it may be my favorite episode to date. We had a great tag title match, a really good women’s title match and title change, everything in the ring delivering and the feeling that everything was really clicking. The Santana interview with JR was great (something they should do more of), the Baker heel turn is coming along nicely, and they also did a great job of setting up next week’s show as well as doing more build for the PPV (Darby vs Sammy and Dustin vs. Hager).