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Csonka’s AEW Dynamite Review 3.25.20

March 25, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
AEW Dynamite Matt Hardy
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Csonka’s AEW Dynamite Review 3.25.20  

Csonka’s AEW Dynamite Review 3.25.20

– Cody defeated Jimmy Havoc @ 10:40 via pin [***¼]
– Darby Allin defeated Kip Sabian @ 10:30 via pin [***]
– Jake Hager defeated Chico Adams @ 1:10 via pin [NR]
– Brodie Lee defeated QT Marshall @ 2:55 via pin [NR]
AAA Mega Championship Match: Champion Kenny Omega defeated Sammy Guevara @ 23:25 via pin [***¾]

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– Kenny Omega is joining Tony on commentary as Cody heads to the ring.

– Spears is running the gambling ring backstage.

Cody vs. Jimmy Havoc: They lockup and trade shoulder tackles until Havoc cradles Cody for 2.They work into counters and Havoc follows with arm drags, and then starts attacking the arm. They trade cradles and shake hands like good lads… until Havoc attacks with strikes and chokes out Cody. Cody fires back, Havoc cuts him off until Cody counters back into the Cody cutter and figure four. Havoc grabs at the ear, fights, and escapes. Cody dumps him and follows with a suicide dive. He whips Havoc to the wall and then the barricades. They fight to the stage and Havoc joins commentary as he beats on Cody. Back to the ring and Cody fires back, delivers strikes and is cut off by a Havoc arm drag to the buckles. Havoc follows with strikes, and then goes back to the arm. Cody manages to dump Havoc and takes control back and then runs off the stage and clotheslines Havoc back in and then follows with a suplex. Havoc counters the cutter into an arm bar, Cody fights, rolls and makes the ropes. They work into counters and Havoc goes back to the arm, Cody makes the ropes and eats the acid rainmaker for 2. Havoc follows with strikes, and Cody cuts him off, crotching him on the ropes and the inverted superplex follows; cross Rhodes and another finishes it. Cody defeated Jimmy Havoc @ 10:40 via pin [***¼] This was a good opening match as Cody continues to deliver and Havoc has been fun in 2020, transitioning away from a hardcore only guy into a proper wrestling lad.

– Jake Roberts arrives via video package, putting over Lance Archer and he wants to get into the ring with someone and soon. Cody gave the fans AEW and something they wanted, but Jake, the best mind in the business wasn’t called. They saw Archer and was afraid. Caesar, give us a chance, bring us your people and make the match, just one match, because that’s all it will take. It’s all up to you Cody.

– Cody has joined commentary. Lance Archer can debut next week and he’ll be ready for him.

– We get a Darby Allin video package.

Darby Allin vs. Kip Sabian: Penelope Ford is at ringside. They lockup and Allin takes early control, picking up a near fall. Lockup and Allin follows with a cradle for 2. Kip powders and back in, Kip attacks with kicks, shoulder tackles and Allin counters back into arm drags. Kip powders again and Allin follows but Ford saves Kip as Allin hits the barricades. Kip takes control and slams Allin to the apron. Post break and Ford gets on some shots on Allin. Back in and Allin counters back with strikes, a back elbow and John Woooooooooo. Allin controls and follows with the stunner for 2. Kip cuts him off, attacking the back by using the post. He misses the wrecking bal dropkick and follows with the suicide dive. Back in and Ford trips up Allin, and Kip follows with the disaster kick. The anarchist suplex follows and that gets 2. Allin follows with strikes, they trade and Kip takes control until Allin counters into the last supper for the win. Darby Allin defeated Kip Sabian @ 10:30 via pin [***] This was another good and competitive match with the right man going over.

Jake Hager vs. Chico Adams: Hager dominates at the bell, posting Adams and following with the Vader bomb. Adams fires back, but is quickly cut off sand the head and arm choke finishes it. Jake Hager defeated Chico Adams @ 1:10 via pin [NR] Like on last night’s Dark, another quick and effective squash for Hager, who remains the lineal Lucha Underground champion.

-Jon Moxley arrives and they brawl. Mox dumps him and stands tall.

– Backstage, Mox tells Hager he will go where he wants when he wants and is ready to go for blood. When they face, Hager will be carted out on a stretcher.

– We get highlights of Brodie Lee’s debut as the exalted one last week.

– We see the exalted one eating a meal, talking about Dark Order with Silver & Reynolds about being the lions of AEW preying on the weak. They don’t get it and won’t allow them to eat until he finishes and banishes Silver from the table. Reynolds sneezes so Lee snaps and banishes him as well, a nice inside Vince joke there on top of the steak eating.

Brodie Lee vs. QT Marshall: Cody jokes about Marshall getting hair replacement surgery. Big boot by Lee, and he then beats down Marshall on the floor. Lee dominates wit ease, and back in the ring hits a senton atomico. He follow with back elbows and a suplex. Lee then hits another and Marshall fires back with an enziguri, another and Lee cuts him off with the black hole slam. The rolling lariat finishes it. Brodie Lee defeated QT Marshall @ 2:55 via pin [NR] A nice and dominate win for Lee in his in-ring debut.

– Lee leaves QT a Dark Order mask post match.

– We get highlights of the Elite vs. Inner Circle feud and debut of Matt Hardy last week.

– We now get an update on Nick Jackson who was almost murdered by the Inner Circle. Tony says that Vanguard1 has an update on Nick. Nick is at home, working out and still alive thankfully at 61%.

Champion Kenny Omega vs. Sammy Guevara: They lockup and work to the ropes. Sammy grounds things but Kenny fights back to his feet, grounds Sammy and then starts attacking the arm but Sammy counters out. They pick up the pace, dropkick by Sammy and he celebrates. Sammy rakes the eyes and dropkicks Kenny to the floor. He posts Kenny, and then starts attacking the injured hand of Kenny. They trade chops, and Sammy continues to go after that injured hand as he makes out with a picture of Brandi at ringside. Post break and Sammy is still in control on the floor. Sammy takes tome to hit on Brandi and that allows Kenny to attack and slam him to the steps. Back in and Kenny follows with the high cross for 2. Kenny follows with elbow strikes, but Sammy counters into an arm bar attempt as Kenny makes the ropes. Sammy goes back to the arm, grounding Kenny until he misses a moonsault. Kenny delivers chops, head butts and you can’t escape is countered by Sammy, he picks up a near fall. He goes back to the arm, stomps at the hand and covers for 2. Sammy keeps Kenny grounded. Post break and they trade, Kenny takes over and follows with double axe handles for 2. He takes out the knee, the kotaru crusher then follows for 2. Sammy fights off the snapdragon, hits the double stomp and running shooting star press for 2. Sammy follows with an enziguri, the springboards cutter and Kenny powders. Sammy follows with a dive and back in, Kenny counters into a powerbomb, V trigger, but Sammy counters into a RANA for 2. He heads up top, misses the shooting star press and V trigger by Kenny and Sammy bites his hand. Kenny knees him in the ace, they work into counters and Sammy hits go to sleep, Kenny counters with a knee strike, Jay driller and that gets 2. The V trigger and the one winged angel finishes it. Champion Kenny Omega defeated Sammy Guevara @ 23:25 via pin [***¾] This was a very good and well done main event match. Kenny is great, but the way Sammy has grown since AEW’s birth and acclimated to TV wrestling has been understated by many.

Chris Jericho Confronts Matt Hardy: Jericho arrives comments on last week’s show where Lee & Hardy debuted. He runs down the Elite as arrogant and will give Matt a chance to make the right decision and join the Inner Circle. Vanguard1 arrives and Jericho promos on Vanguard1, calling him arrogant and having poor political views; a real piece of shit. He then asks Vanguard1 to join the Inner Circle. Jericho makes a hell of a pitch here, but Vanguard1 flies away. Jericho is pissed and Matt now arrives in the stands. He disappears and appears somewhere else and eventually at ringside. He enters the ring and call Jericho the maker of pain. Jericho is confused by his teleporting and Matt says it was magic. Jericho puts him over and says AEW is his show, he built the company and made it what it is. Matt should align with him and not the Elite. Matt says he owed the Bucks of Youth a debt as they resurrected him. AEW is freedom to Matt, and he will not allow the Inner Circle to run this place. Jericho says he resurrects careers and made the Inner Circle and can make matt relevant again and gives him a second chance to join him. Matt says there is a different entity in him, Damascus, over 3,000 years old and he will create chaos, violence, and brutality. Jericho continues to try and recruit him, and says they have known each other for 25-years and while they both have changed, Matt calls him evil and hole of the ass. Jericho says Matt lives in the shadows of bad booking, Jeff, and Jericho himself. Jericho asks him one last time to join him, and they Bugs Bunny with Elite or Delete, and Jericho says no one is here to chant his stupid catchphrase. Matt says he knew the real Judas, he betrayed him as well and then sings the obsolete song. Jericho mocks him since he banned fans from appearing and Matt disagree and claims there are essences of famous people in the crowd. Jericho slaps him, Matt fires back and drops him. Sammy arrives and attacks Matt. Cody and Kenny make the save with chair shots. The Elite stand tall with Matt. Depending on how much you like the Broken Matt stuff your mileage will vary on this. I thought overall it was fun, not great, but continued the build to Blood & Guts well.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
While not as good as last week's effort (due to having to drop the guys in the crowd and not having any big surprises), this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite wasn’t as strong as last week’s show but overall was still good. Cody was a blast on commentary, as he was a great mix of a knowledgeable veteran pro wrestler and an excitable pro wrestling fan and worked great with Tony. Jake cut another great promo, the wrestling was good as they put people in position to pick up needed wins, and deliver in the right spots.