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Csonka’s AEW Fight For The Fallen 2019 Review

July 14, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Fight For the Fallen Kenny Omega CIMA Photo Credit: AEW
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Csonka’s AEW Fight For The Fallen 2019 Review  

Csonka’s AEW Fight For The Fallen 2019 Review

– MJF, Shawn Spears, & Sammy Guevara defeated Jimmy Havoc, Darby Allin, & Joey Janela @ 13:10 via pin [***¼]
– Brandi Rhodes defeated Allie @ 11:00 via pin [*]
– Dark Order defeated Evans & Angelico & Land of the Lost @ 14:59 via pin [***¾]
– Hangman Page defeated Kip Sabian @ 19:00 via pin [**]
– The Lucha Bros defeated SCU @ 15:00 via pin [***½]
– Kenny Omega defeated CIMA @ 23:01 via pin [***¾]
– The Young Bucks defeated Cody & Dustin Rhodes @ 31:00 via pin [***]

Sorry for the delay, I lost electricity, cable, and Internet due to storms last night. Thanks to Steve Cook for covering for me.

QUICK PRE-SHOW THOUGTS: Kiss vs Avalon was ok, but the librarian gimmick still sucks. Sonny Kiss is a tremendous opening act performer with a ton of charisma that pulls fans into his matches. The women’s tag was pretty good, but was hurt by Baker getting a concussion in the opening moments and I felt a sloppy performance by Bea Priestley.

– The venue looks cool.

Jimmy Havoc, Darby Allin, & Joey Janela vs. MJF, Shawn Spears, & Sammy Guevara: MJF tells Spears to take notes as he starts and Janela immediately takes control. Havoc tags in and bites his hand, and then stomps away on the arm. MJF battles back, but Havoc cradles him for 2. He grounds the action and bites the hand again, but MJF cuts him off and hits a slam. Janela and Sammy tag in, Sammy hits an enziguri but misses the high cross and Janela Germans him to the buckles. Havoc in and follows with strikes, and follows with the corner boot. Sammy cuts him off with a knee strike, tags in Spears and Allin joins him. Spears quickly tags out and Sammy is back in. Allin grounds him, but Sammy makes the ropes. Allin follows with arm drags, tags in Janela and he slams Sammy to the buckles and then misses a charge. Janela hits a RANA, but Sammy hits a dropkick as MJF tags in. They work to the apron, stuns Janela off the ropes and knocks him to the floor. Spears tags himself in and works over Janela. The suplex follows, and he then stomps away at Janela. Sammy tags in and follows with chops. He grounds the action, but Janela fights to his feet and hits a jawbreaker but Spears tags in. MJF then tags himself in and he takes over. He mocks Spears with a cartwheel and the 10, and flips him off. Janela fights back after a miscommunication and Havoc and Sammy tag in and Havoc runs wild and DVDs Spears onto MJF. Sammy cuts him off and Havoc runs MJF into Spears and Havoc follows with a superplex for 2. He dumps Spears and then MJF, Allin tags in and Sammy takes out Havoc, Allin hits the stunner for 2 as it completely breaks down. Sammy follows with kicks on Allin, superkicks Janela and follows with a suicide dive and then the Fosbury flop. The Spanish fly follows for 2. Sammy heads up top, but Janela hits the apron DVD to cut him off. Spears tags himself in and hits ushigoroshi on Allin and then the running DVD for the win. MJF, Shawn Spears, & Sammy Guevara defeated Jimmy Havoc, Darby Allin, & Joey Janela @ 13:10 via pin [***¼] This was the exact finish I predicted and hoped for, as Spears beating the man Cody went to a draw with is a nice story telling device to add to their feud. The match was good, Sammy got to shine a bit and the MJF & Spears interactions were fun.

– They run an emotional Brandi Rhodes promo.

Brandi Rhodes vs. Allie: Brandi has Awesome Kong out with her. They brawl and Allie hits a clothesline. Brandi cuts her off, but Allie hits a Russian leg sweep for 2. Allie follows with chops, and the high cross. The enziguri follows and Kong distracts Allie, allowing Brandi to attack. She spills water on Allie and slams her to he apron. Back in and the knee strike follows for 2. Brandi slams her to the buckles, follows with kicks, but Allie fights back with strikes. Brandi sorta hits a superkick for 2. She follows with strikes, and covers for 2. Kong distracts Allie and Brandi attacks, and covers for 2. She slaps Allie around, and Allie cradles her for 2. The neck breaker follows, and they trade strikes. Allie fires up and follow with clotheslines. Corner forearms follow, and then the sliding D connects for 2. The bulldog follows for 2. The dragon sleeper follows, Brandi escapes and hits the tornado suplex for 2. Superkick by Allie, and the DVD follows for 2 as Kong pulls Brandi to the ropes. Brandi then cradles her for 2. Dragon sleeper by Allie, Kong distracts the ref as Brandi taps to the dragon sleeper and as Allie is distracted, Brandi hits the spear for the win. Brandi Rhodes defeated Allie @ 11:00 via pin [*] The whole Brandi thing is confusing, because in the lead up they run all of these emotional video packages to set her up as a woman you can get behind, and then have her come out with a heater and work Authority era Stephanie McMahon heel. The match wasn’t good, as Brandi wrestling looks like someone wrestling under water. It went too long and the booking of Allie has been horrible so far.

– Post match, Brandi and Kong beat down Allie, but AJA KONG arrives and has a Kong off with Kong, teasing a possible Kong vs. Kong match in the US. It must be nice to have “fly Aja Kong in from Japan for a three minute angle fuck you style money” to burn. I’m totally jealous.

Dark Order (Grayson & Uno) vs. Evans & Angelico vs. Land of the Lost (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) w/Marko Stunt: Luchasaurus is over huge. Grayson starts with Evans. Grayson take control with chops, hits an overhead toss and Angelico tags in. Angelico follows with strikes, but Grayson hits the dropkick. The uranage follows, and Uno tags in. He bites Angelico, but Angelico hits an enziguri as Boy tags in and hits arm drags and a RANA. The dropkick follows, but Uno cuts him off with a neck breaker as Luchasaurus tags in. Uno tags out and Evans is in. Evans tries to shove Luchasaurus, but Luchasaurus follow with chops and then tosses him across the ring. Boy tags back in and Grayson tags in and cuts off Boy, but he fires back and lays in chops until he gets dumped to the floor and Uno slams him off the apron. Uno tags in and isolates Boy, Dark Order follow with double teams and work quick tags. Boy hits a desperation enziguri but Uno cuts off the tag. Grayson then takes out Evans & Angelico to stop the tag and Uno hits the top rope senton for 2. Uno follows with chops, but Boy hits the slingshot spear and tags in Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus runs wild on Dark Order, grabs Evans & Angelico and lays them out with kicks. he chokeslams Evans to the floor onto Angelico as Boy hits the shooting star pres to the floor. Luchasaurus tombstones Grayson for 2 as Uno makes the save. TKO by Luchasaurus, Boy tags in and Grayson hits the double PELE. Evans tags in and he and Angelico double team Boy, and hit the double team double stomp. Uno makes the save, but Evans kicks him to the floor. The assisted 450 follows for 2. Angelico hits the BTE bomb and Evans heads up top but Stunt cuts him off with a super RANA and the ref tosses him to the back. Stunt climbs on Luchasaurus’ shoulders and gets lawn darted to the floor onto the pile. The tail whip/GTS combo follow and Uno makes the save. Luchasaurus gets double teamed and suplex Boy onto Luchasaurus. The 450 follows for 2. Dark Order hits the fatality to finish Jungle Boy. Dark Order defeated Evans & Angelico & Land of the Lost @ 14:59 via pin [***¾] This was really good stuff, especially for a late addition to the card. Dark Order winning made the most sense, as the match with Best Friends has been teased since Double or Nothing. But while they are really good, the act doesn’t feel over just yet. You could make the argument that an audible to Land of the lost could have been called here as they were over big, hopefully they get a good run in the tournament.

Hangman Page vs. Kip Sabian: Page starts with an arm drag, but Sabian battles back and looks to work the arm. They work into counters, and into a stalemate. They lock up and Page looks to ground things. Sabian counters out and they end in a stand off. Page follows with a shoulder tackle, but Sabian lays in chops. Page fires back and they trade. Rolling elbow by Page, and the fall away slam follows. He dumps Sabian and he follows and rolls Sabian back in but Sabian cuts him of with a springboard kick. Page cuts off the suicide dive, and the bridging pump handle suplex follows for 2. Sabian dumps Page and follows with a suicide dive. Back in ands the missile dropkick follows for 2. Sabian hits the enziguri and knee strike for 2. He grounds the action, and then follows with an enziguri and the top rope double stomp follows for 2. Page hits a desperation overhead belly to belly to the buckles, hits the Finlay roll and sliding lariat and shooting star press for 2. Sabian slams him to the buckles and follows with a tornado DDT for 2. Sabian follows with a PK for 1. Sabian hits another, stomps at the knee and hits another PK for 2. They trade strikes, Page fires up and then runs into a knee strike but Page rebounds with a huge lariat. Sabian rolls to the apron, Page pulls him up top and Sabian head butts him to the apron and follows with a double stomp that misses. Page slams him on the apron, heads up top and hits the moonsault to the floor, but pulls up grabbing his previously injured knee. Back in and Page powerbombs Sabian over the ropes onto the ramp. Sabian makes it back in and Page heads up top, pulls Sabian up with him and hits the avalanche neck breaker for 2. Page looks for dead eye, Sabian fights out and hits a dragon screw in the ropes. Sabian follows with the dragon RANA but page rolls through and hits deadeye for the win, fucking finally. Hangman Page defeated Kip Sabian @ 19:00 via pin [**] This was fucking baffling to me, Page is about to challenge for the championship against Chris Jericho, so the goal of this match was to make him look like a star and legit threat to Jericho, not going overly long with Kip Sabian. I like Page, I like he’s getting a push and feel he has a ton of potential, but the build to him as a world title challenger has been shit. The card positioning and match lay out were also poor considering what they had to follow, and it went way too long for what they needed to accomplish. The match itself was ok, but lacked a real sense of intensity and completely missed the mark.

– Post match, Jericho (dressed as a Dark Order minion) attacked Page with the code breaker and Judas effect. Page was busted open above his left eye.

The Lucha Bros vs. SCU: Daniels is at ringside. They push and shove and here we go. Fenix and Kaz begin. They lock up and work to the ropes. They break and Fenix picks up the pace, they trade shoulder tackles, and Kaz then takes him down. They then work into a stalemate. All four are in and shove each other, and Pentagon & Sky tag in. They talk trash, and Pentagon struts and Sky does the same. Pentagon removes his glove and follows with kicks, but Sky cuts him off and follows with clotheslines. Pentagon cuts him off with a superkick, Fenix joins in for double teams and then superkick Daniels and Kaz on the floor. Pentagon chops away at Daniels, and then Sky. SCU battles back as Daniels hits an Arabian moonsault onto the luchas. The ref boots Daniels to the back. Kaz flies onto the luchas on the ramp with a high cross, and then tosses Fenix back in as Sky takes over. Double teams follow and Kaz covers for 2. Kaz hits a slam, springboard leg drop and covers for 2. Sky tags in and double teams follow on Fenix, with Sky covering for 2. Kaz follows with strikes, and then grounds the action. Fenix counters a suplex, hits the superkick and then the step up spin kick connects. The PELE follows and pentagon tags in with sling blades, superkicks, and Fenix joins in as they work over Sky with double teams. The top rope double stomp by Pentagon gets 2. Fenix follows with a plancha onto Kaz as Pentagon covers Sky for 2. Kaz fights back, hits a German on Fenix but Pentagon cuts him off with chops and kicks. Sky cuts him off and the doomsday stomp connects. Fenix flies in with the double cutter, but Sky hits an apron cutter on Pentagon. Kaz takes Fenix up top and Fenix fights him off, Sky up with him and Kaz then follows with an avalanche DDT for 2. It breaks down, superkick by Pentagon, Fenix hits the ropewalk double stomp and Pentagon hits a destroyer for 2. The package piledriver/double stomp combo finishes it. The Lucha Bros defeated SCU @ 15:00 via pin [***½] This was a really good tag match, with the Luchas picking up a much-needed win.

– Post match, the Luchas pull out a ladder, beat down SCU, and challenge the Young Bucks for All Out. I mean, that sounds cool, but what are they fighting over? Will it be for the AAA tag titles again, or will it just be a ladder match for the sake of being a ladder match? They teased on commentary that the AAA titles will be on the line.

Kenny Omega vs. CIMA: They lock up and work into counters and end in a stand off. Lock up again, Omega overpowers him but CIMA counters out and they work to the ropes. Lock up and they work off the ropes, and CIMA follows with a shoulder tackle. He follows with arm drags, and then a standing double stomp. Omega fires back with chops, hits a RANA but CIMA rolls through and counters into a koji clutch. Omega fights for the ropes and makes it. CIMA then follows with a senton atomico, lays the boots to Omega, but Omega fires back and lays in chops. The big boot and belly to back suplex follows for 2. The elbow drop follows for 2. Omega grounds the action, CIMA fights to his feet, but runs into a RANA. CIMA rolls to the floor and Omega charges but CIMA follows with an enziguri and DDT to cut off rise of the terminator. The cover gets 2. CIMA counters the perfect driver and CIMA hits one of his own for 2. Omega cuts him off with a spin kick and hits V trigger in the corner. They work up top and CIMA fights him off, and hits the sunset bomb. CIMA back up top and misses meteora, crashing onto his knees. Omega follows with chops, attacks the knee and has taken control. CIMA fires back, but Omega hits you can’t escape… but eats knees. CIMA tries to regroup, follows with a flurry of strikes but Omega chop blocks him and hits the snapdragon suplex. CIMA counters one winged angel into a backstabber, Omega to the apron and CIMA dropkicks him to the floor. CIMA misses the plancha and mega slams him knee first onto the apron. CIMA battles back with a suplex on the floor, follows with strikes and heads into the crowd and hits meteora onto Omega on a table. Back in and CIMA hits two more meteoras for a great near fall. He can’t follow up as he clutches his knee, he slowly heads up top and Omega catches meteora, hits a buckle bomb, snapdragon, V trigger and covers for 2. The perfect driver and V trigger follow but CIMA counters the one winged angel, and connects with a DDT. They trade knee strikes and CIMA hits a standing meteora, heads up top and follows with another meteora. They work to the apron, and CIMA hits the air raid crash. Back in and CIMA heads back up top and meteora connects for 2. Omega stops CIMA form heading up top, they trade strikes and slaps, they light each other up and CIMA hits a head kick, dropkick but Omega rebounds with the V trigger and tiger driver 98 for 2. V trigger is countered and CIMA gets the Gedo clutch for 2. The V trigger and one winged angel finally finish it. Kenny Omega defeated CIMA @ 23:01 via pin [***¾] This was really good and extremely enjoyable, I loved seeing CIMA get the chance to shine against Omega here, and the right man won ahead of Omega vs. MOX at All Out. I think had they shortened it a bit and CIMA not been so spammy with the meteoas it would have been great.

Talk is Jericho: Jericho arrived and said, “Let the entire white trash Riviera hear you boo Jericho in Jack-off-ville tonight.” From now on what he’s going to do is get his thank you one a time by beating the crap out of every single person in All Elite Wrestling starting with The Hangman. If he weren’t there, none of them would be there. They’d be looking for change on the street and looking for cans to recycle for money. AEW started because of him and the TV deal starting in October is because of him. This goes beyond asking for a much-deserved thank you, this goes back to Double or Nothing when he heard the winner of the battle royal would face the winner of his match against Omega. He watched the battle royal intently, he wondered if the winner would be the kid with no legs or The Young Bucks cabana boy or Joey Janella with a staple stuck to his head. He’s been staying up at night every night since Double or Nothing thinking about his match against Hangman Page and said if he loses to Hangman, it’s the beginning of the end of AEW and his own illustrious career. He asked where he goes if he loses to Hangman. So he has to beat the Hangman. You never know where he’s going to come from or what he’s going to do, and he will prove at All Out that he is the first AEW Champion. He will prove that without him, AEW wouldn’t exist. All of the people in Jack-off-ville wouldn’t be watching and he will prove Hangman “is nothing more than a little bitch.” Page arrived and attacked Jericho. Referees and Jerry Lynn ran out to break them up. Several wrestlers came out to pull them apart. Fans chanted “Thank you, Hangman.” This was a good promo from Jericho and a good angle, but the Page retaliation didn’t get over as big as one would have hoped.

The Young Bucks vs. Cody & Dustin Rhodes: Nick and Cody begin as they lock up and work to the ropes. Lock up again, Cody looks to work the arm and they work into counters and end in a stalemate. Nick refused the handshake and they trade shoulder tackles. Nick slaps Cody and they work into counters and all four are in. Matt and Dustin tag in with the Rhodes boys taking control and dumping Matt. They double team Nick and Matt flies in and they double team Dustin and dump Cody. They follow with planchas, and hug, mocking Cody & Dustin. Back in and double teams follow on Dustin. Dustin fires back, but Nick trips him up and double teams follow as Nick then moonsaults to the floor onto Cody. Matt follows with rights on Dustin, Nick tags in and double teams follow and the cover gets 2. Nick follows with kicks, Matt tags in and they continue to isolate Dustin. The double dropkick follows but Dustin fires back until Matt cuts him off. He grounds the action, they take out Cody but fights back and hits the spinebuster. The tag to Cody is cut of by Nick, Dustin levels him but Matt hits a clothesline. Dustin up top and hits the high cross onto both Bucks. Cody finally gets the tag and runs wild with clotheslines and suplexes. The moonsault press follows, and he follows with a tope onto Matt on the ramp. Cody follows with weight belt shots and hits the reverse superplex for 2. Cody looks for Din’s fire, countered, and Matt posts himself on the missed charge. Dustin takes over and lay in rights on Matt, Cody tags in and double teams follow. Cody continues to attack the arm, Dustin tags in and continues to work the heat on Matt. Cody back in and works an arm bar, Matt escapes but Cody follows with kicks. Dustin tags in and lays the boots to Matt, and goes back to the arm. He posts Matt again, Cody then works him over and rolls him back in. Matt fights back with a northern lights, but Cody pulls an arm bar until Matt makes the ropes. he battles back and backdrops Cody to the ramp. Back in and Matt hits the spear. Nick gets the tag and runs wild on Cody and then Dustin. He superkicks Cody and hits an enziguri and double stomp on Dustin. The backstabber on Cody follows, and the Bucks follow with double sharpshooters. The Rhodes escape and then lock on double figure fours. The Bucks escape and they work into a quad down. Dustin fires up and hits powerslams, the apron cannonball follows as Cody hits a step up dive. Back in and it breaks down with Cody hitting a disaster kick and double team cross Rhodes. Nick flies in with a swanton to make the save. Matt and Dustin trade strikes, ref bump as the Rhodes hit powerslams and then hit double shattered dreams. Twister suplexes follow for 2. Cody looks for a step up dive but flies into superkicks on the floor. Dustin fights back on his own, but Nick hits the superkick, and Matt hits the top rope elbow drop for 2. Dustin fights back with Code red for 2. Cody back in and we get superkicks, double superkicks to the back of Cody’s head gets 2 as Dustin makes the save. Dustin checks on Cody, pulls him up and the Bucks hit drop down uppercuts and the Rhodes fire back, Nick hits cross Rhodes for 2. Nick takes out Dustin with a dive and the Meltzer driver finishes Cody. The Young Bucks defeated Cody & Dustin Rhodes @ 31:00 via pin [***] This was a good match overall, but really didn’t need to be 30-minutes. I am a huge fan of both teams and am all for the Bucks slowing down and trying to tell a story, but this came off as a bit self indulgent and disappointing to me… and just long for the sake of being long with the crowd largely feeling tired. It was good but really needed editing.

– Post match, Matt said the animosity was just a put-on. He doesn’t watch much of the “other product” so he wasn’t really aware of the Rhodes family legend, “But damn it, you two are one of the best tag teams we’ve ever been in the ring with.” He joked about running out of time as Omega, followed by a parade of wrestlers from the locker room. Shad Khan walked out with the charity check. Cody said it’s that time of night and then introduced Shad Khan. He revealed a $150,000 check for the Fight for the Fallen Foundation. Cody talked about the wrestlers who contributed and then said $110,000 of it came from AEW the company, and then said they wanted to help those who have been affected by gun violence. It’s a genuine contribution to the city of Jacksonville. He said he wasn’t sure if they were still on the air, but he added, “I’ll just say this. You can’t counter-program what All Elite Wrestling is all about.” He said you cannot counter the genuine feeling and the damn resolution that is All Elite Wrestling. A loud “A-E-Dub!” chant broke out. He asked the fans if they are coming with them to TNT this fall. The crowd chanted “Yes!” Kenny said they are doing something for the community, and their selfless contributions led to raising $150,000. Matt whispered something to Kenny. Kenny said as much as he’d like to sign them off and bid everyone adieu and say “good by and good night.” But it doesn’t seem right tonight. He said “Let’s have a little fun with it since we’re off the air,” although they were still streaming. And then gave his farewell.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
AEW Fight For The Fallen 2019 was an overall good but far from perfect show, and easily (in my opinion) the weakest of their three shows so far. The show started to feel really long at the end, the Page booking is baffling, and the Brandi Rhodes stuff is just bad. But there was a lot of good wrestling to make it enjoyable, and it’s safe to say they still have a lot to figure out before they make their TV debut.