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Csonka’s AJ Styles’ Greatest Matches Review

March 14, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
AJ Styles' Greatest Matches
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Csonka’s AJ Styles’ Greatest Matches Review  

Csonka’s AJ Styles’ Greatest Matches Review

From TNA Sacrifice 2009: AJ Styles defeated Booker T @ 14:55 via towel thrown in [***½]
From TNA Against All Odds 2010: Champion AJ Styles defeated Samoa Joe @ 21:25 via pin [***½]
From TNA Lockdown 2010: Champion AJ Styles defeated The Pope D’Angelo Dinero @ 15:45 via pin [***]

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– This is on Impact Plus, and clocks in at around 48-minutes.

I QUIT Match: TV Champion AJ Styles vs. Booker T: Slow start with lots of takedown tries and failures. Knees and chops by Booker, misses the sidekick and rights by AJ. Snap mare and kicks by AJ follow. Booker refuses to quit and AJ locks in the headlock. Booker to his feet, slams AJ to the corner, and then lays the boots to him. AJ counters a suplex, gets one of his own and then gets the reverse Indian deathlock into the bridge and chinlock. Nice. AJ breaks, and then goes back to working the knee. Back to the feet, AJ takes out the knee and Booker refuses to quit. Chops by AJ and Booker is down in the corner. AJ tries a suplex, fails and then he goes for rights to Booker. Knees by AJ, to the corner and as AJ goes to springboard in Booker stops him and then tosses him to the floor, where AJ lands throat first on the railing, that did NOT look good. Booker drops AJ throat first onto the railing again. AJ refuses to quit, Booker rolls him back in and Booker works the clinch and drops AJ with a huge knee. More knees by Booker, he chokes AJ, who refuses to quit. Booker lays AJ over the top rope and then gets the ax kick, sending AJ to the floor. AJ refuses to quit, gets rolled back into the ring and AJ fights back with rights. Forearm by Booker drops AJ, SPINAROONIE~! Booker works a key lock, AJ refuses to quit as he screams. AJ muscles Booker up, but Booker falls back and keeps the hold! AJ rolls to escape, but he is hurting. Booker with slaps, rights and then AJ back with rights. Crowd is actually cheering Booker on the exchange. They continue to exchange, PELE BY AJ! Both men down, struggling to their feet and AJ mounts Booker and lays in rights to Booker. Booker refuses to quit, more rights by AJ, hell no says Booker. To the feet, more rights by AJ, off the ropes and a spinebuster by Booker. Booker mounts AJ, lays in the rights now and AJ says NEVER will he quit! AJ crotches Booker on the top rope and then sends him to the floor! AJ FLIES with the slingshot plancha and both men are down again! Booker refuses to quit, and gets a palm thrust to AJ. Another! Who’s the master? SHO NUFF~! AJ slams Booker into the post, back into the ring they go and Booker will not quit. Sharmell is out to root on Booker, SUPERMAN forearm by AJ! Booker won’t quit. Clash try by AJ, Booker escapes and Booker accidentally knocks Sharmell off of the apron. AJ gets the flying arm bar! AJ has the arm extended…Booker yells, fights, says no and Jenna Morasco ruins out and THROWS IN THE TOWEL and that is all. AJ Styles defeated Booker T @ 14:55 via towel thrown in [***½] Flat finish aside, this was a very good match and one of if not Booker’s best TNA performances while with TNA.

Champion AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe: This was a No Disqualification match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship with Eric Bischoff as special guest referee. Joe backs off Styles, who powders. Back in and Joe starts to overpower Styles, so Styles follows with rights and quickly gets mowed down. Joe follows with jabs, the enziguri and more jabs. The running knee strike connects and Joe covers for 2. Styles battles back with chops, but Joe catches him with the running knee strike for 2. Chops follow as Joe delivers kicks until Styles counters with the dragon screw. He grounds Joe, focusing on the knee but Joe fights off the figurer four. Styles counters into the dropkick out of the international, and that gets 2. Styles delivers chops, Joe retaliates and they trade chops. Styles takes him up top and Joe counters the RANA and follows with the flying knee for 2. Joe unloads with strikes, chops and the STJOE. Styles cuts him of with ground and pound, Bischoff pulls him away as Flair posts Joe’s knee. Styles follows with the chop block, and goes to work on the knee again. The figure four follows, Joe fights and Flair helps Styles with some leverage, so Bischoff breaks the hold. Joe dumps Styles and follows with strikes as Styles rolls back in. Clotheslines connect and the running boot and senton follows for 2. The snap slam then gets 2. Styles counters back, hits the springboard forearm and then delivers ground and pound. Joe fires up, they trade but Styles hits the asai DDT for 2. Joe counters the clash into the choke, into the choke suplex and the muscle Buster is blocked by Flair, Joe hits it then for the phantom pin, Bischoff gets held up by Flair, so he lays him out. Joe pulls Bischoff back in and they argue as Joe turns around into the PELE kick and the Styles Clash finishes things. Champion AJ Styles defeated Samoa Joe @ 21:25 via pin [***½] This was a very good wrestling match, featuring stupid booking. Bischoff made Joe look like an idiot by slow counting the babyface challenger down at the end as they stacked the deck against the heel, only to have him go over anyway. Thanks to that, and the fact that the match felt more about Flair & Bischoff, it was far from their best match together.

Champion AJ Styles vs. The Pope D’Angelo Dinero: They lockup with Styles taking early control, working the arm of Pope. Pope quickly counters back, but Styles escapes. Pope counters back into cradles, hip tosses and arm drags as Styles retreats. Styles then fires back with chops, but Pope returns fire and follows with mounted strikes and a clothesline. Pope follow with elbows, until Styles slams him into the cage. The dropkick follows and Styles quickly grounds things. Styles then starts attacking the knee, Pope fires back and runs Styles into the cage. The DDT follows, but Styles runs Pope to the corner and delivers chops. The flying forearm follows and Styles covers for 2. They work up top as Pope fires back, and follows with the diving head butt for 2. Styles counters into the PELE and covers for 2. The backbreaker follows, Styles up top and the 450 gets 2. Styles to the top of he cage and misses the high cross as Pope cradles him for 2. The lung blower connects and that also gets 2. Pope misses the double knees, steals a pen from the cameraman and stabs Pope in the eye. The lariat and clash finishes it. Champion AJ Styles defeated The Pope D’Angelo Dinero @ 15:45 via pin [***] This was a good gentleman’s three match and while fans got into Pope big down the stretch, the match proved at the time he wasn’t quite a main event player. It also had the unfortunate reality of being placed between a Kurt Angle match and Lethal Lockdown, and just didn’t feel important. Styles was really great here though.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
While far from a true test of AJ Styles’ greatest matches, this was an overall good watch.