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Csonka’s Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Review 10.07.17

October 8, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Alberto El Patron Championship Wrestling From Hollywood
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Csonka’s Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Review 10.07.17  

Csonka’s Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Review 10.07.17

– Peter Avalon defeated Ray Rosas @ 12:45 via pin [**¾]
UWN Tag Team Title Match: Champions Pac 3 (Dan Joseph & Dylan Bostic) defeated RENO Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend) @ 10:29 via pin [**¾]
– Alberto El Patron defeated Ryan Taylor @ 14:00 via submission [***¼]

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– Now that I have easier access to the show, and with word that the NWA will be shooting angles on the show, I thought I’d give Championship Wrestling From Hollywood a look.

– Alberto El Patron is interviewed during the show’s open, discussing the fact that he’s been a champion everywhere and came to Championship Wrestling From Hollywood to win more gold. It was far from an enthusiastic promo.

Ray Rosas vs. Peter Avalon: These two were former partners, with Avalon turning on Rosas. Rosas is a freelancer out of California, working since 2008 and has worked around 360 matches. Avalon did some work with PWG. had short run in TNA as EC3 fodder Norv Fernum. He has been working since 2008 and has worked around 450 matches. Championship Wrestling From Hollywood “minority owner” Nikko Marquez is out with Avalon. They brawl at the bell, with Rosas sending Avalon to the floor. Avalon pulls Rosas out, slamming him to the apron and then knee first into the steps (they note that he was out two-years with a knee injury). Back in and Rosas fires up and takes control back. Avalon cuts him off, sends him to the floor and following with a springboard high cross to the floor. Avalon attacks the knee with a dragon screw in the ropes. Avalon hits a superplex and then rolls through into a fisherman’s suplex for 2. Post break, Rosas battles back and hits a tornado suplex. Avalon back to the knee, hits a fisherman’s neck breaker, which gets 2. Avalon then misses a moonsault, Rosas misses a moonsault, and Avalon hits a flatliner for 2. Avalon now works a Boston crab, transitions to a half crab. Rosas finally makes the ropes. Rosas avoids Avalon’s Marti-knees, and counters back and hits the move himself for a near fall. Rosas heads up top, hits the elbow drop. Marquez gets involved, distracting the ref, allowing DJ Hyde to attack Rosas. Avalon hits Rosas’ adios amigos (fireman’s carry onto the knee) for the win. Peter Avalon defeated Ray Rosas @ 12:45 via pin [***] This was an overall pretty good match to open the show, but Rosas’ selling of the knee through out left a lot to be desired. Also, commentary left too many statements open ended, like, “have we ever seen a feud as violent as this?” Well, I’m a first time viewer, how violent has it gotten? And things like, “you know how personal this is.” Again, I didn’t until you finally shared the full history minutes later. With the show getting a ton of new clearances this weekend, you have to treat these next few shows as if all viewers are first time viewers and make them feel welcomed.

– Jack Swagger cuts a promo; he debuts next week. Hopefully he continues to wear his lazy man basketball shorts.

– Dave Marquez introduces NWA Champion Tim Storm. You know if I was Billy Corgan, I would have done a title change before shooting an angle on TV. No disrespect intended to Tim Storm, but he’s 52, and it’s not like anyone really knows who the guy is. He looks like he’s out here selling insurance. Storm talks about challenging Dan Severn for the NWA title 20-years ago, and then puts over the history of the NWA title. This is his mountaintop, and he will never, ever, let it go.

UWN Tag Team Title Match: Champions Pac 3 (Dan Joseph & Dylan Bostic) vs. RENO Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend): Thornstowe takes control right away, beating down both men and hits a slam and standing moonsault. SCUM works double teams, maintaining control. Post break, SCUM is still in control until the numbers gets to him and he gets stunned on the ropes. Thornstowe gets the tag, runs wild and looked really good until the numbers got to him, allowing the champions to take the heat. Thornstowe eventually hits a knee strike, but the champions quickly cut off the tag and beat Thornstowe down in their corner. Thornstowe hits the desperation enziguri, but the champions work distractions and quick tags to keep Thornstowe in the ring. Thornstowe is getting beat so bad he lost a shoe. Thornstowe manages to hit a double blockbuster and now crawls for the tag and gets it. Legend is fired up, runs wild and fights off both men. Blind tag to Thornstowe, small package, but coach Flexo distracts the ref. That allows Bostic to reverse the small package and pick up the win. Champions Pac 3 (Dan Joseph & Dylan Bostic) defeated RENO Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend) @ 10:29 via pin [**¾] This was a pretty good tag match, there was nothing fancy about it, it was just straightforward and effective as they really got the crowd into the match. Some of the execution was off/sloppy, but overall I liked it and it easily sets up a rematch.

– Erik Watts and his manager hype next week’s match against Jack Swagger.

Alberto El Patron vs. Ryan Taylor: They work some basic back and forth to begin, patron looks to use his size and power to take control. Mounted rights follow, and then a belly to back suplex. Taylor quickly fights back, sends patron to the floor and follows with a plancha. Taylor then fires up, slamming Patron to the announce table. Patron cuts him off with an enziguri, but Taylor manages to send Patron back over the ropes and to the floor. Post break, Taylor is working the legs of Patron laying in kicks and then beating on the knee of Patron. Patron cuts that off by working the hanging arm bar in the ropes. Patron up top, but Taylor hits a running bicycle kick to take Patron back to the mat. Taylor attacks the knee gain, heads up top and misses a senton. This allows patron to fire up, hit the back stabber, and covers for 2. Taylor counters the arm bar and locks in an ankle lock. Patron rolls out, hits a superkick but Taylor kicks out. Patron sets Taylor in the tree of WHOA but Taylor manages to pull himself up and tosses Patron to the mat. The roundhouse kick follows, with Taylor covering for 2. They work up top, but Patron counters and hits the double stomp. Patron is slowed, selling the knee, but Taylor locks in a knee bar. Patron makes the ropes, kicks Taylor away and then locks in the arm bar for the win. Alberto El Patron defeated Ryan Taylor @ 14:00 via submission [***¼] While the goal here was to present Alberto El Patron as the big star coming in, it really didn’t work out that way. Patron wore a shirt, largely played the hits (which the live crowd did like enough to keep them interested) and basically felt as if he was going through the motions. While he lost, Ryan Taylor came out of this looking great. He worked hard, had a fun offense and when it was all said and done, he made himself look likes a star through great work.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Average
The 411
This was a really solid show to jump in on, nothing was bad, almost everyone was working really hard and they announced a match for next week. I’ll likely stick with it for a while to see where it goes, they made me curious and did nothing to really turn me off of the product (although I’m not thrilled with watching a lot of Patron or Swagger).