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Csonka’s Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Review 10.22.17

October 25, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Tim Storm NWA
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Csonka’s Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Review 10.22.17  

Csonka’s Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Review 10.22.17

– Julius Coleman defeated Richie Slade @ 3:51 via pin [**]
Non-Title Match: NWA Champion Tim Storm defeated Zicky Dice @ 2:00 via pin [NR]
– Scorpio Sky defeated Falco @ 6:02 via pin [***]
– Ryan Taylor defeated Tomaste @ 5:25 via submission [**¾]
– The Bonus Boyz (Clutch & Sugar Brown) vs. Spirit & The Stars (Astro Viajero & Espiritu)went to a no contest @ 10:00 [**½]

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– You can watch the shoe for free at this link.

– The Bonus Boyz cut a promo about their match today, and they plan to win and “get that signing bonus.”

Richie Slade vs. Julius Coleman: They lock up, Coleman uses his speed to counter out and follows with a shoulder block. They pick up the pace and Coleman hits a head scissors. Slade cuts him off, but Coleman counters sliced bread. Slade takes him down with a double stomp in the corner. Coleman works to his feet, lays in kicks and hits the corner forearm and side back breaker and side slam for 2. Slade hits a back elbow and bulldog, covering for 2. Coleman quickly battles back and hits his side slam/uranage finish and that’s that. Julius Coleman defeated Richie Slade @ 3:51 via pin [**] This was a solid little opener, Coleman looks have some potential, and I’d like to see him against a higher caliber opponent to see what he can really do.

– We get a post match interview with Coleman, who says it’s his time and he wants to challenge Peter Avalon.

NWA Champion Tim Storm vs. Zicky Dice: Dice attacks at the bell, but Storm cuts him off and hits a neck breaker for 2. He follows with corner clotheslines, but Dice cuts him off but Storm counters the cannonball. The clothesline follows, hits a butterfly suplex and covers for 2. Storm hits a big boot, and follows with the perfect Storm (Bossman slam) for the win. NWA Champion Tim Storm defeated Zicky Dice @ 2:00 via pin [NR] It was what it should have been, short and to the point, but I can’t exactly say that Storm looks impressive in any way.

– Nick Aldis (aka Magnus) arrives, and says he wants the NWA title, and officially challenges Storm. So Magnus is going from Dixie’s boy to Jeff’s boy to Billy’s boy.

Falco vs. Scorpio Sky: They lockup and work some basic back and forth, Falco with some slick escapes and they work into a fun counter exchange. Falco looks to work the arm, but Sky battles back with kicks until Falco hits a high cross for 2. Falco hits a series of rolling suplexes, covering for 2. Sky fights back, hitting a running double stomp and follows with a neck beaker for 2. Falco hits a tilt a whirl into a Russian leg sweep and locks in a crucifix submission. Sky escapes, eats a superkick and standing sliced bread for a good near fall. Sky battles back with knee strikes and kicks, and hits the ace of spades (TKO) for the win. Scorpio Sky defeated Falco @ 6:02 via pin [***] That was a good, fun, back and forth match. They worked well together, filled the time and the action was smooth.

– Howdy price interviewed about his Rancheros tag team. Howdy says that they will deliver in the tag division.

Tomaste vs. Ryan Taylor: Taylor impressed the first time I saw him, delivering a good match with El Patron, with not a lot of help from Patron. Both guys are “free spirits” who don’t wear shoes and are into Zen and shit like that. Tomaste runs wild, hitting a head scissors and dropkick, sending Taylor to the floor. Taylor battles back, laying in kicks and then a spinning gut wrench suplex. He then starts to target the leg, working dragon screw leg whips and grounding Tomaste. Taylor rolls into a bow and arrow, bending Tomaste in half. Running uppercuts follow, Tomaste battles back with kicks and hits a missile dropkick, sending Taylor to the floor. Back in and Tomaste hits a Russian legs weep into a submission, but Taylor transitions into a half crab. Tomaste escapes but eats an XPLODER. Tomaste fires up and lays in kicks, and covers for a good near fall. Tomaste up top, the 450 is caught by Taylor into a triangle and then arm bar, and Tomaste has to tap. It’s a bit over used these days, but it was a great finish. Ryan Taylor defeated Tomaste @ 5:25 via submission [**¾] This was a pretty good match here, I think they needed a little more time to make it smoother, but it made me want to see more of both guys going forward. This was fun.

– We get a Peter Avalon interview, and he’s not impressed with Julius Coleman’s challenge, because he beat him already. But he accepts and they will face next week.

The Bonus Boyz (Clutch & Sugar Brown) vs. Spirit & The Stars (Astro Viajero & Espiritu): Clutch and Viajero to begin, Viajero works leg kicks and fires up with strikes. Clutch sidesteps the high cross, tags in Brown and they double team Viajero in the corner. brown lays in jabs, but Viajero cuts him off and Espiritu tags in. he picks up the pace, hits lucha style arm drags and sends brown to the floor with a dropkick. The luchas hit stereo dives and take the heat on Brown, working double teams and picking up near falls. Clutch blind tags in, running over Espiritu and following with an elbow drop for 2. Quick tags by the Boyz, Brown hits a second rope elbow for 2. Brown keeps Espiritu grounded, working quick tags and double teams, leading to a near fall. Clutch tags back in as we take a break. Post break and Clutch hits a big belly to belly for 2. Espiritu needs a tag, but continues to be double-teamed. Brown grounds Espiritu, working strikes and just beating him down with ease. Clutch tags back in and the assault continues. Viajero finally gets the tag and runs wild, hitting a high cross and RANA. The tornado DDT follows and Viajero covers for 1. The Boyz cut him off, but Espiritu makes the save as it breaks down. He quickly gets taken out and Howdy Price arrives. This leads to the Rancheros arriving and attacking for the DQ. They beat down both teams with ease. They then take out Espiritu with a spike piledriver and stand tall. Price puts over his team and is very pleased with himself. The Bonus Boyz (Clutch & Sugar Brown) vs. Spirit & The Stars (Astro Viajero & Espiritu)went to a no contest @ 10:00 [**½] The match was really solid, the heat went a bit too long, but they worked well together. The Rancheros attack was well done, as they look to build up the tag division. I like the Rancheros gimmick, it’s a fun old school masked team with an annoying and over confident manager leading the way.

– Nick Aldis will be in action next week.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

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Championship Wrestling From Hollywood continues to be a solid and fun hour of TV, they are introducing new people each week and slowly building their stories and feuds. I’m not a big fan of five-matches in an hour, as it feels that you can accomplish more by cutting one match and giving the other matches or angles more time. It allows them to be featured more and allows things to sink in better.