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Csonka’s EVOLVE 107 Preview

June 24, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka

WELCOME back to column time with Larry! Today, I am going to discuss and preview tonight’s EVOLVE 107 event. EVOLVE 104 & 105 were reboot shows for the promotion as they brought in new talent as they prepared for life without standouts and Fred Yehi, Zack Sabre Jr, & Keith Lee. Lee finished up in class ion those shows, putting in great performances and an emotional farewell. The promotion again proved their resiliency as they delivered a pair of high quality events, hammering home that EVOLVE is more than the promotional name, but also something that they do very well. These shows could have been extremely lackluster or even bad, but they took chances, mixed things up and delivered a really fun and memorable weekend. Now it’s time to follow up on that weekend and press forward into the company’s latest era…

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Dominic Garrini with Stokely Hathaway vs. Josh Briggs: At EVOLVE 106, I have Chris Dickinson, Jaka, & Dominic Garrini defeating Tracy Williams, Timothy Thatcher, & Anthony Henry to give Catch Point a strong team win. I also have Briggs beating Bad Bones on that show. This all happened. Briggs & Garrini briefly clashed at EVOLVE 105 in the FRAY match, which Briggs won. Briggs has signed with EVOLVE, and it appears that they want him to make an immediate impact, and with that in mind, I think her beats Garrini here and goes 2-0 for the weekend. WINNER: Josh Briggs

Darby Allin vs. Jarek 1:20 with Candy Cartwright: At EVOLVE 107, WALTER may commit homicide when he faces Darby Allin, and Allin actually making it to he next night seems to be in question because the big daddy WALTER may bust a hole in his chest with chops. But Allin overcame the beast while Jarek lost an impromptu match to the returning Jon Davis. Allin’s issues with Jarek 1:20 came after Allin failing in championship matches, and Jarek 1:20 not being able to “get booked” due to a string of losses. He went on a series of attacks, targeted Allin, and even when he wasn’t around, sent Cartwright out to confront Allin and remind him of their issues. Story wise this goes one of two ways, either Jaerk wins to continue Allin’s downfall or Allin overcomes and starts his rise back up the card. I can see the Jarek win and why they would go that way, but Allin is the one that they are invested in and has been sacrificed a lot to get others over; he needs the win here, and SHOULD get it after the huge win over WALTER. WINNER: Darby Allin

Tracy Williams vs. Chris Dickinson with Stokely Hathaway & Dominic Garrini: This is the continuation of the Williams break from and feud with Catch Point. Catch Point was Williams’ legacy, handed down to him by the reverend Drew Gulak who first shared the word and message of the Catch Point way. Williams had been in control of the stable until his poor decision making, and giving Stokley Hathaway the power he needed to take things over and oust the final remaining Catch Point original. At EVOLVE 106, I see Williams dropping a tag match to Dickinson, Jaka, & Dominic Garrini (his team did lose), but in singles action here, he should pick up another win as he continues to run the Catch Point Gauntlet. WINNER: Tracy Williams

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EVOLVE Championship Match (If Riddle Retains At EVOLVE 106) Matt Riddle defends vs. AR Fox with Ayla & The Skulk: At EVOLVE 106. Riddle retained over Strickland when their match went to a no contest. As for this match, Riddle either picks up a rebound win, which feels likely, but you could also tell the story of Riddle being hurt/frustrated, leading to Fox picking up a huge win, as they have teased him feuding with Theory. With the way EVOLVE 106 ended, I can see Strickland getting involved here, likely costing Riddle, and possible setting up a triple threat for August. WINNER: AR Fox

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FIP World Heavyweight Championship Match Austin Theory with Priscilla Kelly vs. DJZ: These two have been feuding for a while, with DJZ picking up wins over Theory, but at EVOLVE 104, Austin Theory defeated DJZ to retain the WWN Championship thanks to Priscilla Kelly’s help. At EVOLVE 106, Theory dropped the WWN title in a shocker to the debuting Joey Janela. With this being an FIP title match, it’s FIP rules, which basically means no rules. Considering that, and the fact that Theory doesn’t need the FIP title, and with his sudden WWN Title loss (#AskQuestions), there is a possibility that he drops the FIP tile here as he could be WWE bound. The finish here will tell us a lot.WINNER: DJZ

NXT North American Championship: Adam Cole defends vs. WALTER: This is not for iPPV (live crowd only), WHICH SUCKS FOR ME BECAUSE I WANTED TO SEE WALTER CAVE IN COLE’S CHEST WITH CHOPS, Cole retains.

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