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Csonka’s EVOLVE 107 Review

June 24, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s EVOLVE 107 Review  

Csonka’s EVOLVE 107 Review

– Josh Briggs defeated Dominic Garrini @ 5:15 via pin [***]
– Adrian Alanis defeated Bshp King @ 4:55 via pin []
– Darby Allin defeated Jarek @ 8:46 via pin [***]
– Anthony Henry defeated Timothy Thatcher @ 11:12 via submission [***¾]
FIP World Heavyweight Championship Match: FIP Champion Austin Theory defeated DJZ & Joey Janela @ 9:00 via pin [***¾]
Four-Way Freestyle Match: Sabah won @ 10:10 via pin [***]
Catch Point Rules: Chris Dickinson defeated Tracy Williams @ 0:35 via DQ [NR]
EVOLVE Championship Match: Champion Matt Riddle defeated AR Fox @ 12:00 via referee stoppage [****¼]


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Dominic Garrini vs. Josh Briggs: Stokley Hathaway is out with Garrini. Briggs attacks at the bell and picks up an immediate near fall. Briggs runs wild, hitting the spinning side slam for 2. Garrini hits a desperation German to the buckles and follows with knee strikes and a suplex for 2. Briggs battles back but Garrini jumps into a triangle choke, and is attacking the injured shoulder of Briggs. Briggs powers out but Garrini locks on a sleeper. Briggs slams his way out and hits clotheslines and a shoulder tackle. The big boot follows and Briggs hits a gut buster for 2. Garrini stuns Briggs off the ropes and locks on a hanging kimura. Briggs powers out, lays in rights as they trade, going crazy fists. Knee strike by Garrini, and back to the guillotine. Briggs powers out and hits the choke breaker and that’s all. Josh Briggs defeated Dominic Garrini @ 5:15 via pin [***] This was a good opening sprint, with Briggs going 4-0.

– Post match, Stokley Hathaway praises Briggs for his win. He calls him special and tries to recruit him to Catch Point. He offers him a contract on the spot, and tells him not to worry about the fine print. Briggs takes it and leaves. I consider this a win for Stokley Hathaway as Briggs didn’t kill him.

Adrian Alanis w/AR Fox & The Skulk vs. Bshp King: The fire alarm goes off in the building during Alanis’ entrance. Fox and the Skulk try to make the best of this and play to the crowd. They lock up and Alanis overpowers King to begin. Alanis follows with a shoulder tackle. Alanis then works him over in the corner, and hits a back breaker and follows with chops. King fights back, and kills Alanis with a running forearm for 2. King follows with rights and chops, Alanis cuts him off and stuns King off the ropes and hits a big boot and senton for 2. King counters back with a spinebuster for 2. Alanis hits a head butt and King fires back with a dropkick. King up top and the swanton eats knees and Alanis rolls him up for the win. Adrian Alanis defeated Bshp King @ 4:55 via pin [*½] This was a rough match with next to no flow. Both guys need a lot of work.

Darby Allin vs. Jarek: Candy Cartwright is out with Jarek. Allin beat WALTER last night, while Jarek lost to the returning Jon Davis. Allin attacks right away and lays in ground and pound. The dropkick follows and then a monkey flip follows, and Allin gets a cradle for 2. The high cross follows for 2. Allin up top; gets crotched and Jarek works him over in the tree of WHOA and hits a double stomp. Jarek now hits blue thunder bomb for 2. They trade strikes and Allin fires up and takes Jarek down and lays in strikes. Jarek fires back with kicks, fights Allin to the floor and the fire alarm goes off again as they brawl on the floor. Jarek takes Allin to the apron and sets him up top. Jarek follows and they trade strikes. Jarek knocks him to the mat and misses the elbow drop. Allin now fires back, hits a code red, and that gets 2. Jarek cuts him off with a superkick and the alarm is finally off. Jarek hits a dominator and covers for 2. The superkick follows for another 2. Jarek sets Allin up top and hits a DDT off the ropes and covers for 2 as Allin gets the ropes. Allin heads up top, gets cut off and into the tree of WHOA again. Jarek heads up top and goes coast to coast but misses. Allin hits the coffin drop and another for the win. Darby Allin defeated Jarek @ 8:46 via pin [***] This was good overall with Allin winning to go 2-0 on the weekend to get back on track, but was lacking some real drama to take it to the next level.

Timothy Thatcher vs. Anthony Henry: These two had issues after losing in a six-man against Catch Point, leading to tonight’s match. Henry attacks at the bell and picks up some near falls. Knee strikes and a tornado DDT connect for 2. Henry fires up with leg kicks, but Thatcher cuts him off and hits a belly to belly to cut him off. Thatcher now lays in knee strikes and Henry fires back with chops until Thatcher grounds him and locks on the half crab. Thatcher now works a chinlock and starts trying to rip off Henry’s nose. Thatcher now mixes in grounded knee strikes and gets a small package for 2. Thatcher now lays in ground and pound, looks for an arm bar, but Henry escapes and fires away with kicks and hits a dropkick for 2. Henry keeps firing away with leg kicks, but Thatcher cuts that off and hits a gut wrench suplex. Thatcher now works an ankle lock, but Henry slides out to the floor for a break. Thatcher continues to attack with elbows, and back in, covers for 2. Henry fires up and they start slapping the shit out of each other. Henry now gets an ankle lock, Thatcher makes the ropes, they work into counters and Henry gets a cradle for 2. Thatcher lays him out with an uppercut. Henry keeps getting up and firing back, largely annoying Thatcher. Thatcher can’t follow as his leg gives out due to all of the leg kicks, and Henry hits a head kick, covering for 2. Henry now hits a dragon screw, and then posts Thatcher’s leg. The posted figure four follows. Thatcher is in agony, really selling the leg work of Henry here. Henry heads up top and jumps into an uppercut and Saito suplex. Thatcher hits the float over butterfly suplex for 2 and transitions into the arm bar. Henry counters out into the ankle lock, Thatcher escapes, but Henry hits a PK for 2. The dead lift German connects and Henry heads back up top. Thatcher cuts him off, slowly follows him up but gets knocked off. Henry hits the big double stomp and gets 2, he transitions to the ankle lock again and Thatcher fights but Henry drags him back and grapevines the leg and Thatcher taps. Anthony Henry defeated Timothy Thatcher @ 11:12 via submission [***¾] This was a very, very good match with Henry picking up a win over a former EVOLVE champion, even doing so by submission, really beating Thatcher at his own game. This was a really big win for Henry as he kicks off his singles run in EVOLVE.

– WALTER came to check on Thatcher and ended up laying out Henry, because he could.

– Theory cuts a promo, calling last night’s loss a fluke and saying he’s a future WWE champion. He claims no one will take the FIP title from him and he’s the face of WWN. WWN Champion Joey Janela w/Penelope Ford arrive and Janela wants to be added to the match and Theory agrees.

FIP World Heavyweight Championship Match: FIP Champion Austin Theory vs. DJZ vs. Joey Janela: This is an FIP rules match, which means no rules. Theory lost the WWN title last night to Joey Janela, if he drops the FIP title here, #askquestions about someone relocating to Orlando. Theory and Janela brawl, and to the floor, allowing DJZ to hit a big dive. Back in and Theory takes DJZ to the floor, but Janela attacks and works him over in the corner. Theory bails and that DJZ to work over Janela until Janela cuts him off with a powerbomb. Theory is back in and attacks both with dropkicks and covers for 2. He dumps DJZ and lays the boots to Janela. The suplex follows for 2. Janela cuts off the standing moonsault, DJZ is back but Janela cuts him off and superkicks Theory. Janela follows with suicide dives onto both until Theory cuts him off but Ford takes him out with a dive off the op and Kelly takes her out with an apron cannonball. All three back in and we get a triple backslide spot. The ZDT is cut off and Theory rolls up Janela for 2. They trade strikes and Janela hits a dropkick and corner knee strike on Theory. He hits another and follows with the Blu-ray for 2 as DJZ makes the save. It breaks down, Theory hits a TKO on DJZ and that gets 2. Theory takes DJZ up top, follows him up and DJZ hits the super RANA for a great near fall! DJZ heads up top and Janela cuts him off and the super brain buster connects but Theory cradles Janela and retains. FIP Champion Austin Theory defeated DJZ & Joey Janela @ 9:00 via pin [***¾] This was another very, very good match, all action, and they did a tremendous job of making you think that Theory was about to lose again and that Janela was going to walk out with another title.

Sabah vs. Jon Davis vs. Bad Bones vs. Jaka: Jaka powders as Davis works over Bones and Sabah. Davis lays in chops to Bones and lays the boots to him. He then punishes Sabah, Jaka still chills on the floor. Davis just runs wild and Jaka breaks up the pin and powders again. Bones cuts off Davis with a spine buster and then works over Sabah as Jaka returns and takes then out. Sabah cuts him off with a dropkick and then gets superkicked to the apron. Bones Germans Jaka and does it again. Jaka cuts him off and Davis Germans them both. Davis now hits corner dropkicks and then drops Sabah on his head as Bones makes the save. Davis tosses Bones and Jaka rolls him up for 2. The knee strike follows, and Bones returns and powerslam Jaka for 2. Bones follows with chops, but Jaka cuts him off and head butts Sabah. Davis cuts off the Jaka dive and slams him to the apron. Bones and Sabah battle up top, Davis back in and joins in. He follows them up and hits the double superplex, but Jaka flies in with a top rope splash for 2. It breaks down as they trade strikes, Bones cuts off Sabah, but gets knocked into Davis on the floor. Sabah now hits a dive onto Davis & Bones. Back in and Jaka cuts him off wit a knee strike and covers for 2. Bones back in with a spear on Sabah and Davis is also back and Germans Bones. Davis now runs wild on all three, but Jaka & Bones double team him and then they trade strikes, Jaka hits a spin kick and Sabah hits a blockbuster for the surprise win. Sabah won @ 10:10 via pin [***] While a bit disjointed at times, this was a good and fun match, especially as a late addition and it taking bit for the crowd to get into it. Sabah winning was a surprise, as I expected Davis to win to play off of his return.

Catch Point Rules: Tracy Williams vs. Chris Dickinson: Catch Point rules are: Each man gets 3 rope breaks, there is a 20 count on the floor, no closed fists, and if you get caught throwing a closed fist to the face, you lose a rope break. This is follow up from Williams being ousted from Catch Point; Stokley Hathaway is out with Dickinson. Williams immediately throws a closed fist and then another, losing two rope breaks. He lays in more closed fists and gets DQ’d. Chris Dickinson defeated Tracy Williams @ 0:35 via DQ [NR] Well, it made sense that Williams wanted revenge and wanted to kill Stokley.

– Williams tries to attack Stokley, but Dickinson cuts him off and kicks the shit out of him. Williams fights back and hits a German and lariat. Jaka & Garrini arrive and they finally swarm Williams and beat him down. Stokley joins in and Josh Briggs now arrives. Stokley wants him to end Williams, but Briggs attacks Catch Point and runs wild on them, and then rips up the contract Stokley offered him. Briggs & Williams shake hands.

EVOLVE Championship Match: Champion Matt Riddle vs. AR Fox: These two are 1-1 in EVOLVE; Riddle won at EVOLVE 70 and Fox won at EVOLVE 98. Fox is also a former EVOLVE champion. There are no rope breaks in this match, a Riddle rule since he became champion; Fox is accompanied by the Skulk. Fox is wearing some baggy ass swim trunks like he’s about to attend a pool party. He’s also working barefoot like Riddle tonight, possibly a tactical error. Riddle immediately shoots and gets a takedown. Riddle starts working for submissions, but Fox escapes and bails to the floor. Back in and Fox picks up the pace and hits a dropkick. Riddle chases him to the floor, back in and Riddle takes him down and lays in hammer fists and Fox escapes and powders again. Riddle takes him up top and Fox shoves him off and then trips him up and hits a blockbuster. Fox now works for an arm bar, but Riddle powers him up and hits a powerbomb to escape. Fox hits a kick to the face, and they work to the apron. Riddle hits a knee strike and suplex off the apron and onto the Skulk. Back in and Riddle hits a fisherman’s buster for 2. Riddle fires up with corner attacks, laying in elbows and hitting an XPLODER. The senton follows and Riddle covers for 1. Riddle now hits rolling gut wrench suplexes and that gets 2. Fox counters back, hits a spin kick and twister suplex for a good near fall. They trade strikes and Riddle looked for bro to sleep but Fox hit a cutter and then transitions into the dragon sleeper. They roll to the floor, and Fox had to break the hold. Fox now fires up and hits an over the post dive to take out Riddle. Back in and Fox hits the 450 for a fucking excellent near fall. Fox hits the fox catcher for another great near fall. Fox hits another 450 and Riddle rolls to the floor to save himself. Back in and Riddle starts to fire back, they work into a series of counters, but Riddle hits knee strikes, a powerbomb and several knee tries and as he lay sin ground and pound the ref stops the match. Champion Matt Riddle defeated AR Fox @ 12:00 via referee stoppage [****¼] This was an absolutely great sprint style main event. Fox came in wanting to prove that he could play Riddle’s game, which proved to be a failure as it was looking like a squash early on as Riddle simply dominated with ease, out grappling Fox and laying in tremendous amounts of punishment It wasn’t until Fox changed his gameplan and worked his style of match, going fast paced, high risk, shock and awe that he was able to get some footing, taking control and scoring with some absolutely great and believable near falls. Riddle eventually overcame, completely overwhelming Fox with a barrage of offense to get the stoppage. This was simply great and the highlight of EVOLVE 107.

– Post match, Austin Theory arrives and lays out Riddle with a TKO. Fox and the Skulk run him off. The Fox and Theory thing has been brewing for a while as Fox trained Theory.

– Riddle puts over Fox and says they can do it again anywhere and anytime. The Skulk hits the ring and decorates Riddle in some Skulk gear and they all party. Riddle then says that he’ll take on Theory in August when they return to the venue.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
EVOLVE 107 was another good and strong effort by the company, as they successfully continued established angles and set up things for the August shows while also establishing new talents like Briggs, Sabah, and Henry as a singles. The show was very consistent, with a lot of good wrestling and three standout matches in Thatcher vs. Henry, Janela vs. Theory vs. DZJ, and Riddle vs. Fox. The new era of EVOLVE continues to move along with simply & smartly booked shows filled with good wrestling that are very easy to watch.