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Csonka’s Evolve 72 Review 10.12.16

November 12, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Timothy Thatcher
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Csonka’s Evolve 72 Review 10.12.16  

Csonka’s Evolve 72 Review 10.12.16

– Fred Yehi defeated Jason Kincaid @ 6:30 via submission [***]
– Jaka and Chris Dickinson defeated Darby Allin and Tony [email protected] 7:00 via pin[***]
– Ethan Page defeated Zack Sabre Jr @11:12 via pin [***]
– Tracy Williams defeated Chris Hero @12:40 via submission [****]
The Squared Circle Of Survival: Champion Timothy Thatcher defeated Drew Gulak @ 27:10 via pin [*** ¾ ]

– The Floslam stream looks great.

– Evolve has a spiffy new canvas.

Fred Yehi vs. Jason Kincaid: Yehi looked to ground Kincaid early, but Kincaid used a slick escape and then hit a power slam and double stomp. A Blockbuster followed, but then Yehi fired back with stomps. Yehi blocked strikes and then hit charging forearm. And then took Kincaid to the mat, Yehi worked more stomps. Yehi is so great when he gets pissed off, he has no remorse and is relentless. Kincaid Tripped up Yehi, and hit a clothesline and then a sunset flip bomb to the floor, where Yehi was sent to the barricade. Kincaid then followed with the coast to coast dropkick. Kincaid then went to the post and hit the double stomp. Yehi then hit a sick looking vertabreaker. Yehi hit the flatliner and koji clutch for the win. Fred Yehi defeated Jason Kincaid @ 6:30 via submission [***] This was a good opener with good pacing, and a sense of urgency from both men. Yehi continues to deliver, and Kincaid impressed again. They also did a good job of keeping the crowd invested the entire time.

Darby Allin Tony Nese vs. Jaka and Chris Dickinson: Dickinson is pissed because Allin recently got a contract, which he has wanted since 2000. He then claims that Allin cannot beat him tonight and claims to be one of the best in the world. Tony Nese arrived; he is who Allin beat to earn his contract. Nese put over Allin for beating a Raw star, and says Dickinson hasn’t beaten anyone. This turned into a tag math, with Dickinson and Jaka taking immediate control. Dickinson then turned Allin inside out with a German suplex. Jaka and Dickinson worked the heat on Allin. As Joey Styles made jokes about Dickinson. Dickinson hit the falcon arrow (HE DID THE DEAL!) on Allin. Jaka and Dickinson worked a good bully style heat on the smaller Allin. Jaka sent Nese to the floor so that he couldn’t tag in. Allin fought back and countered a razor’s edge and then Nese got the hot tag. Nese ran wild, taking on both Dickinson and Jaka. Nese then tossed Dickinson into Jaka. Nese then hit a suicide dive. Allin slipped on the coffin drop, and then hit it and almost died. Back in, Nese looked for the 450, but Allin tagged himself in. Jaka pulled Nese to the floor as Dickinson killed Allin with a dragon suplex. Dickinson and Jaka hit Allin with total elimination for the win. Jaka and Chris Dickinson defeated Darby Allin and Tony [email protected] 7:00 via pin [***] This was another good match, with Jaka and Dickinson playing the bully roles well. They worked hard and could be good additions to the roster, which needs bodies with guys departing to WWE. Allin is a lot of fun, but unrefined and reckless at times

Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Ethan Page: Page attacked Zack Sabre Jr. at Evolve 71, injuring his arm, trying to remove a fellow title contender. Pre-match Page said he didn’t care about the match and threatened to leave if ZSJ didn’t calm down. ZSJ told him to bring it and show what he had. ZSJ took Page down right away, and easily out grappled him. ZSJ then worked joint manipulation, trying to remove Page’s arm. Joey Styles is too concerned with masking jokes about Page here, which is becoming annoying. ZSJ is easily out grappling Page. Page looked to fight back, but ZSJ tied him up in the ropes. Page Sent ZSJ to the barricade and they brawled on the floor as Page attacked the previously injured arm. Back in the ring, Page kept attacking the arm, but ZSJ kept fighting back as Page focused on the arm attack. ZSJ hit a PELE out of nowhere; Page countered the hanging kimura by slamming ZSJ to the buckles. ZSJ countered the spinning Dwayne, but Page hit a buckle bomb. ZSJ slapped the shit out of Page, Page followed with an arm-trapped powerbomb. ZSJ worked an arm bar to counter RKEGO, ZSJ tried again to work the arm, but Page hit the spinning Dwayne counter to pick up the win. Ethan Page defeated Zack Sabre Jr @11:12 via pin [***] This was another good match, with Page smartly working the injured arm and picking up the win when ZSJ wouldn’t change his gameplan, which was his downfall. Page also needed the clean win,

– Post math, Page challenged CODY.

Chris Hero vs. Tracy Williams: Williams attacked with suplexes as Hero was making his entrance. Great aggressive start by Williams, looking to get revenge for Hero previously knocking him out. This has a great vibe early, with both guys beating the hell out of each other and then hitting A dive. Hero hit a sick looking cravat suplex to take control. Hero then started work elbows, Williams battled back with forearm strikes as Hero hit the bicycle kick. Hero sent Williams to the barricade, and back in Hero tried to decapitate Williams with a rolling elbow Williams fired up and hit the dropkick off the second rope. The brainbuster followed for a close two. Williams attacked with forearm strikes and chops, and then the double under hook superplex into the cross face. Williams continued to try and strike with Hero as they are brutalizing each other. Rolling elbow by Hero, but Williams gets a German for a near fall. Hero teased a piledriver, Williams with a sunset flip and Hero countered with the Gotch piledriver, buy Williams kicked out at 2. Elbows by Hero followed as Williams fought to stay on his feet. Williams fired up and laid into hero with strikes and pair of big boots. Huge lariat by Williams, but Hero kicks out at 1. Williams with another lariat and then the crossface and Hero has to tap. Huge win for Williams. Tracy Williams defeated Chris Hero @12:40 via submission [****] This was an excellent math, easily the best thing on the show so far, with of the charts intensity from oh guys. This was a huge win for Williams and another awesome performance by Hero.

Gulak is dressed in jeans with kneepads ala mid-80’s Dusty Rhodes. Stokely Hathaway arrived and said that Gulak conned his way into this math. Joey Styles tried to shut him up. Joey then made a Trump joke about how Trump would want to grab ring announcer Joanna Rose in the pussy. He Then said that Hathaway’s clients succeeded despite him and did not take him to WWE when they left.

The Squared Circle Of Survival: Champion Timothy Thatcher vs. Drew Gulak: You can win via Pin, KO or submission. They grappled for a bit, Gulak then basically hit a suicide dive to the floor. Thatcher and Gulak brawled on the floor, trading strikes Thatcher finally fired up, delivering forearms and chops to Gulak. Gulak used up kicks, tried for another dive by was caught by Thatcher and slammed to the apron and went for a pin and then transitioned to thru am bar. Thatcher tried to hang off the apron with the arm bar, but Gulak escaped. Gulak teased a package piledriver, and then hit the gut wrench suplex. Gulak hit a Germs suplex, which was close to the edge of the ring and Thatcher rolled to the floor. Gulak then untied the canvas in a tribute to Aced and Eights. Gulak then laid into Thatcher with rights on the floor. He then used a canvas bungee to work a chicken wing. Thatcher then posted Gulak, and he continued to remove the canvas bungees, trying Gulak to the post. Hathaway helped Thatcher, and Thatcher laid in a series of forearm and strikes. Thatcher peeled back the ring padding. Gulak finally untied himself, both men back in the ring, which is just exposed wood. Thatcher slammed Gulak, who kicked out at 1. Thatcher locked in the sleeper, Gulak fought to escape, he looks to be reaching for the ropes, gut there aren’t any. Gulak got to his feet and scored with the backdrop suplex. The crowd chanted 10more times as they want to see Thatcher fall. Gulak used his torn shirt to choke out Thatcher, Thatcher again went for the sleeper, which previously finished Gulak. Gulak kept fighting, crawling to the edge of the ring, and rolled both he and Thatcher to the floor. Gulak then started to pull up boards off the ring frame, Thatcher fought ff a suplex, knees followed and then sent Gulak in-between the boards and trapped him, Thatcher then locked in the sleeper again, but Gulak fought to hi feet and hit a stunner. Gulak back to his feet, and Thatcher sold his resurrection from the boards awesomely. Thatcher hen slipped into the boards and Gulak locked in the dragon sleeper, Thatcher escaped as the crowd demanded he tap. Then hit a backdrop suplex onto the exposed boards. They traded strikes again as Gulak planted Thatcher with a German for 2. hit the head butt, another and then a third. Gut wrench suplex by Thatcher, but Gulak kicked out at 2. They both fired up with Gulak hitting the backdrop suplex again. Gulak hit another suplex, and Thatcher rolled into the hole in the ring, rolling underneath. Gulak pulled him out of he hole, head butts by Thatcher again, but he then escaped the piledriver and hit the backdrop suplex for the win. Champion Timothy Thatcher defeated Drew Gulak @ 27:10 via pin [*** ¾] I liked that they did something different here, and felt that Gulak and Thatcher sold the stipulation well, Lenny Leonard was also great on momentary, selling the stipulation and hatred of the performers. Despite the fact that the news was out that Gulak was WWE bound, the crowd wanted him to win and bought into the near fishes, even though the chances of him winning were slim to none.

– Gulak and Catchpoint Closed the show. He was upset he failed as the crowd chanted that they till loved him. he then said her felt catch point was a failure because he failed. Galloway and DUSTIN were there to meet him. Galloway said he traveled for 24 hours to talk with Gulak, and agreed that catchpoint was a failure. He then said Evolve is Bro, then it is a disgrace, just like Riddle was a UFC disgrace. Galloway says he needs to exterminate Matt Riddle. Riddle told him to chill and relax. Galloway was pissed at Riddle, and threw a fit that he traveled all day for that response.

The final score: review Good
The 411
I felt that this was a good and strong show; the wrestling was good all the way through, the show clocked in at just over two hours it never overstayed its welcome, I think everything flowed well, we got some new faces in the mix and if I had one criticism on the show that would be Joey styles I felt that at times he took away from the show I don’t care that commentator Joey Styles doesn’t like Ethan Page or Stokely Hathaway, I also don’t care about the Joey Styles comedy hour; Styles seemed concerned with getting himself over, instead of getting the in ring over. Lenny Leonard smoked him as a commentator tonight, Leonard has been great all year