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Csonka’s Free Match Reviews With AJ Styles, Hirooki Goto, & More

May 18, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Free Match Reviews With AJ Styles, Hirooki Goto, & More

From TNA Lockdown 2014: Madison Rayne defeated Knockouts Champion Gail Kim @ 9:00 via pin [**¾]
From TNA No Surrender 2005: AJ Styles defeated Sean Waltman @ 15:00 via pin [***¾]
From NJPW New Beginning in Sapporo: IWGP NEVER Openweight Champion Hirooki Goto defeated Juice Robinson @ 14:50 via pin [***¾]

Cage Match: Madison Rayne vs. Knockouts Champion Gail Kim: This is pin, submission or escape. Kim tries to escape right away, stopped by Rayne. They exchange rights, Kim tries to toss Rayne into the cage, stopped and as Rayne hits the ropes, Kim hits a running knee to the gut. Kim now chokes out Rayne in the corner, charges, back elbow by Rayne. Kim again tries to escape, stopped by Rayne who delivers big lefts. Kim fakes a cross body and climbs the cage to escape. Rayne on the top with her now, Rayne onto her shoulder and hits the SKULL FUCKER into the cage. Kim drops to the mat, Rayne off the top and misses the missile dropkick. Kim covers for 2. Forearm strike by Kim, and then just tosses Rayne into the cage. Tapa yells a lot on the floor. Kim then slams Rayne to the mat, and a cover again gets 2. Kim keeps on the offense, laying in the boots and then climbing to escape. Rayne tries to stop her, pulls her down to the mat and then they trade rights. To the corner, Kim with the corner clothesline and then celebrates. Side back breaker by Kim, and then proceeds to bend Rayne the wrong way across her knee. Another back breaker by Kim and again just bends Rayne the wrong way. Rayne lands kicks to escape, but then Kim with a boot to the face stops that mess. To the corner, Kim then misses the charge and FLIES into the cage through the ropes! Forearm strikes by Rayne now, off the ropes and clotheslines follow. A Dropkick by Rayne follows, Rayne misses Kim with a kick and hits the cage. Kim climbs again, looking to escape. Kim goes across the ropes, Rayne up with her, and Kim the gets a NECK BREAKER off the ropes back to the mat. Kim rolls over and gets a cover for 2. Kim tries to escape out the door, Rayne pulls her back in, looks for a roll up but Kim slams her into the cage and makes a cover for 2. Km climbs again, to the top rope and Rayne follows. Kim tries for eat defeat, but gets tossed off and her throat hits the ropes. Rayne is able to send Tapa off the cage as she tried to climb. Rayne rethinks climbing to the floor due to Tapa, and then gets a spear off the top rope onto Kim and that is good enough for the win. Madison Rayne defeated Knockouts Champion Gail Kim @ 9:00 via pin [**¾] Kim & Rayne always worked solidly together, but never really had the high-quality match I always thought that they were capable of. It was more of the same here, as this was pretty good overall; I could have done without Lei’D Tapa being involved.

AJ Styles vs. Sean Waltman: Jerry Lynn is our special referee, as he had history with both men. Here we go. Lockup and AJ takes Waltman to the corner and they break. Lock up again and Waltman takes AJ to the corner and Lynn breaks them. Waltman talks smack and we lock up a third time. Side headlock by Waltman, off the ropes and Waltman holds on to the hold. AJ escapes Waltman uses Lynn to flip out of the hold and gets an arm drag to AJ. Test of strength and Waltman takes him down for a 1 count. Roll up reversals and a slam by AJ. Another and Waltman rolls to the floor. Lynn counts on Waltman as he takes a powder. Waltman back in and he claps for AJ. Lock up and a knee by Waltman. Chops now and off the ropes, AJ counters into an elbow. Off the ropes and a side back breaker by AJ. Waltman to the corner and a suplex to Waltman gets 2. Slam to Waltman, AJ off the ropes with the high knee drop and covers for 2. Reverse Indian death lock with a bridge by AJ. Waltman escapes. STIFF kicks by AJ and Waltman is down. Waltman counters a suplex try, but AJ with the swank dropkick to Waltman. Waltman takes a powder and AJ charges and SWEET plancha to Waltman! AJ tries to take advantage, but Waltman with a back suplex pick up and rams AJ crotch first into the steel post. AJ on the floor as Lynn counts. Waltman waits on him and AJ to the apron and in. Waltman with elbows to AJ and a snap mare, and quick leg drop for 2. Headlock by Waltman, AJ to his feet and elbows out. Off the ropes and a tilt a whirl back breaker by Waltman for 2. Chops by Waltman, and Waltman with a choke. Broncobuster time? AJ up, grabs Waltman for the clash but Waltman escapes and hits the broncobuster to AJ. Off the ropes and a spin kick by Waltman sends AJ to the floor. Waltman up top…SUICIDE SENTON FROM THE TOP TO THE FLOOR BY WALTMAN! AJ hit his head off of the steel trailing and his nose is bleeding now. Waltman charges AJ, but he tosses him into the steel post! AJ has some good blood flow form his nose, grabs Waltman and tosses him in the ring. Springboard forearm to Waltman! Clothesline as the blood pours now. Asai DDT by AJ for 2. Suplex reversed into a low blow by Waltman. Northern lights by Waltman gets 2! Waltman up top…he leaps and AJ nails him with a dropkick! Back slide by AJ, roll through, and butterfly suplex into the CLASH! 1…2…NO! Waltman kicked out and AJ is amazed! AJ up top…MISSES the spiral tap! X FACTOR! 1…2…NO! Waltman says it is 3, but Lynn disagrees! Waltman to the floor and gets a chair. He wraps it around AJ’s leg! Up top…Lynn tries to stop him…and takes the chair away! Waltman talks shit to him and AJ is up, roll up and Waltman has the ropes, Lynn kicks Waltman’s feet off of the ropes and AJ gets the clash for the win! AJ Styles defeated Sean Waltman @ 15:00 via pin [***¾] This was a very good match that told a good story, including the involvement of Lynn. Styles had an awesome 2005 as he was evolving slowly into a more complete performer. Waltman was also really game here, and not only turned back the clock, but just delivered a great performance in an overall very good match.

IWGP NEVER Openweight Champion Hirooki Goto vs. Juice Robinson: Robinson fired up and attacked right away, laying into Goto in the corner, hitting the cannonball and then the top rope head butt for the near fall in the first minute. Goto retreated to the floor, Robinson followed and they brawled on the floor, with Robinson keeping control. He then missed the cannonball against the barricade. Back in and Goto was not amused by Robinson and started to beat on him, focusing on the back. Good aggression by Goto here as he tried to destroy the back of Robinson, working the crab. Good fight shown by Robinson as he struggled for the ropes, but Goto maintains control. Robinson makes it to his feet and then clotheslines Goto to the floor. Robinson followed up with the slingshot senton, sent Goto back in but is slow to follow up due to his back. Robinson followed with a senton and a running splash for 2. They traded strikes center ring, Robinson escaped the ushigoroshi and then followed with jabs. Jump kick by Robinson cuts off Goto, hits the toss up gut buster and covers for the near fall. Robinson up top, but crashes and burns on the moonsault. Robinson looked to fight back, went up top and Goto cut him off. They traded strikes up top, Robinson slipped out and hit the powerbomb and covered for a great near fall. Robinson looked for pulp friction, Goto countered and hit a German (dumping Robinson on his head); Robinson fires up and they trade lariats. Robinson then leveled Goto and covered for a good near fall. Goto counters pulp friction, but Robinson counters the GRT. Goto hit a draping GRT, but Robinson kicks out! Goto with a kick to the chest, but Robinson again survives. GRT by Goto, and Robinson is finally done. IWGP NEVER Openweight Champion Hirooki Goto defeated Juice Robinson @ 14:50 via pin [***¾] This was a very good match, laid out just the way it needed to be. From Robinson‘s attack early on the champion, to his selling, to the fact that he scored believable near falls and survived some of Goto’s signature stuff before finally falling. Robinson was continuing to improve during this time, looked really strong here and lost nothing in defeat. He’s had a great year since and is coming full circle as he looks to challenge Goto again.

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