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Csonka’s Free Match Reviews Natalya, Drew McIntyre, & More

August 12, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Natalya SummerSlam
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Csonka’s Free Match Reviews Natalya, Drew McIntyre, & More  

Csonka’s Free Match Reviews Natalya, Drew McIntyre, & More

From Impact Xplosion: Fallah Bahh defeated Rohit Raju @ 5:20 via pin [**]
From Summerslam 2017: Natalya defeated Champion Naomi @ 10:57 via submission [**¾]
From NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III: Drew McIntyre defeated Champion Bobby Roode @ 22:25 via pin [**½]

Rohit Raju vs. Fallah Bahh: A 3-year old cancer survivor and his mother accompany Bahh to the ring. Raju attacks at the bell, but Bahh cuts him off. Raju fires back and then bounces off of Bahh as he tries a high cross. Bahh hits a leg drop and the steamroller. Raju counters a Samoan drop and stomps on the feet and hits a running knee strike for 1. Raju follows with kicks, Bahh fires back but misses the running cross body and Raju covers for 2. Raju lays in rights and follows with corner attacks. Bahh stops that with chops, and hits a corner splash. The belly-to-belly scores for 2. Raju fires back, hits knee strikes and covers for 2. Raju lays in rights but Bahh hits the running cross body for 2. Raju stops the corner attack, but Raju runs into the Samoan drop. Bahh hits the banzai drop and that’s that. Fallah Bahh defeated Rohit Raju @ 5:20 via pin [**] This was an ok match with Bahh picking up a win. The crowd loves Bahh, he’s a fun personality.

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Natalya vs. Champion Naomi: Natalya attacks at the bell, slapping Naomi. Natalya looks to run wild, but Naomi cuts her off with a RANA and slaps her back. They work to the floor, where Naomi hits the blockbuster off the steps. Back in the ring and Natalya cuts off Naomi, attacking the leg and then catapulting her to the post. Natalya lays the boots to Naomi, hits the snap suplex but Naomi kicks out as we see Carmella watching backstage. Naomi gets a desperation roll up, but Natalya escapes and lays her out with a clothesline. Naomi slowly fights back with leg kicks, but Natalya takes control back and works an abdominal stretch. The rolling lariat follows, and Natalya covers for 2. They work up top, and Naomi hits a Russian leg sweep and we get a double down. They trade strikes, but Naomi counters the clothesline with a high kick, covering for 2. Naomi fires up with the speedball kicks, but Natalya trips her up into a split and hits a basement dropkick. They work to the corner, Naomi hangs Natalya in the ropes and hits the slingshot leg drop for 2. Natalya slams Naomi to the corner but they roll center ring, but Natalya counters Naomi’s neck crank and locks in the sharpshooter. Naomi fights and drives Natalya to the buckles. Natalya counters the split legged moonsault with knees, locks in the sharpshooter and wins. Natalya defeated Champion Naomi @ 10:57 via submission [**¾] While Natalya originally cut off Naomi by attacking the leg, I would kindly suggest that commentary watch the actual match instead of reciting notes. JBL was talking about Natalya taking advantage of the weakened knee of Naomi as she won, acting as if she was focusing on the knee/leg the whole match. With that being said, they worked hard and I thought that they had a pretty good outing. They heavily teased the cash-in, but it was just a red herring.

NXT Championship Match: Champion Bobby Roode vs. Drew McIntyre: Roode tries to chop McIntyre down, but that just pisses off McIntyre who tosses Roode around. Roode powders to the floor, and when he returns he goes back to the chops as he tries to hit and move. He teases the glorious DDT, but McIntyre quickly escapes. More chops follow, but as Roode looks for a float over, McIntyre cuts him off and follows with the big boot. The battle spills to the floor, with McIntyre dominating. McIntyre catches a high cross off the apron and hits a back breaker off of the apron. Back in the ring they go, but Roode catches McIntyre on the way in with a neck breaker. Roode sends McIntyre back to the floor, and follows with a blockbuster off of the apron. It’s all Roode now, as they work back into the ring and Roode continues attacking the back and neck, setting up for his glorious DDT. Roode continues to stay a step ahead, hitting a missile dropkick off of the second rope. Roode then locks in a sleeper, but McIntyre slams him to the corner to escape. McIntyre hits an overhead belly to belly as Roode charges him. McIntyre fires up, hitting a corner attack and then follows with a lariat off the top. Roode attacks the neck to cut off McIntyre, follows with a knee strike but McIntyre cuts him off and hits a running air raid crash for 2. Roode battles back, stunning McIntyre off the ropes and heads up top, McIntyre cuts that off, but Rood trips him into the tree of WHOA; McIntyre pops back up and hits the spider overhead toss. McIntyre looks for the claymore, but Roode is down. McIntyre walks over to him, and picks him up instead of covering and Roode cradles him for 2. They work into a series of counters, with Roode hitting a back stabber for 2. Roode follows with strikes and chops, but McIntyre fights off a DDT and after a backslide, hits a future shock DDT for the near fall. McIntyre picks up Roode, takes him up the ropes but Roode counters out into a Liger bomb for 2. They trade strikes and chops, Roode hits an enziguri but McIntyre rebounds with the claymore but Roode gets a foot on the ropes. Roode rolls to the floor, McIntyre is pissed and then (sorta) hits the big dive, shitty catch by Roode. McIntyre drags Roode back into the ring, but then runs into a spinebuster. McIntyre counters out of the glorious DDT, and gets a sunset flip for 2. Roode then hits the glorious DDT for the near fall. Roode hits another glorious DDT, and rolls up and looks for another. McIntyre hits the claymore and wins the title. Drew McIntyre defeated Champion Bobby Roode @ 22:25 via pin [**½] This was an overly long and very average match. I like both guys and thought that the neck and back work by Roode was smart, but they lost the crowd about halfway through and the closing stretch and finish did little for me, feeling flat and anticlimactic. I was highly disappointed by this match.

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Clocking in at just under 40-minutes, this was an overall below average and disappointing collection. Roode & McIntyre just never clicked with me, and while far from bad, they were capable of so much more.