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Csonka’s House of Hardcore 26 Review 5.19.17

May 19, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Cody Rhodes
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Csonka’s House of Hardcore 26 Review 5.19.17  

Csonka’s House of Hardcore 26 Review 5.19.17

– Guido Maritato defeated Papadon @ 5:50 via pin [**½]
– Matt Striker defeated TJ Marconi @ 4:40 via pin [*]
– Alex Reynolds defeated Lance Anoai @ 11:48 via pin []
– Moose defeated Dan Maff @ 10:40 via pin [***]
– Rhett Titus defeated Ben Ortiz, Pat Buck and Bull James @ 7:08 via pin []
Open Challenge NO DQ Match: Bully Ray defeated EC3 @ 10:35 via pin [*]
– The Squad defeated Team Tremendous, and The NOW @ 13:00 via pin [**]
– Cody defeated Tommy Dreamer @ 14:30 via pin [**]

– Matt Camp & Daniel (Danny Doering) Morrison are on commentary.

Papadon vs. Guido Maritato: Papadon uses his power early, easily shoving Guido away. Guido quickly goes to his shooter roots, taking Papadon down and easily out grapples him. Guido then busts out a head scissors and dropkick for the near fall. Papadon fights off the kiss of death, they teased a ref bump and Papadon got in the cheap shot to take control. The backdrop follows, Papadon covers for 2. The sliding clothesline follows for another near fall. Guido fires up with chops, hits a sloppy stunner as Papadon wasn’t very cooperative. Guido then hits the Sicilian slice for 2. Papadon hits an uppercut of the ropes, covering for 2. Guido then hits the kiss of death (unprettier) for the win. Guido Maritato defeated Papadon @ 5:50 via pin [**½] Guido is 45 and is still in good shape, and transitioning to more of a grappling style has worked well for him. I’d love to see him pop up on an EVOLVE New York show some day. Average opener, with Papadon not coming off all that smooth out there.

TJ Marconi vs. Matt Striker: Striker tries to use his speed to stay way early, but Marconi corners him and tosses him across the ring. The shoulder block follows for Marconi, and then a slam. Striker hits a big boot, tries the slam and fails. Marconi then chokes him out in the ropes, but then misses the corner charge and Striker tries a slam, but Marconi falls on him and then lays the boots to him. Marconi then misses an elbow drop off the ropes, and Striker hits a jawbreaker. Strikes follow, to the second rope but Marconi stops that and misses a boot in the corner. Striker hits the slam and splash for 2. Marconi looks for a slam, roll up by Striker and he wins. Matt Striker defeated TJ Marconi @ 4:40 via pin [*] This was a really clunky, and uninspired effort overall.

Alex Reynolds w/Friedman & Maria (not Kanellis) vs. Lance Anoai: They trade strikes to begin, with Anoai hitting chops and head butts. Reynolds fires back with rights, trips up Anoai but Anoai lands more chops, off the ropes and the dropkick follows for 2. The superkick and diving head butt follow, and that gets 2. The clothesline sends Reynolds to the floor and Anoai follows with the suicide dive. Friedman gets involved, allowing Reynolds to send Anoai to the floor. Anoai back in and Reynolds takes control, taking Anoai down and hitting an elbow drop for 2. Anoai fires back with forearm strikes, but misses the corner splash allowing Reynolds to hit the running knee strike. Reynolds then stomps on Anoai’s face, and chokes him out in the ropes and Friedman gets involved again. Reynolds hits a suplex, and then grounds Anoai. Reynolds then works a fishhook, but Anoai fires back with body strikes and running knee strike. Anoai then avoids Reynolds, hits the head butt and corner splash; the RANA and Samoan clambake follows, and that gets 2. Reynolds then works the cobra clutch, Anoai escapes and hits the pop up Samoan drop and then hits a people’s moonsault for 2. Reynolds blocks the superkick, and hits the suplex into a stunner for 2. Anoai hits the sunset flip, but the ref stops Friedman from helping and that allows Anoai to hit the superkick. Anoai up top and hits the coast to coast dropkick, covers and Friedman puts Reynolds’ foot on the ropes to break it up. Anoai up top, but Friedman tosses him off to the mat. Anoai then superkicks Reynolds and Friedman, but Reynolds locks in the crossface, and Anoai has to tap. Alex Reynolds defeated Lance Anoai @ 11:48 via pin [*½] This was looking to build into a good match, but the constant interference really took away from things and hurt the match. It was just way too much for my liking, and made it nearly impossible to get invested in the match in any way.

Moose vs. Dan Maff: Maff stalls early. They finally lock up as the hosses look to battle, but Moose with the clean break to do his little chant. They both go for shoulder blocks, collide center ring and then do it again. Maff finally takes Moose down, but Moose kips up and hits a dropkick. Maff to the floor, Moose follows and they brawl around ringside. Moose lays in the chops, sitting Maff in a chair and then laps the ring and hits the running boot. More chops by Moose, laps the ring again, but Maff catches him and hits a powerbomb to the buckles from the floor. Maff rakes the back, rolls Moose back in and then follows with the knee drop. Maff then chokes out Moose in the corner, and then lays in chops. Moose fires up and they trade chops. HOSS FIGHT! Moose removes his glove, and lays in more chops but Maff cuts him off with a German and the elbow drop for 2. Maff follows with a suplex, covering for 2. Maff with corner mounted rights now, but Moose powerbombs him and hits the senton and almost comes up short on the moonsault, something that has been happening a lot lately. I hope he fixes that before he gets hurt. Moose runs wild, hitting corner attacks and the dropkick. Maff counters the game changer, and hit the pop up powerbomb for 2. Maff follows with a hip toss and senton for 2. Maff looks to finish things off, but Moose fires away with elbows and the bicycle kick. German by Maff but Moose pops up and hits the spear for 2. Maff again counters the game changer, but Moose recovers and hits it for the win. Moose defeated Dan Maff @ 10:40 via pin [***] This was a good match, a fun hoss battle and the best thing on the show so far.

Ben Ortiz vs. Pat Buck vs. Bull James vs. Rhett Titus: James and Ortiz use their power advantage early, they keep switching who they are working with, and then do a four way lock up. Titus shoves guys around, Buck pokes him in the eyes and everyone attacks Titus and then Ortiz tosses him to the floor. Ortiz then tossed as Buck and James battle but James sends him to the floor. Ortiz back in and wipes out James with a lariat. They then work a four way headlock spot, Buck then hits a superkick and then one from Titus. They keep working headlocks and superkicks, it was something. James and Ortiz tease dives, but Buck and Titus take them out, send them to the floor and hit dives. Buck and Titus back in, they work some fun back and forth, but Ortiz returns to take out Buck. James back in and he and Ortiz battle, James up top now and hits the whooopie cushion. Titus then rolls up James and steals the win. Rhett Titus defeated Ben Ortiz, Pat Buck and Bull James @ 7:08 via pin [*½] UGH, they tried to get way too cute and do indie comedy, but it just fell completely flat. The best portions were Buck vs. Titus, and I really wish that this was just a singles between them instead of a get everyone on the card match. Ortiz can be fun and has potential, unfortunately I find Bull James to be a poor professional wrestler, and cannot name a match of his I have enjoyed.


– EC3’s “attorney/financial counselor” is out to introduce him and sing his theme song, because Anthem will “not allow it to be played.” EC3 is accompanied by two unidentified ladies. EC3 says he feels an EC3-some coming on, and claims to be the best. He’s here to beat Bully Ray again. Bully arrives, cuts a promo and is glad that EC3 accepted, and made this a no DQ match.

Open Challenge: Bully Ray vs. EC3: attacks at the bell, runs wild and hits the corner clothesline. Bully fights back with hip tosses, clotheslines and chops. Bully up top, but EC3 cuts him off and press slams him into the ring. EC3 follows with mounted rights, grabs Bully’s chain and whips him with it. He then chokes him out with it, and then hits a dropkick for 2. EC3 then stomps on the hand of Bully, and then works mounted rights in the corner and follows with chops. Bully then fires back with chops and hits the corner splash and TKO for 2. EC3 argues with the ref, shoves him around and then EC3 teases the RKO. He goes for the one percenter, but Bully fights him off and hits the cutter. Bully follows with rights and jabs, clotheslines follow and then the flip-flop and fly. The slam follows, and the attorney climbs the ropes and the ref holds EC3’s legs and Bully tosses the attorney into the wazzup head butt. Bully then tells the ref to get the tables, so he does. Bully helps him get a really small table, he sets it up and the ladies enter the ring and low blow Bully and beat on him. Velvet Sky arrives to make the save and clear the ring, EC3 then tries to attack, but hits the attorney. EC3 again teases attacking Sky, she runs to the back and EC3 follows but Mick Foley is here, walking on a cane and applies socko. Bully then puts EC3 through the table and wins. Bully Ray defeated EC3 @ 10:35 via pin [*] The crowd loved this, but the match was bad, but Foley was a fun surprise and got a great reaction. Still though, a really poor and lackadaisical effort all around.

– Foley plays to the crowd, and says Bully is a cheap, second rate Cactus Jack knockoff, and he says this as a cheap, second rate, Terry Funk. Foley says that Sky once teased motorboating him at the request of Bully. He knew it was wrong, because he’s married. It happened at a TNA house show, and there were dozens of witnesses. Bully then says he usually gives a piece of a broken table to a fan, and give it and socko to a small child. Bully then puts over the crowd.

– The Squad arrives, claiming to be sent here by Mr. McMahon to shut this place down, and the crowd chants for Ziggler. They also have the third unidentified Squad member in training with them. Team Tremendous enters to an 8-bit version of “Axel F”. Hale Collins and Vik Dalishus have been added to the match. Dalishus cuts a promo, putting everyone on notice, and claiming to have a big dick.

The Squad (Kenny & Mikey) vs. Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr) vs. The NOW (Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus) w/the Double Duprees: This was scheduled as a regular tag, but Hale Collins and Vik Dalishus have been added. Barry and Dalishus start things off, Barry hits a dropkick but Dalishus cuts him off. Mikey tags in, he and Kenny work the arm, but Barry tricks Kenny into attacking Mikey’s arm. He only realizes it when Barry appears on the floor. Kenny apologizes to Mikey, giving “CPR” to his arm. Barry then runs wild with hip tosses to all, he and Carr clear the ring. Thy then isolate Collins, and work double teams. Collins hits Barry with an eye poke and enziguri, the NOW then takes control, working double teams and picking up a near fall. Kenny tags in, but Barry gets a small package for 2. Mikey in and stomps away at Barry as Kenny works a figure four. The clothesline follows, but Dalishus tags himself in and hits a slam and leg drops on Barry. Barry tries to fire up, hits a leg lariat and both men are down. Kenny tags back in, he and Mikey look to attack, but Barry escapes and tags on Carr. He runs wild, hits a head scissors and sit out uranage. The bossman slam follows, and the Duprees and the squad member in training are in, Mikey grabs the Duprees and motorboats them. The NOW in and tosses the Squad, but Barry tosses them and wipes out the pile on the floor with a tope. Carr then follows with a dive and everyone is down. The ref then goes up top and hits a moonsault onto the pile on the floor. He then takes of his shirt looks for a dive, but Kenny cuts him off with a headlock. Kenny then drops the straps, but misses the plancha as everyone moves away. Back in and Barry and Mikey battle, They trade kicks and knee strikes and Mikey then hits a cutter. Mikey misses the top rope splash, Barry up top and Mikey crotches him, follows hi up and Carr makes the save and Bookem Danno connects. Dalishus pulls Barry to the floor, hits a superkick and Carr hits Collins with a bossman slam. Carr then hits the destroyer on Dalishus, but Kenny flies in with the Alabama jam and steals the win. The Squad defeated Team Tremendous, and The NOW @ 13:00 via pin [**] This was ok overall, unfortunately they were too concerned with making fun of the “…dive” thing instead of trying to have a quality wrestling match.

Cody vs. Tommy Dreamer: they lock up, with Cody taking Dreamer down and looking to work the leg. Dreamer back to the feet, and they separate. Cody then works the arm, but Dreamer does a front roll to escape. They then work some basic back and forth, and end in a stand off. They shake hands and are friends for now. Dreamer hits the shoulder block, but Cody then takes down Dreamer with a shoulder block of his own. Cody offers Dreamer a too sweet, Dreamer accepts and Cody then kicks him in the balls and lays the boots to him. Cody lays in body strikes, takes Dreamer down and lays the boots to him. Cody then hangs Dreamer in the ropes and kick shim low again. Cody manages to slow things down even more, working a headlock and Russian leg sweep. He heads up top, but misses the moonsault. Dreamer then fights back with a big boot and clothesline, and the cutter follows for 2. Dreamer grabs a drink of Gatorade, brings in a chair and mists Cody with the Gatorade, but Cody hits the drop toehold into the chair. Dreamer hasn’t learned, he’s been taking that spot since 1994. They work up top with Dreamer hitting a superplex. They trade strikes center ring, Dreamer fires up and lays in the flip-flop and fly, but Cody cuts it off and looks for his own version, but they hit the elbow at the same time for a double down. Dreamer now gets a kendo stick, but Cody kicks the ropes into his balls and then attacks with the kendo stick. Cody then tosses it to the floor, and locks in the figure four. Dreamer makes the ropes, Cody grabs a chair and wedges it in the corner. Cody looks for another figure four, and we get a ref bump. Cody hits the disaster kick, but no ref. Cody again sets the chair in the corner, but Dreamer hits the DDT for 2 as the ref is back. Dreamer grabs the kendo stick, lays into Cody but Cody shoots him into the chair, hits cross Rhodes and wins. Cody defeated Tommy Dreamer @ 14:30 via pin [**] This was a long Tommy Dreamer main event in 2017, which is not a good thing. Combine it with a Cody indie match in 2017 (average at best wrestling, pay the hits, miss a moonsault, ref bump and win, and you have a fine, but completely forgettable match, especially as the show’s main event. It was slow, uninteresting, and watching Dreamer blow up halfway through and struggle to the end did the match no favors.

– Post match, Coy cuts a promo and says that in 2006, Dreamer signed him to WWE. Guys you watch every Monday and Tuesday, Dreamer hired a lot of them. Cody thanks Dreamer, and thanks the crowd for having him here tonight. He finally got to face one of his heroes tonight, and he appreciates it. Cody tells Dreamer he loves him and they hug. Dreamer says Cody’s father was HIS hero. He met Cody when he was 10, and never thought they would wrestle, or see Cody grow to be a success. Dreamer says that Dusty told Dreamer to make the call to hire him, because it would mean more. Dreamer will wear his polka dot gear until his career ends. He adds that he loves the entire Rhodes family. Cody of course turns on Dreamer and hits cross Rhodes to stand tall as the announcers tell Cody to go to hell. I thought Cody didn’t wantto use his dad for angles on the indies? The Sandman’s music hit as we faded to black. Yup.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Very Bad
The 411
So after a really disappointing experience with House of Hardcore 24, I decide to give the company another look. That tuned out to be a mistake. I do not go into House of Hardcore expecting five star classics or anything of the sort, I’m just looking for a good wrestling show, but instead I get what Dreamer claims they aren’t and that’s a poorly done ECW nostalgia promotion. To be more accurate, House of Hardcore is Tommy Dreamer’s vanity project to keep his friends in the business employed (more power to them), but it features average production, mostly bad wrestling, and instead of showcasing some of the industry’s up and comers like he always talks about, we keep getting gems from Matt Striker and Bull James. The company also features mostly poor commentary, with the team feeling like a parody of various commentators, like calling superkicks like Steve Corino; be original. Also, they decided to be cool and play into the “…dive” thing, adding to the already poor comedy on the show. Judging from live reports I get, House of Hardcore sounds like a fun live experience, but as an iPPV product, comes off poorly. It’s safe to say that the product isn’t for me, I may check back in down the line thanks to my Floslam subscription, but there is absolutely nothing must see about this company.