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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling 1.21.20 Review

January 21, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Willie Mack Impact
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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling 1.21.20 Review  

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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling 1.21.20 Review

– Taurus defeated Moose & Rhino @ 14:30 via pin [**]
– Joey Ryan defeated Maximo @ 3:30 via pin [**]
– Havok defeated Rosemary @ 6:30 via pin [**¼]
– Willie Mack defeated Rohit Raju @ 3:45 via pin [**½]
– Taya & Ace Austin defeated Tessa Blanchard & Trey @ 16:45 via pin [***¼]

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– We open with highlights from last week’s Sami vs. Tessa video confrontation.

– New World Champion Tessa Blanchard arrives to kick off the show. Tessa says it feels good to stand here as the world champion. It was a hell of a journey to get here, but it’s just beginning. Because now she has a target on her back and Sami has a rematch coming for the championship. She knows he’s listening, and he should be watching his back. They had the fight of a lifetime, and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and she can’t wait to end this for good. Get your ass out here and lets do this. Taya arrives and the champions have stare down. Taya says Sami can’t come out right now, but she’s here and is even better. Taya puts herself over and then talks about how far Tessa has come in the last year, but the truth is that Taya is the one setting the standard and beat Tessa for her championship and beat her in Mexico last year. She also beat her for the AAA women’s championship, and doesn’t think Tessa can hang with the women anymore, and her world championship is a consolation prize. Tessa tells her to put her money where her mouth is; Ace Austin arrives and says he didn’t get his invite to the winner’s circle as they are all champions, Tessa finally did it and became world champion. He has something in common with Taya as Tessa has failed to beat them both. He hits on Tessa, she drops him and Taya attacks Tessa. They beat down Tessa and Trey makes the save. He dumps Ace and Tessa dumps Taya.

– Willie Mack is interviewed about his disappointing loss at Hard to Kill in a handicap tag title match. Jacobs puts over his effort at Hard to Kill, and Mack says he had big pressure on him. he has a new confidence and is just waiting on Swann to comeback so they can go after those championships. Mack faces Rohit Raju tonight. Swinger arrives and offers to be Mack’s partner. Mack says he’s good, but Swinger keeps pushing the team.

– Taya rants about Tessa and Hogan &Rayne arrive. They want their title shots Taya promised them. Taya says not tonight, but she can deal with it after next week.

Taurus vs. Moose vs. Rhino: Moose powders and Rhino attacks, working the arm until Taurus counters out. Shoulder tackle by Rhino, Moose distracts him as Taurus attacks Rhino. Moose trips up Taurus, annoying his opponents. Post break and Rhino is working over Taurus until Moose trips him up. Taurus and Rhino finally go after Moose, chasing him into the ring and then attack. They double team Moose, and Taurus covers for 2. He and Rhino argue, and then double team Moose again. Rhino covers for 2 as Taurus gets upset. Moose runs them together, and starts working both over. Taurus battles back, Moose posts him as Rhino then hits a suplex. Rhino takes control, and the clothesline gets 2 as Taurus makes the save. Taurus works over Rhino, hits a run up high cross and Moose makes the save. He takes control, hits go to hell and covers Taurus for 2. Rhino cuts him off and hits a belly to belly. The gore is stopped by Noose, he low blows Rhino and Taurus sidesteps the gore, Moose is taken out by Rhino and Taurus hits the head butt for the win. Taurus defeated Moose & Rhino @ 14:30 via pin [**] So, they did nothing for 90-seconds and took a 5-minute break. From there they worked a tired triple threat formula, with no sense of urgency, no one getting to shine and an overall flat atmosphere due to the poor match layout. This felt like a complete waste of a talented Taurus.

– Jordynne Grace still has her sights set on the knockouts championship, and wants in next week’s #1 contender’s match.

– Joey Ryan is back in wrestlers court. But he refuses it.

Joey Ryan vs. Maximo: Ryan wants Maximo to touch it and Maximo attacks, lays in chops and follows with arm drags. Shoulder tackle by Maximo, follows with a slam and hits a tope rope elbow drop. Maximo hits an atomic drop, hurts his knee and Ryan hits a suicide dive. Back in and Maximo kisses Ryan and cradles him for 2. Maximo touches it, get flipped and sweet tooth music finishes it. Joey Ryan defeated Maximo @ 3:30 via pin [**] It was short and fine.

– Michael Elgin cuts a promo and says he’s not done with Eddie Edwards. He’s already beaten him, Edwards tapped at the PPV and it should have ended there.

Havok vs. Rosemary: Jim Mitchell & Suzie are at ringside. Rosemary to the floor, Mitchell gets pissed as Havok runs her off into the ring. Rosemary attacks, hits a RANA off the apron and chokes out Havok until Havok slams her to the apron. They trade, brawling on the floor as Rosemary follows with uppercuts. Havok Samoan drops her on the ramp, and rolls back in. Rosemary back in and heads up top, hits a high cross and running elbow in the corner. Sling blade connects, Rosemary works a modified Muta lock, but Havok escapes. Havok counters back, hits running knee strikes and hits a backbreaker and clothesline. The running knee strike follows, but Rosemary hit a desperation jawbreaker. Mitchell gets misted, but Havok hits the tombstone for the win. Havok defeated Rosemary @ 6:30 via pin [**¼] This was ok at best, really sluggish and low energy, with no sense of urgency at all to the work; disappointing from these two.

– The Rascalz hangout and harass Trey about tagging with Tessa tonight. Wentz got sold some special stuff, Trey bounces and Wentz & Dez smoke up and are really feeling the special stuff. Pagano & Murder Clown arrive and scare the shit out of them.

– Eddie Edwards responds to Elgin, and says he will call his shot for the PPV. Elgin arrives and stops him as they argue to set up another match.

Willie Mack vs. Rohit Raju: Gama & Shera are at ringside. Raju tries to attack, Mack cuts him off, hits a RANA and dropkicks him to the floor. Shera distracts Mack an Raju cradles him for 2. The flatliner follows and that gets 2. The leg sweep and double stomp leads to a near fall. Raju grounds the action. But Mack fires up and hits clotheslines. The running forearm and boot land, Shera pulls Raju to the floor and so Mack hits them with a dive. Back in and Mack hits the Samoan drop, and the standing moonsault lands for 2. Raju counters the stunner into a knee strike and the cannonball connects. Mack counters back into the stunner and wins. Willie Mack defeated Rohit Raju @ 3:45 via pin [**½] This was a short, but perfectly solid match.

– Post match, Shera attacks. Swinger makes the save but gets his ass beat as well.

– The North gloat about being tag team champions and Vikingo is not impressed, he and Josh push and shove and that’s set up for a match next week.

– Next week starts a best of five series between Elgin & Edwards. Also, Grace vs. Hogan vs. Rayne for a knockouts title shot; Dr. Wagner Jr also appears.

Tessa Blanchard & Trey vs. Taya & Ace Austin: Bravo is at ringside. Taya and Tessa begin, they trade and Tessa hits a clothesline. Ace in and Tessa grounds him until Ace escapes. Off the ropes and Trey tags in, he and Ace work into counters and Trey hits a dropkick. He follows with rights, RANA by Trey and Tessa dumps Taya. Suicide dives by the faces follow. Post break and double teams to Ace follow as Trey covers for 2. Taya attacks Tessa and slams her to the barricade and nails Trey as Ace connects with a spin kick for 2. Ace isolates Trey, works him over in the corner and the suplex follows for 2. The backdrop suplex and leg drop also gets 2. Taya tags in and maintains the heat on Trey and follows with the basement dropkick for 2. Taya hits a knee strike and again covers for 2. Ace tags in, double teams follow and Ace lays in ground and pound. He follows with corner kicks, takes him into the tree of WHOA and Ace chokes him out as Taya hits the dropkick; Ace covers for 2. Ace maintains control with another suplex for 2. He keeps Trey grounded, cuts him with the laminated playing card but Trey counters back and hits a PELE. Tessa tags in but the ref didn’t see it as Bravo took the ref. Ace maintains control until Trey counters back with a basement dropkick. Tag to Tessa and Taya joins her. Tessa hits a high cross, RANA and cutter. Tessa up top and Magnum misses as Ace tags in. Tornado DDT by Tessa. Ace posts her and Trey fights on his own, Taya cuts him off as he heads up top and Tessa attacks her. The suicide dive follows but Ace finishes Trey with the fold. Taya & Ace Austin defeated Tessa Blanchard & Trey @ 16:45 via pin [***¼] This was a good tag match, easily the best thing on the show; Tessa’s hot tag was especially good.

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The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
This week’s episode of Impact Wrestling was far from a bad show, but I did feel that it was a really flat and at times lifeless event. On top of nothing really feeling like it clicked or was important, I was really hoping for more set up stuff as they officially kicked off the post Hard to Kill chapter of things. Again, it wasn’t bad, but I felt it was a rare miss for Impact.