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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 10.11.19

October 16, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 10.11.19  

Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 10.11.19

X-Division Ladder Match Qualifier: Ace Austin defeated Eddie Edwards @ 10:45 via pin [**¾]
– The Desi Hit Squad defeated The Rascalz @ 7:30 via pin [**]
Knockouts Title Match: Champion Taya vs. Jessika Havok went to a no contest @ 5:15 [**½]
– Stephan Bonnar defeated Moose @ 4:25 via DQ [*]
– Jordynne Grace defeated Katie Forbes @ 5:42 via pin []
– Tessa Blanchard & Daga defeated Jake Crist & Mad Man Fulton @ 5:27 via pin [**¾]

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Ac Austin vs. Eddie Edwards: Ace Austin’s shirt said, “Ace Austin 3:16 says I just banged your wife.” They brawl at the bell, Edwards dumps him and follows with a plancha. He rips off the shirt and follows with chops. Ace fires back with kicks, slams Edwards to the apron but Edwards crotches him on the post. Edwards lays in chops, Ace fires back in the ring but Edwards keeps throwing chops. He chokes him out and then works him over on the floor. Ace hits Edwards with a drink and back in, hits a splash for 2. He follows with kicks, grounding Edwards. Ace chokes him out and follows with more kicks. Edwards fires up and hits a clothesline and lays in chops in the corner. Ace cuts him off with an enziguri and they work up top but Edwards slips out and crotches Ace. Edwards follows with an avalanche belly to back suplex and both men are down. Reno Scum arrives and distract Edwards, Ace fires back and the head kick follows for 2. Edwards counters into the blue thunder bomb for 2. Ace counters the Boston knee party with a spin kick for 2. The senton misses, Boston knee party by Edwards and Reno Scum pulls out the ref. Edwards hits a dive, gets Kenny and attacks Scum. Ace hits Edwards with the fold and that gets 2. Scum takes the ref, Ace loads up the arm brace and KOs Edwards for the win. Ace Austin defeated Eddie Edwards @ 10:45 via pin [**¾] The match was pretty good, and while Ace comes off as a completely unlikable douche, I am completely over interference finishes. Ace will be great in the BFG ladder match.

– Post match, Reno Scum hit Eddie Edwards with a super curb stomp after the match. Ace Austin and Reno Scum celebrated.

– Taya meets with Rosemary backstage. Taya spoke about asking Rosemary for help, and brought up how it’s Rosemary’s fault that Taya has to wrestle Jessika Havok this week. Taya asked Rosemary to help her because they are “friends”. Rosemary said life isn’t fair and then walked away.

Desi Hit Squad vs. The Rascalz: DHS attacks right away, Trey fires back and hits a head scissors. He follows with arm drags and Raju rakes the eyes and cuts him off with a double stomp for 2. Singh tags in and follows with strikes. Trey battles back, but Singh cuts off the tag with a suplex for 2. Raju lays the boots to Trey, and the suplex follows for 2. trey finally cuts him off and tags in Dez. The ref didn’t see the tag so DHS beat down Trey and follow with double teams for 2. Singh follows with elbow strikes, Raju tags in and maintains control with strikes. And the belly to back suplex follows for 2. Singh tags back in and Trey battles back and takes them down. tag to Wentz and he runs wild on Raju. Dez tags in and they take out Shera, Double teams to Singh follow and Shera cuts off the dives and slams them to the apron. Trey then hits a step up dive onto the pile. Back in and it breaks down, Shera eats superkicks and no sells them and takes out all three and the slam follows. Singh covers for the win. The Desi Hit Squad defeated The Rascalz @ 7:30 via pin [**] This was ok at best, but the booking was absolutely atrocious, I get that Impact has a hard on for DHS due to the Sony Six deal, but the Rascalz have a PPV match and shouldn’t have been booked to lose on this show.

– Jordynne Grace works out as Katie Forbes walked into the backstage area with her luggage. Forbes mocked Grace by treating her like a parking attendant. Grace took the car keys of Forbes and shoved them into Forbes’ exposed cleavage. Grace said she was going to kick the ass of Forbes. Forbes went “this ass?” as she started to twerk in front of Grace. Grace walks off.

– Tenillle joins commentary.

Champion Taya vs. Jessika Havok: Mitchell & Bravo are at ringside. Havok yells at Taya and attacks. She tosses her across the ring, hits the corner splash and a running boot. She hits two more and covers for 2. Havok follows with a back breaker and Bravo distracts Havok as Taya cradles Havok for 2. She lays the boots to Havok and follows with the double knees for 2. Taya chokes out Havok and then slaps Havok. Havok fires back and follows with a back breaker. She hits another and slams her to the buckles. They work up top and Havok follows her up, Taya fires back and trips her up and follows with the double stomp for 2. Havok fires back, hits a clothesline and the chokeslam follows but Bravo pulls out the ref for the DQ. Champion Taya vs. Jessika Havok went to a no contest @ 5:15 [**½] This was a solid match with another shit finish in the Taya run. I really wish Tenille was delivering and felt over because a hot babyface beating Taya would play really well at BFG.

– Post match, Havok chokeslammed Bravo. Taya snuck up behind Bravo with a title shot to the head. Taya was then attacked by Tenille Dashwood who got less of a babyface reaction than Jessika Havok. She pummeled Taya into the corner and hit Taya with the taste of Tenille. Taya rolled out and walked up the ramp hugging her title.

– Sami Callihan talked about how fans don’t expect to be attacked by a machine when they come to watch wrestling, referring to what Cage did to the “fan” last week. He told Cage to watch a replay of two weeks ago and see that Melissa Santos only took a bottle to the face because Cage ducked and there is video proof. Callihan said animals deserve to be behind bars and implied that Cage was still in jail. Callihan hyped Jake and Fulton’s match against Daga and Tessa. Callihan said OVE is For Ohio, By Ohio, and will take over Everything… Everything!!! EVERYTHING!!! Thumbs up Thumbs Down.

– Page and Josh Alexander are interviewed, implying that they were the ones that attacked Konnan last week. Page sarcastically acted concerned for Konnan and said that Konnan should have been wearing his Life Alert bracelet. Willie Mack and Rich Swann confronted them and Swann talked about beating Ethan Page and Matt Sydal last year and this time when they beat Page and his tag team partner it will result in Mack and Swann being champions. Page agreed that Mack and Swann beat Page and “somebody else.” Page said this is The North this time, not that other team. Josh Alexander told Mack and Swann how this is a triple threat match and how RVD and Rhino are skipping the line. Rhino and RVD arrived and Rhino said that he and RVD were in the line before Mack and Swann were born. Swann tried to talk about how he watched RVD and Rhino and as a kid. RVD told Swann and Mack, “Thank you for the rug”. After RVD and Rhino left, Mack and Swann were confused as to what this “rug” RVD was talking about.

Stephan Bonnar vs. Moose: Frank Trigg is out with Moose. These two had a pretty bad match back at Victory Road, so hopefully this one is better. They lock up, Moose grounds things and celebrates. Bonnar fires back with strikes and kicks, The big hip toss follows and Moose powders. Bonnar follows, Moose rakes the eyes and lays in strikes. He whips Bonnar to the steps and rolls him back in. Moose follows with more body shots, strikes but Bonnar cuts him off with a spin kick. The belly to belly follows, and Bonnar is busted open. Moose rakes the eyes, follows with chops but runs into a spinebuster. He heads up top and Moose shoves the ref into him for the DQ… LAME. Stephan Bonnar defeated Moose @ 4:25 via DQ [*]

Moose continued to attack Bonnar after the match. He was about to use the chair but Shamrock made the save. Moose missed Shamrock with the chair, and Shamrock pummeled Moose with punches, and followed with a belly-to-belly. Shamrock locked Moose in the ankle lock. Frank Trigg tried to help Moose, but Stephan Bonnar kept Trigg away as Moose tapped out. Ken Shamrock stood tall.
Well, the match was no good and the finish sucked. Moose has a PPV match and should be winning matches and gaining momentum. The post match was good.

Jordynne Grace vs. Katie Forbes: Callis sounds like he’s jacking off to Forbes during her entrance. They lock up and Forbes grounds the action. Grace counters out and Forbes twerks in her face and Grace starts working the arm. The cradle follows for 2. Lock up again, Grace hits a shoulder tackle and follows with a back elbow. The missile dropkick follows and Forbes powders. She cuts off the dive and chokes out Grace in the corner. She follows with shoulder attacks in the corner, twerks and Grace counters the stink face with a wedgie and posts Forbes. The double knees follow and the Vader bomb gets 2. Grace takes her up top and Forbes fires back, and the tornado DDT follows for 2. She talks trash and hits a squat until Grace fires back and the Grace driver finishes it. Jordynne Grace defeated Katie Forbes @ 5:42 via pin [*¾] This was not good as it was slow, disjointed and Forbes works like she’s wrestling under water.

– Johnny Swinger was shown backstage. He talked to Forbes about how he was impressed by Her. He advised Forbes that like him, Forbes should show a bit more skin. Swinger said he’ll give Forbes more tips later “if you know what I mean”. Forbes reminded Swinger that she dates RVD, so Swinger talked about how he goes way back with RVD from ECW and that Swinger says hello. Forbes said she’ll past that along and left. Swinger asked Forbes if Forbes and RVD swing. Jordynne Grace then shoved Johnny Swinger once she came through the curtain. Swinger then talked about how he likes the rough stuff.

– Fallah Bahh was stretching backstage when TJP arrived. Perkins had a donut platter with him, and said that the donuts were for him and Bahh can have some if he finishes his workout. TJP sat on Bahh’s back eating donuts while Bahh did pushups. TJP then made Bahh do squats while he was riding Bahh’s back. He then hyped up Bahh to “Break the Unbreakable Michael Elgin” next week. Bahh took a bite of his donut and said, “BAHH!

– Josh & Don hype Bound for Glory.

Tessa Blanchard & Daga vs. Jake Crist & Mad Man Fulton: Dave Crist is at ringside. Jake and Daga begin. Jake slaps him and Daga counters back and Tessa tags in. Fulton joins her and fights her off. Tessa counter s back, attacks Jake but Fulton stops her. Tessa fights him off and takes out Jake with a dive. She stuns Fulton off the ropes and Daga joins in to dump Fulton. Daga follows with a plancha, but Fulton catches and posts him. he slams him to the apron and Dave takes cheap shots. Back in and Fulton chokeslams Daga. Daga tries to fire back, Dave distracts Tessa and stops the tag. Daga hits an enziguri but Fulton counters the RANA. Daga hits a cutter, Tessa tags in and runs wild. Fulton cuts her off, Daga attacks and they double team Fulton as Tessa RANAs him to the floor. Daga hits a dive and magnum finishes Jake. Tessa Blanchard & Daga defeated Jake Crist & Mad Man Fulton @ 5:27 via pin [**¾] This was short but pretty good as Tessa pins Jake again.

– Post match, oVe beats down Daga & Tessa. Cage, in an absolute rage, arrives and wants to kill Sami. He heads to the ring and starts taking out oVe, Sami hits him with a chair, he no sells and looks to attack but oVe swarms Cage, Sami kicks him in the balls and they cuff Cage to the ropes. Sami looks to end him with the bat, but Melissa Santos arrived to make the save. Melissa kept telling Sami that she and Cage have a baby, so Sami teased showing mercy… until he didn’t as he turned around and gave Melissa a piledriver as the helpless Cage had to watch on. This was a really good angle.

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The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
This was the second to last show before the PPV, and unfortunately, his week’s episode of Impact Wrestling was not a good show. The wrestling was really flat and forgettable, and the only really good thing was the closing angle. I am excited for Bond for Glory, but it had nothing to do with this week’s effort.