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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 11.08.18

November 9, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 11.08.18  

Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 11.08.18

– Pentagon & Fenix defeated The OGz @ 7:07 via pin [***]
– Jordynne Grace defeated Katarina @ 2:35 via submission [NR]
– Moose defeated Eddie Edwards @ 19:30 via pin [***½]
Impact World Title Match: Champion Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross @ 12:20 via pin [**½]

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Pentagon & Fenix vs. The OGz: The OGz attack and we have a brawl to begin. Hernandez hits a pounce as Homicide teases using his ghetto fork. They isolate Pentagon and Hernandez hits a back breaker on Fenix for 2. Hernandez now works over Pentagon and hits a senton. He grounds things, but Pentagon fires up with superkicks and Fenix flies in and hits flying head butts. King pulls Pentagon to the floor as Fenix hits a big moonsault followed by Hernandez’s supermex dive. The OGz isolate Pentagon, working double teams and Fenix returns and Homicide hits rolling suplexes on him. Hernandez rock him like a baby and follows with a powerbomb for 2. The Lucha Bros battle back, hit superkicks and Pentagon hits double stomp to the balls of Homicide. They work over Hernandez with superkick and an assisted splash and that gets 2. Hernandez cuts them off, Fenix takes out Homicide and Pentagon hits the double stomp on Hernandez Fenix hits the swanton and another double stomp by Pentagon and the double teem wheelbarrow driver finishes Hernandez. Pentagon & Fenix defeated The OGz @ 7:07 via pin [***] This was a good all action match to kick of the show.

– Konnan celebrates with Pentagon & Fenix. LAX arrives and Konnan invited to their party. Give me this feud now.

Jordynne Grace vs. Katarina: Thick Mama Pump is in the house. They lock up and Grace overpowers her to begin. Katarina attacks with kicks, and chokes her out. Grace cuts her off and press slams her to the mat. Katarina hits a big boot, but Grace cuts her off and follows with clotheslines and Katarina hits a slingshot DDT. Grace pops up and locks on the bear hug and swings Katarina around and she taps. Jordynne Grace defeated Katarina @ 2:35 via submission [NR] I think that Katarina got a bit too much in but it was a solid debut for Grace,

– Cage arrives at the arena and bets down some goofs as well as Dave & Jake.

X-Division Champion Cage vs. Sami Callihan from Rockstar Pro: In the arena, Cage calls out Sami. They brawl and Cage starts kicking ass right away. Sami takes him to the floor and follows with kicks until Cage powerbombs him to a post. Cage tosses him into the fans and then back into the ring. The Alabama slam follows and Jake & Dave arrive and attack. Cage starts throwing Germans and some of Sami’s minions arrive as Cage fights them off with ease. They finally swarm Cage, holding him as Sami hits him with the X-Division title. They all lay the boots to Cage and run wild with top rope attacks. Sami hits the Cactus driver and poses with the title. This was a good angle to continue the feud, and give Cage proper motivation to want to defend against Sami.

– Taya cuts a promo and says Tessa has shown who she really is, a coward. Tessa is entitled and thinks she’s untouchable. Taya is coming for the title and will do whatever it takes to get it.

– GWN flashback time…

– Moose & Kross cut promos. Moose says that Eddie has been a thorn in his ass, he has to put him down because if he doesn’t, he knows he’ll keep coming after him. Kross says that he’s not nervous, and hopes Impact signed the waiver twice because he’ll rip the title away from him.

– We see fan videos sent to Scarlett. KM & Bahh meet with her. They want to be selected for her talent search. Scarlett says they did well for a while, but then started to fail. Close doesn’t get them Scarlett. KM begs and makes Bahh dance for her. Scarlett says next week in Vegas, if they win her something, maybe they’ll get lucky.

Moose vs. Eddie Edwards: Edwards attacks right away with a suicide dive. They brawl on the floor, and Edwards hits another dive. Edwards beats on him with a bucket of beers, and back in they go. Moose cuts him off with a low blow and dropkicks him back to the floor. Moose follows and lays the boots to Edwards. Moose gets a bucket but Edwards lays in chops as they continue to brawl. Back in they go and Moose grounds things. He then follows with a suplex, and dropkicks him back to the floor. Moose follows, but Edwards hits a RANA and overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Edwards attacks the leg and posts Moose. Back in and Edwards lays in chops. The blue thunder bomb follows and that gets 2. They work up top and Moose rakes the eyes and hits go to hell off the top and that gets 2. Edwards hits a spear and tiger driver for 2. Moose hits another go to hell and both men are down. Post break, and they trade strikes and chops. Moose lays in rapid-fire chops, rips open Edwards’ shirt and they keep trading. Edwards lights him up now, they continue to trade and trade uppercuts. Head butt by Moose and he runs into a huge lariat. Moose counters the RANA and powerbombs Edwards over the ropes and onto the ramp. Alisha is out to check on Eddie. Moose backs her off and Edwards makes it to the apron, avoids the spear and hits an enziguri. Back in and Moose hits the spear for the win. Moose defeated Eddie Edwards @ 19:30 via pin [***½] This was a very good brawl and captured the hate between the two well. Eddie took a ton of punishment to put it over, and I am curious to see hoe it changes his character going forward. Meanwhile, Moose gains momentum with a big win.

– Allie & Kiera run into Father Jim Mitchell. Mitchell reminds Allie she made a deal and is fighting a battle she can’t win. She has to embrace the darkness. He says he can heal her and fill the dark place where her soul used to be. Allie leaves with the Sinister Minister as Yung appears. Allie tells Kiera this isn’t what she wants, but what needs to be.

– The doctor thinks Eddie has a concussion and Alisha tells Eddie to calm down and not to go after Moose.

– Eli Drake arrives with Joe Park. Drake says back in his day, wrestling was better, and not full of guys like Abyss making things dangerous and doing death matches. Drake says he’s the last of a dying breed and is filing suit against Impact for an unsafe work environment. He tells Park to explain the legal side of this and he does. There are others that want to join the class action lawsuit. Drake low blows him and beats down Park says Park is a broken down joke and shouldn’t be in the hall of fame. Drake gets a chair and continues to work over Park with repeated chair shots. Drake says all of Parks hardcore crap is dead. Drake then chokes him out with his coat.

– We get another Aro Lucha commercial.

Impact World Title Match: Champion Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross: Moose is out with Kross. Impact takes Kross down and looks for an arm bar. Kross makes the ropes and starts to overpower Impact. They battle up top, Impact fights him off and Moose distracts Impact. The ref boots Moose to the back. back in and they trade strikes until Kross knocks Impact to the floor. back in and Kross starts attacking the knee, grounding Impact. Impact picks up the pace; Kross cuts him off, and hits a suplex to counter the tornado DDT. Impact gets a cradle for 2 and follows wit a running knee strike. Impact now hits a piledriver and that gets 2. Impact maintains control, keeping Kross grounded now and they brawl to the ramp. Kross lays in strikes, and follows with a crucifix bomb into the ring. He now locks on a liontamer, but Impact makes the ropes. Impact gets a cradle for 2. Kross to the apron, Impact stuns him off the ropes and hits the disaster kick. Impact hangs Kross off the apron and follows with a double stomp to the floor. Back in, Impact up top and does the countdown and it connects sloppily for 2. I hate that move, it either doesn’t work or looks like shit. Kross is down, Impact tries to pick him up but Kross plays dead and hits a gut wrench powerbomb. He looks for a choke, Impact counters out and lays in kicks, hits A RANA and starship pain for the win. Champion Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross @ 12:20 via pin [**½] In the end, Kross was a disappointing challenger of the month, as the match was solid, but completely unspectacular. There were some flow issues and awkward spots, and absolutely no drama in Kross winning.


– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Average
The 411
Impact Wrestling: Final Hour was a pretty good show, with some good wrestling, nice build to Sami vs. Cage, and the continued questionable booking of Eli Drake. He feels like he’s at a dead end and that they have no real idea what to do with him. “Lawsuit” angles rarely work out well or have a good payoff. Anyway, a fine outing for Impact.