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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 4.05.18

April 6, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 4.05.18  

Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 4.05.18

– Cage defeated Lashley @ 8:35 via pin [***]
Non-Title Match: Champion Allie defeated Su Yung @ 4:14 via DQ [**]
– Johnny Impact defeated Ishimori @ 8:00 via pin [***]
Case vs. Case Match: Eli Drake defeated Moose @ 13:30 via pin [**¾]

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– Lashley arrives and says that Cage’s win last week was a fluke. Cage thinks he’s the next big thing and as always, they come after Lashley, since he’s the best in the company. He wants him to come out and face him one on one once again, and promises to make Cage famous.

Cage vs. Lashley: Lashley attacks right away and they brawl to the floor. Back in and it’s all Lashley, and he works over Cage with strikes. Lashley follows with a spear in the corner, and follows with a suplex. Cage avoids the spear and hits a F5, covering for 2. Lashley uses the ref as a shield and low blows Cage. He lays the boots to Cage again and chokes him out in the ropes. The side slam follows for 2. Lashley tosses him to the floor. Cage rolls back in and Lashley continues to control. Cage counters back with a superkick and an electric chair drop. Cage follows with a German and DVD for 2. Clotheslines by Cage connects, and Lashley is down and powders to the floor. Cage follows, and stalks Lashley. They brawl on the ramp; Cage hits a slam and maintains control. Cage suplexes Lashley from the apron into the ring, covering for 2. Cage up top, Lashley crotches him and follows him up and hits a superplex. The cover gets 2. Cage battles back, but Lashley counters drill claw, hits a German but Cage pops up only to eat a spear and Lashley covers for 2. Cage escapes the dominator, hits a knee and the drill claw finishes it. Cage defeated Lashley @ 8:35 via pin [***] With Lashley leaving and Impact obviously seeing big things in Cage, you couldn’t ask for a better way to establish Cage as a top star on the rise. They had another good and fun big man match, with Cage winning clean as a sheet, sending Lashley on his way as he looks to climb the ranks and take his place.

– Allie arrives to call out Su Yung for attacking her. She’s all fired up and wants to fight. Yung arrives, Allie attacks, and we get a match.

Champion Allie vs. Su Yung: Allie lays the boots to her and works her over on the floor, but Yung quickly fights back hits a knee strike as we go to break. Post break, and Allie fires back, but Yung hits a side slam for 2. Yung lays the boots to her, and hits a draping pedigree, covering for 2. She gets a kendo stick, but Allie fights it off and lays in strikes. She runs wild, hits the flatliner to the buckles and follows with a dropkick. Allie suplexes her to the corner as Sutter arrives. Allie hits the code breaker for 2. She looks for a superkick, but Sutter grabs her leg and Yung gets the kendo and shoves the ref down and attacks Allie for the DQ. Champion Allie defeated Su Yung @ 4:14 via DQ [**] The action was fine for the time given, but it was more about setting the stage t continue the feud between the two.

– Rosemary challenges Taya to a demon’s dance match for next week.

– McKenzie is backstage with Matt Sydal and Josh Mathews, and Sydal says Petey Williams brought his bad vibes out there to cost them a triple championship last week. Josh says the Grand Championship meant more than anything to him, but Aries comes along and takes it from him, and he hates Aries now. Sydal says he is going to handle Petey Williams at Redemption, but Josh reminds us that he’s a trained wrestler, and for one week only, he’s going to take on Petey Williams next week and end the destroyer.

– Next is an in ring segment with KM and Richard Justice. KM runs him down for being a fat loser, and attacks him. Fallah Bahh makes the save, but Lee & Konley arrive to attack he and Justice. This leads to Tyrus making the save. He cuts a promo, noting that he’ back and that he doesn’t like shaming and bullying because the bullies usually have more problems than the victims. This is set up for a six-man tag next week.

– McKenzie is backstage with Eli Drake, who runs down Moose for putting his case on the line tonight. Drake says that he’ll take the World Title, and if he has to, he’ll win the tag title all by himself, and then he’ll be swimming in gold, like Scrooge McDuck.

Johnny Impact vs. Ishimori: they shake hands and here we go. They work some nice back and forth counters to begin. They pick up the pace, with Impact taking control and hitting a spinning leg drop for 2. Ishimori hits a head scissors and dropkick, and Impact powders. Back in and Ishimori takes control, attacking with strikes, but Impact hits an enziguri. Ishimori hits the springboard seated senton, and the RANA takes Impact to the floor. The golden triangle follows as Ishimori wipes out Impact. Back in they go, and Ishimori hits running knees, and follows with the double stomp for 2. They trade strikes and Impact counters the high cross, and hits the running shooting star press for 2. Ishimori battles back, and they battle up top. Impact lays in uppercuts, Ishimori fights him off, and hits a RANA for 2. Ishimori hits a superkick, goes for 450, but Impact moves and follows with a corner kick. The running knee and starship pain follows for the win. Johnny Impact defeated Ishimori @ 8:00 via pin [***] That was a really fun and well worked little sprint right here, really enjoyable.

– Post match, Kongo Kong arrives with Jimmy Jacobs. They briefly brawl, with Impact sending Kong packing, hitting a dive. This was follow up from last week, to set up a match between the two.

– We get a really well done video package on the road to the Redemption PPV, featuring Aries & Patron. This was really good stuff, the videos have gotten really good as of late.

– McKenzie is backstage with Moose. He says he will beat Drake and leave with both cases tonight.

– We get a hype video for tomorrow’s Impact vs. Lucha Underground show.

– LAX is at their clubhouse, and they talk about not caring who wins the case and comes after them for the titles, because they will beat whoever challenges them. These LAX segments have become so useless.

Case vs. Case Match: Eli Drake vs. Moose: Drake tries to go power for power vs. Moose, finally gets a shoulder tackle, but Moose fires back with a dropkick. Moose then dropkicks Drake to the floor and follows. He lays in head butts, and follows with chops. Drake counters back and post Moose. Post break, and Drake is n control, hitting a leg drop and covering for 2. Drake takes control, but Moose lays in chops but misses a charge. The powerslam by Drake follows for 2.The elbow drop connects for 2. Drake works the heat, hitting a second rope elbow drop for 2. Drake grounds the action, Moose fires back, but Drake hits a neck breaker for 2. Drake follows with rights, but Moose fires up and hits a head butt. Moose attacks with corner splashes, and follows with a buckle bomb. The hesitation dropkick follows. Drake avoids the game changer, and the ref is down. OVE arrives attacking Moose, since he’s Eddie’s friend. They work him over until Eddie makes the save and brawls with Sami. Moose takes out Jake & Dave, and Drake hits a bat shot for 2. The gravy train finishes Moose. Eli Drake defeated Moose @ 13:30 via pin [**¾] The match was pretty good overall, but the run ins really took away from it for me. But the goodness is that the run in at least played into he Sami vs. Eddie feud, and gave Moose a reason to help Eddie going forward.

– Eli Drake now has title shot cases for both the World and Tag Team Titles.

– Set for next week…
* KM, Lee, & Konley vs. Justice, Bahh, & Tyrus
* Josh Mathews vs. Petey Williams
* Demon’s Dance: Rosemary vs. Taya

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Good
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This week’s episode of Impact Wrestling was another good show. They feel locked in right now, delivering some good wrestling, solid build to the Redemption PPV, and also setting up matches for the next week. Slowly but surely, things are coming together, and the weekly programming is becoming an easy watch.