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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 4.19.19

April 20, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Impact Wrestling Lucha Bros
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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 4.19.19  

Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 4.19.19

– Fallah Bahh & Scarlett defeated Desi Hit Squad @ 8:25 via pin [**]
– Dez defeated Moose @ 8:26 via pin [**½]
– Mad Man Fulton defeated Tommy Dreamer @ 8:05 via pin [**½]
Non-Title Match: Madison Rayne defeated Champion Taya @ 1:05 via pin [NR]
Tag Title Match: Champions The Lucha Bros defeated Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards @ 5:20 via pin [**¾]

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Fallah Bahh & Scarlett vs. Desi Hit Squad (Raju & Siingh): Bahh and Raju begin. Raju attacks with strikes, but Bahh levels him with a shoulder tackle. Singh tags in and they trade kicks, Bahh follows with a leg drop and Scarlett tags in. Raju also tags in and tells Scarlett to leave and tags in Singh. Bahh tags in and the Squad attacks him but Bahh fights them off until Singh hits a spinebuster. Raju tags in and Bahh fights them off and runs them together. Tag to Scarlett, sand she works over Raju. The head scissors follows. Bahh now hits a suicide dive. Scarlett then follows with a high cross off the top. Back in and Bahh hits corner splashes and hits an ass attack. Raju now wants one as well, he closes his eyes and Bahh gives him the stink face. The Samoan drop follows, Singh cuts him off, and Bahh hits a belly to belly. The banzai drop with Scarlett on his back follows and that’s that. Fallah Bahh & Scarlett defeated Desi Hit Squad @ 8:25 via pin [**] It wasn’t much of a match as Desi Hit Squad remains useless, but Scarlett & Bahh are a really fun and crowd pleasing pair.

– We get a Deaners promo. They arrive next week.

– Eddie, Eli, & Kenny talk about being best friends and challenging for the titles tonight.

– They discuss Johnny Bravos’ heel turn last week.

– Dreamer cuts a promo on Mad Man Fulton, they face tonight.

Dez vs. Moose: Trey & Wentz are at ringside. Moose backs him off, while Dez plays keep away. Dez looks for a sleeper, but Moose overpowers him and escapes. Moose keeps fighting him off, but Dez lays in strikes. Moose cuts off the RANA, and tosses Dez across the ring. The bear hug follows, but Dez escapes and hits an enziguri. Moose about kills him with a lawn dart, and then chokes him out in the ropes. Moose whips him to the buckles, and follows with chops. Dez fires back, hits a RANA and then runs into a lariat for 2. Moose lays the boots to him, and then whips him to the buckles. He follows with shoulder blocks in the corner, but Dez moves and Moose posts himself and spills to the floor. Moose catches the tope and slams Dez to the steps and tosses him onto Trey & Dez. Moose brings Dez & Trey in, Wentz attacks and Dez cradles him for the win. Dez defeated Moose @ 8:26 via pin [**½] This was a solid match with some fun spots, but the banana peel slip loss does nothing for Dez, even if commentary tried to put over as a huge upset.

– Rosemary meets with Kiera Hogan. Rosemary blames Kiera forgetting involved in the Allie saga, so Rosemary lays her out and chokes her with a chain.

– Moose rants about his loss and wants the footage edited.

– The GWN flashback is the 5150 street fight between LAX & The OGz from Slammiversary 2018.

– Tessa is pissed at Gail for costing her the match last week. Gail is just afraid that Tessa will surpass her, because at 23, she’s better than Gail ever was. “In 2019, you’re famous for screwing some famous chef.” Tessa is at Robert Irvine’s restaurant to tell him about the real Gail. She harasses a bunch of customers, and heads into the kitchen and continues to be a complete bitch in the best way possible. She then harasses the chef since Irvine isn’t there. Tessa says shit is personal now.

– Gail is on the phone apologizing to Irvine. They won’t press charges, because Tessa has to learn the hard way and Gail will teach her that lesson.

Mad Man Fulton vs. Tommy Dreamer: Sami is out with Fulton. They lock up and Fulton overpowers Dreamer to begin. Fulton follows with shoulder tackles and clubbing strikes. Dreamer fires back, but Fulton cuts him off and lays the boots to him. Sami then attacks, but Dreamer fights him off. The ref tosses Sami to the back. Dreamer stuns Fulton off the ropes, but Fulton quickly cuts him off. The bear hug follows, but Dreamer escapes and follows with mounted strikes in the corner. Fulton looks for a powerbomb but Dreamer pulls him to the floor. They brawl at ringside, Dreamer posts Fulton and Fulton fires up and crotches Dreamer on the barricade. Fulton rolls him back in and rolls into a grounded bear hug. Fulton follows with a suplex and splash for 2. The side slam follows and Fulton covers for 2. Fulton misses a head butt off the ropes, allowing Dreamer to fire back. Dreamer bites him and hits a cutter. Fulton no sells and levels him with a big right. Dreamer cuts him off and hits the DDT. Dreamer gets a kendo stick, Fulton is alive, cuts him off and hits end of days for the win. Mad Man Fulton defeated Tommy Dreamer @ 8:05 via pin [**½] This was a solid match, continuing the existing storyline, and oVe standing tall at the end.

– Sami & oVe lay out Swann & Mack post match. They then hold back Swann as Sami “breaks” Dreamer’s arm.

– We get a video package hyping RVD’s return.

– We get another Deaners promo.

– Dreamer is off to the hospital, Swann & Mack are concerned. Killer Kross arrives and starts fucking with Mack’s mind just like last week. Mack tells him to go and mess with Impact & Moose. Mack challenges him for a match next week.

– Before the match, Taya runs down Canada and say she left for a reason. She’s decided not to wrestle tonight since she has a title match at Rebellion. Rayne attacks and it’s on.

Non-Title Match: Champion Taya vs. Madison Rayne: The bell rings and Rayne hits a head scissors and Taya powders. Grace attacks and rolls her back into the ring. Rayne cradles her and wins. Madison Rayne defeated Champion Taya @ 1:05 via pin [NR] Not a fan of this at all, or Tessa’s loss to Rayne recently. I get that they are due to distractions, but it feels so lazy to get heat and does nothing for me in terms of building the matches, in fact, I think it really hurts the overall momentum.

– Johnny Impact joins us from his home and is asked about Johnny Bravo joining him. He woke up and refuses to say he’s sorry. He praises Cage as a performer, and Impact says Bravo is no longer a stooge referee getting attacked by Cage. It doesn’t matter what people think, if he got to the senior official, he can get to anyone in Cage’s life. What matters is keeping the championship, and at Rebellion, Cage will realize that he never lived up to his potential.

– Cage arrives and yells at Callis, who says that there will be a special referee at Rebellion.

– Callis calls D’Amore, warning him about Cage going insane. They agree that they have no actual plan, Cage arrives and wants to know the plan. Lance Storm appears and calms things down, and tells Cage to be a professional. Cage will accept Storm as the guest referee. I like that.

Champions The Lucha Bros vs. Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards: Drake and Fenix begin. They lock up and Drake overpowers Fenix to begin. Fenix fires back, and the champions follow with double teams on Drake. Edwards makes the save, and the challengers run wild and cover for 2. Edwards takes the heat on Fenix, tags in Drake and he follows with a suplex for 2. The challengers work quick tags, and hit a double team knee strike/burning hammer for 2 as Pentagon made the save. He gets cut off, it breaks down and the champions run wild with superkicks. Fenix hits a dive as Pentagon covers for 2. LAX arrives, distracting the champions, and Drake gets a cradle for 2. Superkick by Pentagon as Drake misses the kendo shot. The double stomp/fear factor combo finishes things. Champions The Lucha Bros defeated Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards @ 5:20 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good while it lasted, but felt way too rushed.

– Post match, LX & the Luchas brawl to the back. Drake then turns on Edwards, laying in ground and pound. He then uses Kenny to lay out Edwards. What sucks is we’ll not get the PPV match this was leading to since they released Drake.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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This week’s episode of Impact Wrestling was a solid but unspectacular show in the ring. They did some nice small things to build to the PPV, which looks really strong on paper, but I hope that they can really lock in and deliver next week.