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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 5.03.19

May 4, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Michael Elgin NJPW Impact wrestling
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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 5.03.19  

Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 5.01.19

– Ace Austin defeated Petey Williams @ 7:30 via pin [***]
– Rosemary vs. Kiera Hogan went to a no contest @ 4:30 [**]
– Fenix defeated Eddie Edwards @ 8:05 via pin [**¾]
#1 Contender’s Match: Michael Elgin defeated Pentagon & Johnny Impact @ 10:50 via pin [***]

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Michael Elgin Speaks: Brother Elgin is looking rather swole here. He says that when a new champion is crowned that he comes out and addresses the fans. But Cage isn’t here to celebrate because he sent him to the hospital. The only thing worse than Cage winning the championship was the fact that the Canadian fans cheered him. You should cheer great Canadian athletes like Gretsky, himself, GSP, and himself. He left Japan to win the Impact championship and wants his title shot. Former champion Johnny Impact arrives and says this is déjà vu, as he has to deal with another meathead. Elgin sys he still has tentacles on his body while Impact’s are in his wife’s purse. Johnny them makes fun of Elgin’s Highspots gear. Johnny claims he sent Cage to the hospital, but Elgin says one Elgin bomb did the job. Johnny says he has a rematch owed to him. Konnan now arrives and makes gay jokes about them kissing. He says that LAX, Pentagon, & Fenix are family and he represents the Lucha Bros now, and Pentagon deserves a title shot. Elgin says that he’s a man of action, and threatens Konnan. Pentagon arrives and brawls with Elgin until security rushes the ring. Johnny cheap shots Elgin and powders. Elgin then destroys a bunch of security guys and stands tall. This was a solid opening segment that likely sets up a triple threat match between the three.

– Cage will no be here tonight, due to being injured at Rebellion/

Ace Austin vs. Petey Williams: They shake hands and Petey takes control with a dropkick and head scissors. The suicide dive follows and back in, Austin cuts him off with an enziguri and he hits a suicide dive. He follows with a superkick and back in, Austin heads up top and gets crotched into the tree of WHOA. Austin counters with a spider German and follows with a spin kick for 2. Austin looks to ground things and uses his playing card to paper cut Petey’s hand. He follows with strikes, but misses a leg drop as Petey cradles him for 2. They trade strikes; enziguri by Petey and then the Russian leg sweep follows. Austin cuts him off with a rolling kick, covering for 2. Austin sets and Petey hits the powerbomb, but Austin hits the neck breaker for 2. Petey counters back with a sharpshooter, but Austin makes the ropes. Follows with a leg drop off the ropes for 2. Austin looks for the fold, but Petey gets the crucifix for 2. They work up top, an Austin hits a head scissors and hits the fold for the win. Ace Austin defeated Petey Williams @ 7:30 via pin [***] This was a good opener, with Austin maintaining momentum with a good win over an established veteran.

– We get an oVe video package and they challenge Swann to a 4 on4 oVe rules match.

Rosemary vs. Kiera Hogan: Rosemary still has the undead main of honor in her custody. Hogan attacks with strikes, chops, and a corner clothesline. The running boot follows, and then hits the head scissors. Hogan heads up top and hits the high cross. Rosemary then cuts her off with a side slam, and lays in ground and pound. She then works her over in the corner, but Hogan cuts her off with kicks and covers for 2. Rosemary cuts her off with a German, but misses a charge. She ends up getting the tarantula, but Hogan dropkicks her to the ramp. She follows and Rosemary kicks her to the floor. Yung and the undead brides attack. Rosemary vs. Kiera Hogan went to a no contest @ 4:30 [**] The match was ok while it lasted, and sets up a Yung vs. Rosemary rematch.

– Yung frees the undead bridesmaid and Hogan leaves as Su and company layout Rosemary and stand tall.

– Taya comments on retaining her title at Rebellion. She says she’s beaten everyone, but Madison Rayne arrives and says she’s 2-0 against her and wants her shot. Taya refuses and leaves.

– The Impact Plus moment of the week is RVD vs. Rhino in a first blood match from 2010.

– Taya will face Madison next week, but it will be non-title since she doesn’t have to defend for 30-days.

– Just announced…

– In the LAX Clubhouse, the champions drink and Konnan arrives. The Rascalz have invited them to their tree house.

Eddie Edwards vs. Fenix: They shake hands and here we go. They lock up and Edwards grounds things. Fenix counters out and they separate. They work to the ropes and then pick up the pace, Edwards to the floor and he gets Kenny. Fenix cuts him off with a PELE, Edwards gets Kenny again, but doesn’t use him. Fenix hits the dropkick, but Edwards dumps him. Edwards follows with chops, as we see Killer Kross watching on. Back in and Edwards follows with head butts. Fenix battles back with a superkick, strikes, and a crucifix driver for 2. Edwards fights back with the blue thunder bomb for 2. Edwards sees Kross, Fenix fires back, and they trade chops. Fenix scores with the rolling cutter and then gets cut off. The tiger driver gets 2. Kross steals Kenny and then hands him to Edwards. Fenix scores with kicks, and the black fire driver finishes Edwards. Fenix defeated Eddie Edwards @ 8:05 via pin [**¾] The match was more lethargic than you’d expect, but pretty good overall. It also looks to be setting up Edwards vs. Kross.

– Dreamer tells Swann he has his back against oVe. Scarlett arrives and offers Fallah Bahh up as another teammate to face oVe.

RVD Returns: RVD arrives, making his Impact return. RVD says that the talent is amazing here, and that he’s here because he sees his influence on today’s stars as they are all doing his moves. It’s flattering to see everyone do his moves, but will show them the difference between imitation and the whole FN show, RVD. Ethan Page arrives and has chairs to show RVD how to properly use them. He takes a seat and offers RVD one. Page is here to welcome him and RVD asks who he is. Page introduces himself and says that not everyone steals his moves and he is no hero to him. RVD says he’s never seen Page wrestle, and says Page has always dreamed of being in the ring with RVD. RVD says he can kick his ass right now, but Page says next week. RVD hits a VanDaminator and stands tall.

– Alexander questions what Page just did with RVD, because they are supposed to be a team. Moose arrives and says he will team with Alexander against LAX.

– We get a Gail Kim vs. Tessa Blanchard video package, highlighting their great match at Rebellion. We see Tessa & Tully embracing after the match and Kim praising Tessa. Tully tells the camera that seeing Tessa blossom and beat Kim was a moment that made him think back on his career. He praises the match and says that the women respect each other.

Next week:

* RVD vs. Ethan Page
* LAX vs. Moose & Alexander
* Taya vs. Rayne
* oVe vs. Swann, Dreamer, Mack & Bahh

Michael Elgin vs. Pentagon vs. Johnny Impact: Johnny Bravo is out with Impact. Elgin attacks Impact, and they all start going for pins. Impact dumps Elgin and Pentagon attacks him with kicks. They brawl to the floor, with Pentagon taking control until Elgin apron bombs Impact. Elgin then Germans Pentagon, follows with clotheslines but Pentagon cuts him off with Cheeky nandos. The double stomp follows. Elgin fires back, they work up top and trade strikes. Elgin follows with the superplex as Impact Germans him in a tower of doom spot. Impact follows with kicks and strikes, and Pentagon cuts him off with kicks and a high cross and then a superkick. Superkick to Elgin, but Elgin cuts him off and slams Impact onto Pentagon. The lariat on Impact follows, and then another gets 2 as Pentagon makes the save. Pentagon follows with leg kicks, and they work up top and Impact takes out Pentagon and hits a spinning Razor’s edge for 2. Impact heads up top and misses countdown to Impact and that allows Elgin to hit strikes and a superkick. Pentagon cuts him off with sling blades and the penta driver. He takes down Impact, and they work up top. Elgin back in and gets sent back to the floor. Pentagon back up with Impact and they trade. Impact botches a RANA off the apron but superkicks Elgin. Impact beats on Pentagon with a chair, He rolls Elgin back in and hits a running knee strike. Starship pain misses and Elgin hits a big lariat and a buckle bomb and the Elgin bomb finishes it. Michael Elgin defeated Pentagon & Johnny Impact @ 10:50 via pin [***] This was an overall good main event, with the right guy winning and also pinning the right man as Elgin pinning the former champion makes him come off as a more credible challenger right off the bat.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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This week’s episode of Impact Wrestling was a solid post PPV effort, that gave us some PPV fallout and also set up a full slate for next week.