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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 1.25.20

February 3, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 1.25.20  

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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 1.25.20

– Keyra defeated Lady Maravilla @ 6:10 via pin [**½]
From TNA Genesis 2012: Kurt Angle defeated James Storm @ 13:45 via pin [***]
From Impact Wrestling 1.21.20: Taya & Ace Austin defeated Tessa Blanchard & Trey @ 16:45 via pin [***¼]

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Lady Maravilla vs. Keyra: They lockup, working into counters as Maravilla takes early control. Keyra battles back, they work into passes, a RANA by Maravilla follows and she then dropkicks Keyra to the floor. Maravilla up top and the high cross follows. Back in and Maravilla follows with kicks, a basement dropkick and covers for 2. Keyra fights back, and the sloppy cradle gets 2. The rolling double stomp follows for 2. She follows with grounded kicks, leg kicks and Maravilla counters a high cross into a nice northern lights suplex for 1. Maravilla delivers chops, Keyra trips her up and hits a basement dropkick for 2. Keyra delivers chops, but Maravilla counters into a backstabber for 2.Keyra hits eat defeat and code red and then cradles Maravilla for the win. Keyra defeated Lady Maravilla @ 6:10 via pin [**½] This was rock solid as we get an all AAA ladies match, which was a nice change of pace.

We go around the ring with Gabby interviewing Michael Elgin. Elgin loves the food in Mexico, but isn’t a big taco fan as he goes with steak, eating less carbs. The fans are wild and make a great atmosphere. They love wrestling. He met his wife through wrestling, and has made for an easy life since she understands the business. He was shy, but messaged her on Facebook and they hit it off and now have a son together. His son has seen him wrestle, but he’s not sure he understands just yet. It’s hard being away from his son and he felt like a stranger to him early on. When not wrestling, Elgin spends time with family and loves to shoot hoops, but feels he’s really boring. He reenacts Kung Fu Panda fight scenes with his son.

Kurt Angle vs. James Storm: While an overall good match, I also feel it’s their weakest effort together. The match is very uneven, took way too long to get going, and while it picked up down the stretch, the overbooked finish felt extremely flat and also hurt the match. It’s far from bad, there is some good stuff here, but they were capable of much more and had way better matches than this one. Kurt Angle defeated James Storm @ 13:45 via pin [***]

Tessa Blanchard & Trey vs. Taya & Ace Austin: Bravo is at ringside. Taya and Tessa begin, they trade and Tessa hits a clothesline. Ace in and Tessa grounds him until Ace escapes. Off the ropes and Trey tags in, he and Ace work into counters and Trey hits a dropkick. He follows with rights, RANA by Trey and Tessa dumps Taya. Suicide dives by the faces follow. Post break and double teams to Ace follow as Trey covers for 2. Taya attacks Tessa and slams her to the barricade and nails Trey as Ace connects with a spin kick for 2. Ace isolates Trey, works him over in the corner and the suplex follows for 2. The backdrop suplex and leg drop also gets 2. Taya tags in and maintains the heat on Trey and follows with the basement dropkick for 2. Taya hits a knee strike and again covers for 2. Ace tags in, double teams follow and Ace lays in ground and pound. He follows with corner kicks, takes him into the tree of WHOA and Ace chokes him out as Taya hits the dropkick; Ace covers for 2. Ace maintains control with another suplex for 2. He keeps Trey grounded, cuts him with the laminated playing card but Trey counters back and hits a PELE. Tessa tags in but the ref didn’t see it as Bravo took the ref. Ace maintains control until Trey counters back with a basement dropkick. Tag to Tessa and Taya joins her. Tessa hits a high cross, RANA and cutter. Tessa up top and Magnum misses as Ace tags in. Tornado DDT by Tessa. Ace posts her and Trey fights on his own, Taya cuts him off as he heads up top and Tessa attacks her. The suicide dive follows but Ace finishes Trey with the fold. Taya & Ace Austin defeated Tessa Blanchard & Trey @ 16:45 via pin [***¼] This was a good tag match, easily the best thing on the show; Tessa’s hot tag was especially good.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 87. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Steve Cook break down the WWE management woes, the latest roadblocks for NXT Japan (DDT/NOAH), hit more news & notes and then talk TNA There’s No Place Like Home. Finally, Larry reviews NJPW New Beginning in Sapporo. The show is approximately 142-minutes long.

* Intro
* Corporate WWE/Management Woes: 3:35
* NXT Japan Road Blocks/DDT & NOAH: 34:45
* News Roundup (Beyond Wrestling to TV?, Harper Potentially to AEW, NJPW Back to US TV?, More): 48:45
* TNA There’s No Place Like Home Wish List: 1:05:35
* TNA Stars That Would Have Been Better Off Never Leaving For WWE: 1:41:55
* Larry’s NJPW New Beginning in Sapporo Reviews: 1:57:11

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The final score: review Good
The 411
This episode of Impact XPLOSION was a good show, not any real highs, but also nothing bad; an easy 50-minute watch.