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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 10.26.19

October 31, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 10.26.19  

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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 10.19.19

– Moose defeated Cody Cousin Jake @ 5:50 via pin [**¾]
From Bound for Glory 2012: Jeff Hardy defeated Champion Austin Aries @ 23:03 via pin [****]
From Impact Wrestling 10.22.19: The Rascalz defeated Taurus & Dr. Wagner Jr, & Aerostar @ 9:50 via pin [***]

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Moose vs. Cousin Jake: they lock up and work to the ropes. Moose slaps him and Jake fires back, takes him down but Moose fires back and then runs into a backdrop. Moose trips him up on the apron, and follows with chops. Back in and Moose lays the boots to him. He bites Jake and grounds things. Jake fights to his feet, Moose follows with chops and they trade. Jake follows with a flurry, hits a clothesline and follows with a corner splash. He follow with a corner spear and Michinoku driver for 2. Jake picks him up and Moose fires back, they trade chops and Moose rakes the eyes. Jake counters back with a pop up powerbomb for 2. Jake then charges and Moose hides behind the ref, hits the stun gun and spear for the win. Moose defeated Cody Cousin Jake @ 5:50 via pin [**¾] This was a pretty good little hoss fight.

We go around the ring with Gabby Loren questioning Jake Crist. Jake talks about his work with Dave over the years, and how Dave idolizes him since he’s the golden draw. Having Dave’s support through the years was really important to him and has loved the ride with his brother. He’d be lost without Dave. He hates having to touch people, because it’s odd. He doesn’t even really making eye contact with people. He met his wife in high school, and they have been together for 18-years (married for 6). They keep it open & honest with each other. His wife (Nevaeh) loves wrestling and is in the business as well.

Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries: The crowd is soundly behind Aries. Lock up to begin, to the corner and Aries breaks clean. Jeff is not a good sport and shoves him away. Lock up, Aries works the arm and takes down Jeff. Jeff to his feet, off the ropes and Aries hangs onto the hold. Jeff escapes and slaps the piss out of Aries. Aries rolls to the ramp, and then enters back into the ring. Lock up, to the corner and Aries shoves Jeff away. Boot to the gut by Jeff, to the corner and Aries bounces off and to the mat. Side headlock takedown by Aries, Jeff tries to counter, he gets a head scissors, which we all know is a bad plan as Aries escapes, but misses the basement dropkick. Jeff takes Aries to the corner and lays the boots to him. To the other corner, reversal and Jeff to the apron. Shoulder block to Aries, rolls in but eats a basement dropkick from Aries. Aries hits a slingshot leg drop to Jeff, and then poses on the apron after taking a victory lap. Aries tells the ref to back Jeff off before he gets back into the ring. Jeff crotches Aries on the way in and hits a suplex and covers for 2. Aries rolls to the floor as Jeff mocks Aries. He follows to the floor and hits a double sledge to Aries. Jeff slams Aries to the barricade, and then moves the steps. Boot to Aries, and Aries back with rights, but Aries is slammed to the steps. Jeff breaks the count and flies into Aries, who was laying against the barricade. Back into the ring we go, Jeff tries but misses whisper in the wind. Aries to the second rope and hits an elbow drop and covers for 2. Knee to the back of Jeff, another and then an elbow to the back of the head connects for 2. To the corner and rights by Aries connect. Jeff fights back, goes for a splash off the ropes and eats knees, Aries covers for 2. Back breaker by Aries gets 2. Seated abdominal stretch by Aries now, rolls Jeff up and gets 2. Dueling chants now, as Aries is still in control. Head butts by Aries follow, shoulder block in the corner and then rights. Snap mare and then Aries to the second rope and dropkicks Jeff in the back of the head. Aries covers for 2. brain buster try, countered and Jeff with the gutbuster suplex. Rights follow, but Aries with a knee as Jeff shoots off the ropes. Slingshot splash by Aries gets 2. Aries looks for the last chancellery, countered and then Jeff gets a toss back powerbomb. They trade shots, off the ropes and a clothesline by Jeff. To the corner, boot by Aries, but leaps into the double leg, leg drop to the balls by Jeff and then a basement dropkick gets 2. Whisper in the wind by Jeff gets a close 2. Jeff sets, twist of fate countered. Gets a head scissors and sends Aries to he floor. Jess misses a dive, Aries back in and then hits the heat-seeking missile. Aries back in and looks for the count out victory. Aries then hits another heat seeking missile and rolls Jeff in and covers for a close 2. Aries cut himself open on the last dive. Last chancellery try, and he gets it. Aries cranks back, looking for the submission. He releases the hold and tosses Jeff to the ramp. Aries follows, looks for the brain buster on the ramp, countered and Aries then get a clothesline. Neck breaker in the ropes, and Jeff’s head hits the ramp. Aries up top, connects with the missile dropkick. Aries eats the boots as he tries the corner dropkick, and ten rights by Jeff follow. They trade rights now, but the elbow by Aries connects. Tries another, countered, twist of fate connects and Jeff covers for a close 2! Jeff up top now, crotched by Aries. Aries follows, grabs Jeff and all the way up now. SUPER FUCKING RANA~! Aries sets, corner dropkick connects! BRAIN BUSTAAAAAAAAAAAA! 1…2…NO! Aries doesn’t believe it. To the corner, sets Jeff up top and follows him up. Jeff in the tree of woe, misses the double stomp and then Jeff gets a stunner out of the corner. Twist of fate connects! Jeff up top now, SWANTON! 1…2…3. Jeff Hardy defeated Champion Austin Aries @ 23:03 via pin [****] This was a great match at a time when Hardy could still go and everything Aries did was pretty much gold.

The Rascalz vs. Taurus & Dr. Wagner Jr, & Aerostar: I miss Dr. Wagner’s wacky hair extensions. This is lucha tag rules. They brawl at the bell, team AAA takes control and isolate and triple team Dez. They then work over Wentz, triple teaming him. They clear the ring, and then work over Trey. Wagner works a Romero special as Aerostar hits a double stomp. Post break and Dez fires up and starts making a comeback. The enziguri and dropkick follow on Aerostar, Wentz joins in and so does Trey as the Rascalz take control. They triple team Wagner, and cover for 2. Wentz hits a dive as the others brawl, Aerostar hits a step up tope, Trey follows with a moonsault, Wagner hits a suicide dive, and back in, works over Dez, hits the cutter and the powerbomb follows for 2. Taurus follows with a German, Aerostar hits a slingshot splash and Trey makes the save. Wentz flies in with a knee strike, it breaks down and cutter by Aerostar and that gets 2. Trey hits Cheeky nandos, and a 619. Meteora follows and the push-sault finishes Aerostar. The Rascalz defeated Taurus & Dr. Wagner Jr, & Aerostar @ 9:50 via pin [***] This was a good and fun trios match.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 63. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Jeremy Lambert break down week five of the Wednesday Night Wars between NXT & AEW, and preview MLW Superfight. The show is approximately 96-minutes long.

* Intro
* AEW Dynamite (10.30.19) Review: 2:45
* NXT (10.30.19) Review: 34:45
* The Comparison/Who Won Week Five: 54:45
* MLW Superfight PPV Preview: 1:02:45

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The final score: review Good
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This week’s episode of Impact XPLOSION was a good show and an easy watch at just under an hour.