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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 2.01.20

February 9, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Impact TJP Xplosion
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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 2.01.20  

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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 2.01.20

– TJP defeated Johnny Swinger @ 6:50 via pin [**½ ]
From TNA Genesis 2013: Champion Jeff Hardy defeated Austin Aries & Bobby Roode @ 20:30 via pin [****]
From Impact Wrestling 1.28.20: Jordynne Grace defeated Madison Rayne & Kiera Hogan @ 8:10 via pin [**½]

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TJP vs. Johnny Swinger: Swinger attacks before the bell and works over TJP with strikes. TJP counters back, hits a head scissors and follows with the sharpshooter and transitions to a Muta lock. He then snaps back the arm Pentagon style, but Swinger counters the wrecking ball dropkick, and the elbow drop gets 2. He follows with strikes, chokes out TJP and grounds things. He head butts TJP in the balls and covers for 2. Swinger keeps things grounded, TJP fights to his feet but Swinger maintains control. TJP counters out, hits a tornado DDT and flying forearm. He follows with rolling suplexes, heads up top and rolls through on the senton as Swinger hits the side slam for 2. TJP hits a dropkick and the wrecking ball dropkick. TJP up top and the frog splash finishes it. TJP defeated Johnny Swinger @ 6:50 via pin [**½] This was a perfectly solid XPLOSION match, with the right man winning.

We go around the ring with Gabby interviewing Jordynne Grace. Grace has loved working in Texas, where she’s from. She’s been working for 10-years and loves being home. In her free time, she hangs out at home and hates flying. She loves eating good foods and working out a lot. Chocolate is her favorite, and loves candy in her ice cream. In terms of social media, she gets a lot of negative feedback from “ECW Legends,” and also talks about shit with Sandman & Cornette, but tries to avoid it as much as possible. Grace love social media in general, and makes good money through it, but the trolls are the worst. She’s blocked lot of people to keep her sanity.

Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode: Aries and Roode talk about their plan and then attack Jeff. They beat him down in the corner, to the other corner, Jeff fights back with an elbow and then a head scissors. Clothesline bulldog combo by Jeff, leg drop to the balls of Roode, cover gets 2 as Aries makes a save. Atomic drop to Aries, leg drop to the balls and then Roode slams Jeff down by the hair. Aries and Roode work over Jeff, off the ropes and a boot by Jeff, tosses Roode to the floor and then gets the backwards toss powerbomb to Aries. Clothesline to the floor onto Roode follows. Rood counters a twist of fate and then hits a spinebuster for 2. Roode lays the boots to Jeff, who then fights back. Roode slams him to the corner and delivers rights. A whip to the corner, back elbow by Jeff and Aries rushes in and clips Jeff off the top, and covers for 2. Aries with the slingshot senton and covers again for 2. Aries continues the assault with elbow drops and covers for 2. Lefts by Aries, snap mare and then the second rope elbow to the back of Jeff gets a cover for 2. Jeff back with rights, boots in the corner follow. To the corner, reversal and Jeff with mounted rights. Roode in and Jeff slams him into Aries. Jeff with poetry in motion off the back of Roode and sets them up, up top and Roode is up to stop the swanton try. Boots by Roode and then by Aries follow. They take turns choking out Jeff in the corner, and then pick him up and shoot him off the ropes and double back elbow Jeff and cover for 2. They are frustrated, and pick up Jeff again. They set him up top, and take turns with rights and chops. Roode then pulls Aries off the ropes, and they argue, Roode up and looks for a superplex. It connects and Roode covers for 2. Roode and Aries argue, and Aries sets Jeff up top. Roode picks up Aries on his shoulders, he grabs Jeff and Jeff tries to fight them off. Doomsday whisper in the wind to Aries! Jeff with a clothesline to Aries, kick to Roode and sends him to the floor. He tries a plancha but Aries tosses him to the floor, saving Roode. Aries sets, heat seeking missile wipes out Roode as Jeff moved out of the way. Jeff tosses Aries to the post and then over the steps. Jeff the runs and jumps off the steps and hits poetry in motion on Aries. Jeff in the ring and then hits a slingshot onto Roode. Tosses him back in, up top and Aries tosses him off. Aries tries to suplex Jeff to the floor, but Jeff suplexes him onto Roode. Splash off the 2nd rope b Jeff to Roode gets 2. Aries tosses Jeff into Roode, but then runs into Roode. Roode manages a spear to Jeff and covers for 2. Aries and Roode set to take out Jeff, Aries connects with the elbow and covers for 2. Roode with the Vader corner splash on Jeff for 2. Roode and Aries are pissed, and beat down Jeff in the corner. Roode holds Jeff and Aries gets the charging dropkick and then the brain buster for a CLOSE 2! Aries is PISSED now! Roode cannot believe he kicked out. Roode tells Aries to go up top and hit the 450. Roode holds Jeff’s legs, but Jeff moves. Roode then hits the payoff on Aries for 2. No honor among thieves. Aries shoves him and they brawl. Off the ropes and a spinning elbow to Roode and Aries covers for 2. Brain buster countered, Roode for the spear, but Aries gets the last chancellery! Roode rakes the eyes to escape, and then gets the crossface on Aries. Aries rolls out and tosses Roode to the corner. Dropkick countered by Roode. Aries on the ropes, Roode follows and up top with him. Aries knocks him off, and gets a missile dropkick from the top. Corner dropkick follows, and Aries looks for the brain buster, countered and a roll up for 2. Back slide by Aries, and Jeff in with the leg drop and Roode is eliminated @ 19:00. Aries yells at Roode, and the ref informs Aries that Jeff eliminated Roode. Twist of fate by Jeff, another and that is countered. Shoulder block from the apron and a twist of fate in the ropes by Jeff. Up top, swanton connects and that is all! Champion Jeff Hardy defeated Austin Aries & Bobby Roode @ 20:30 via pin [****] This was a great match between three guys who were just clicking with everything they were doing during this timeframe.

#1 Contender’s Match: Jordynne Grace vs. Madison Rayne vs. Kiera Hogan: They brawl at the bell with Rayne & Hogan try to double team Grace. Grace easily controls and picks up near falls. She follow with strikes, Hogan attacks and saves Rayne. Grace follows with clotheslines, dumps them and back in Rayne attacks. Thy double team Grace and Hogan follows with a dropkick, sliding clothesline by Rayne and she grounds things. Grace fires back, Rayne cuts her off and more double teams follow. Grace finally fights back, suplexes them both and follows with slaps, clotheslines, slams and a Michinoku driver for 2. She follows with kicks, heads up top and Rayne stops her. They slam Grace off the ropes and double teams follow as they both cover Grace. They argue, Grace cuts them off and grounds them with submissions. Grace runs them together, but gets cut off and dumped. Hogan & Rayne argue, and Rayne goes after Grace but Grace slams her to the apron. Grace driver on Hogan finishes it. Jordynne Grace defeated Madison Rayne & Kiera Hogan @ 8:10 via pin [**½] This was a perfectly solid match that lacked because they failed to create any real drama in Rayne or Hogan possibly winning.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 89. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Steve Cook look at the potentially huge changes coming to the WWE Network and look back on TNA’s failed move to Monday nights. Ian Hamilton then joins the show to review NJPW New Beginning in Osaka. The show is approximately 148-minutes long.

* Intro
* WWE Network Changes: 3:15
* Retro TNA Impact 1.04.10 Review (The Big Monday Night Debut): 25:55
* NJPW New Beginning in Osaka 2020 Review: 1:05:02

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This episode of Impact XPLOSION was a pretty good show with a great throwback match.